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Eyes closed, you took a deep breath.  No matter how many times you stepped onto this stage, there was always something electrifying about those first moments between when the music began and you truly started to sing.

You loved music. You always had.  You loved the way you could use music to pull feelings up from the depths of your soul, to share those feelings with everyone around you, the way you could use music to make them feel what you felt.

The job as a singer in a jazz club in London was like a dream come true.  You didn’t care that it barely paid anything at all - it paid enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach and that was more than you’d ever hoped for.

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I wish things were different. Because maybe if they were different, I never would have said those things and you would still be here.
—  Almost midnight and I never thought this could happen.
Zimbits Fic Rec (Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann)

I got sucked in to this comic, and of course had to make a fic rec because who doesn’t need more after The Kiss right? These are some amazing fics set in the canon universe. Most are post Kiss and canon compliant, but some are set in the canon universe before The Kiss. Arranged by rating. Thanks to Ngoziu for making this world! Enjoy!

I got my angel now by DaniBee (G) 1,466- Post kiss. Bitty’s not the only one who’s more than a little shell-shocked about this whole thing.Or: The one where Jack Zimmermann goes from 0 to 100 real quick when it comes to knowing what he wants. And what he wants is Eric Bittle. They text and it’s fluffy with feelings. (Part 2 later in this list!)

one step, not much (but it said enough) by defcontwo (G) 1,982- Bitty the day after the kiss. He invites Jack over for 4th of July.

Tumbling Walls by bestytheoven (G) 1,916- Pre and post kiss. Lardo urges Bitty to tell Jack, until he doesn’t have to. Bitty can’t stop smiling on his way home.

redamancy by karasunos (G) 2,729- Post kiss. Jack and Bitty text and talk about their feelings. In joy they say “boyfriend” a lot.

I Can See Your Hello by MaiNuoire (G) 946-During and post kiss. Jack’s POV.

and i know by nicheinhischest (T) 1,458- During and post kiss. Bitty’s POV.

Winter Clothes by lilbookofkell (G) 2,493- Pre kiss. Jack and Bitty flirt while helping Chowder buy winter clothing.

Shut Up and Dance by  HPOwlLover24 (G) 1,374 Pre kiss. Bitty is baking for the winter festivities at the Haus and a spontaneous dance party breaks out.

Your Love Can Do What No One Else Can by dracoxlovesxharry (G) 1,113- Post kiss three years into the future. Really fluffy proposal fic.

Dors, Mon Lapin by MelissaWritesStuff (G) 2,439- Post kiss. Bitty is visiting Jack in Providence. Extremely fluffy, seriously high levels of fluff.

My heart to hold by Ishtar12 (M) 5,008- Post kiss. The title says it all. Jack can’t find the right words to let Bitty know how important he is, but he can show him. Jack is nervous and his romantic side comes out (speaking in French ensues), and it’s Bitty’s first time. Amazing fluff and smut, and Shitty and the rest of the Haus make a hilarious appearance at the end.

I’m addicted to you light by DaniBee (E) 6,561- Part 2 of I got my angel now.   Bitty goes to visit Jack in Providence just before his junior year starts, and things escalate quickly. Fluffy smut with feelings; seriously some of the best I’ve ever read. 

Christening the Kitchen by jaradel (E) 2,843- Post kiss. Bitty visits Jack in Providence for the weekend. Bitty wakes up to make breakfast for them, then sex ensues. There is a lot of french speaking.

Drop It While It’s Hot by esterbrook (E) 15,214- Non-canon compliant. The kiss didn’t happen and Jack is overwhelmed preparing his new life in Providence. Jack and Bitty get closer over text until Jack comes for the fourth of July. Both are pining idiots until they go to a private creak where they finally kiss and talk, then almost public sex happens. Very sweet!

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by emmagrant01 (E) 10,656- Pre kiss, non-canon compliant. Bitty is trying to get over his crush on Jack, but Jack keeps getting in the way. Jack is a jealous cock block, but finally Shitty talks some sense into Jack and epiphanies occur. This fic wonderfully incorporates the other Haus members.

anonymous asked:

I generally frown on PDA. But there was an AMBW couple on a full on make out sesh at the bus stop here in Australia. And I was like YEAAAAAAAAA BOI!!! AMBW almost never happens here in Aus. They made me think of this blog and gave me hope. I'm an Asian male btw. Don't worry ladies just bcoz were quiet doesn't mean we ain't lookin :) and apparently some of us have been stepping up and getting results too!

LMAOOOO thats awesome. Theres been some stepping up from both sides, AMBW is definitely becoming more common. 

Somehow, things between you and I are nothing but a blur to me now. I can’t seem to remember how I first met you or how I first made you smile. Nor can I remember the sound of your sleepy voice, or even the way your laughter used to wake the butterflies in me. I can’t even seem to find the footprints you left behind when you walked out of my life. It almost feels like you’re never here, like we never happened at all.
—  L.W. // It feels like a dream and nothing more