that allison gif was such a bad idea

Imagine: Void!Stiles having an obsession with you and wanting you for himself (Part Three) (Slightly out of character)

You grabbed the shirt that was draped over the railing and wrapped it around yourself, turning to face the five people who had appeared in front of you. You kept your eyes down, ashamed and embarrassed by your actions but not entirely regretting them.

“Maybe she should’ve been the one in the nut house…” Isaac commented, shifting from side to side as he traded looks with Scott.

Allison waved a hand at him. “Y/n, what’s going on? You’re being really weird and I’m pretty sure you were just…kissing Stiles?”

“I-I didn’t…he’s…he’s telling me things and it’s…it’s messing with my head but I can’t…I can’t stop it,” you stuttered, shaking your head and clutching the shirt closer to your chest. “H-he feels just like St-Stiles…”

“Why does that matter?” Isaac asked.

Lydia sighed. “Y/n loves him, Isaac. He’s playing her.”

You held in sobs. “I-I’m sorry…”

Derek was the first person to make a move, pulling you from your solitary spot and to your friends. Allison wrapped you in a jacket while Lydia held your hand and they all looked at Scott.

“We have to find Stiles, and the best way to do that is through Y/n.”

Lydia gave him a harsh look. “You want to throw her to him? That’s a very bad idea, Scott.”

“No…it’s a good one,” you said, looking up. “A very good one. If we lure him out…maybe…” Without thinking, you tore away from the group and sprinted away from the field, the shirt gripped tightly in your hands.

Several minutes later you arrived at Stiles house. A light inside was on and you knew he was there, waiting. You slid i side quietly and felt something cold on the back of your neck, then fingers wrapped around your wrists and you heard a deep sigh.

“Oh good, you found me. Didn’t bring any tag alongs did you?” He took the shirt and set it aside, turning so you were facing him.

“Not that I know of…” you spoke softly, heart beating too fast and breathing too hard.

He nodded and gave a slight smile as he leaned down to place his lips against your, barely kissing you. “That’s my girl…”

Suddenly he was jerked away, hands pulling you back too. You watched he was restrained by Scott and Derek, claws out and teeth bared, and fear ripped through your heart at the thought of them hurting him. You struggled against Isaac and slipped, head slamming into the corner of the kitchen table.