that all men may know his work

Contrary to what I think is popular opinion, men currently have and have for many years had available to them the option to feel anything they want, and in fact their feelings are often regarded as reason itself. If a man wants to say he is sad, he can not only say this but he can turn it into a selling point against which to buy social capital, as we know from the Sad Boy phenomenon of men like Drake. If men want to express anger, if they want to express even violent urges to commit violence against women, they are free to do so, as we know from the popularity of VAW-implicating lyrics in genres from pop punk (all of Fall Out Boy’s early work is about wishing women would die or drown or burn) to rap (Eminem has a very famous song about murdering the mother of his child and burying her body). If men are emotionally troubled, no matter what inexcusable methods they may use to work through this, they are allowed to portray this however they like, and often not only use this as proof of their goodness and softness as human beings but use it as a reason they should have access to women anytime they like (see friendzone nonsense). A man with feelings is a tortured genius, no matter how many people he abuses, no matter how cruel he is at his core. A woman with feelings is hysterical, a bitch, mean, a cunt, monstrous in essence. That’s important.

The initiate may accept his lot with a calmness which amazes men whose impulse it is to curse or pray according to their nature, but his acceptance does not necessarily imply passivity. To accept one’s fate without murmuring does not pledge one to make no effort to better it. Knowing the power of concentrated thought, the initiate makes use of it in all the problems of life. His method, however, is not that of direct attack in which he “wills” the change of the unpleasant condition, but is directed to bring about certain changes in his own consciousness, for he knows that it is his own temperament which is the real instrument of karma. It is only through those factors in his own nature which react that karma can affect him. He knows that certain conditions come to him in order that they may provoke certain reactions in his own nature, and according to his handling of these reactions will be his karma, even in the present life. When he has harmonised these reactions, he has worked out his karma.
He knows, therefore that although he cannot determine the conditions under which his life must be lived, he can determine his reaction to those conditions. It is this fact which he bears constantly in mind in all his dealings. It is this realisation which enables him to raise his head above a sea of troubles and view them from the standpoint of cosmic law and spiritual principles. Although he cannot command the conditions to which he awakens from the sleep of birth, he is nevertheless the master of his fate, for he can manipulate those conditions in such a way that they shall bear him whithersoever he will, just as a ship can tack against a head-wind; and the worse the conditions and the stronger the wind, the swifter his progress.
—  The Training and Work of an Initiate, Dion Fortune
Don’t Leave Me

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Words: 601
Plot: Peter knows this mission is dangerous; when his close friend is injured, he begins to realise it may be time to confront some of his buried feelings.
Prompt:  (@fizzylollipop12Hi! I LOVE your work (I die inside while reading it all, seriously) and of requests are open, I was hoping you could do a Peter Maximoff one? Possibly where the reader and Peter have had crushes on each each but don’t know and while on a mission together the reader gets hurt pretty bad so Peter has to comfort them while waiting for help and they sort of confess their feelings for each other? That would be awesome! Keep up the amazing work and well done surviving that cyclone! It seemed scary..
A/N: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! This is such a gorgeous message. The good news is my X-Men hiatus has now ended! DOBBY IS A FREE ELF! I’m so excited to bring you more of our favourite speedster.

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He heard the sickening thud before he really knew what it was.
He’d had is back to her; throwing punches at the thug in his eyesight, his fist connecting with the man’s jaw with unmatched speed.
Stopping to wipe the dust from his goggles, he gritted his teeth as the man scampered over the rubble. There was no use following him; he was just another crony.
“Guess we’re almost done here!” Peter laughed, spinning on his heels to face (y/n).
He stopped.
She was sprawled out on the floor, her hands grasping at her stomach. She coughed; scarlet drops scattered on the dusty stone. Her eyes widened as she looked up at him.
“Pete…” she rasped, rolling onto her back.
He was at her side in the blink of an eye; his hands shaking as he gently guided her head into his lap.
“You’re okay, you’re okay” he breathed, his voice breaking into a whisper on the last word “let me see”.
(y/n) closed her eyes tightly, her bottom lip quivering as she moved her hands from where they rested on her stomach.
Peter felt his stomach turn.
She’d taken a clean hit to the stomach; a slash right across her midsection. He had no idea what vital parts of her might have been hit, but judging by the amount of blood; it was bad.
She breathed jaggedly, her face looking pale against the dark blood seeping through her uniform.
“Shit” she moaned, her teeth gritting together in pain “shit, shit, shit…”
Peter felt his heart rising up in his throat; felt the panic in his chest threatening to take over, threatening to make him lose control.

“Look at me” he said quietly, breathing deeply through his nose.
Her eyes raised to his face; he took in the pain he found there. He took in the sharpness of her jaw, the gentle curve of her lips. The brush of her eyelashes against her cheek. Pulling back his goggles, he set them atop his silver hair; he needed to take in this moment.
He committed it to memory, not knowing what might come next.
“Hank’ll be here soon. They’re heading here already. You just gotta hang on for me. Can you do that?”
(y/n) groaned, raising a shaking hand to fold it over his, by her side
“Don’t leave me, Peter. Please.”
Peter smiled sadly, running his spare hand through her hair. He never realised how soft it was before; the way it caught in the light, a bright spark against the dust and rubble.

“Pete-” (y/n) swallowed, her boots shuffling against the dusty rubble “-you remember that time you…you stole my slice of cake at Scott’s birthday-” she breathed, blood staining her lips.
“-And you and Kurt chased me around the gardens for like an hour before it turned out I’d already eaten it” Peter added, his eyes beginning to water. He shifted slightly, his leg going numb “yeah, I remember that.”
“You owe me a slice of cake”
Peter laughed then, softly, his heart leaping forwards in his chest.
“When we get back tomorrow, I’ll get you the biggest cake you’ve ever seen. And ice cream.”
She sighed, closing her eyes slowly, her face becoming calm.
Peter felt a sudden jolt of panic, his brow furrowing as tears spilled over his cheeks.
“You know I love you, right?” he whispered, his lips quivering as he felt hot tears staining his cheeks “don’t leave me.”
(y/n) took a jagged breath, her mouth turning up at the corners as she opened her eyes.
“I love you too, Peter. And I’m not going anywhere.”

mafia leader! johnny
  • johnny would be the leader of the seo clan which was established by his great grandparents and a lot of people would find him intimidating, scary since it’s rumored that he never smiles
  • in reality that’s because he’s stressed out about all of this and wants to keep all of his loved ones as safe as possible and away from harm
  • but that’s difficult ofc when you’re a mafia leader, everyones always out to get him and the things he values the most
  • he is a strong leader, he makes wise decisions and thinks of what’s best for himself and everyone around him, and what’s worst for his enemies
  • he’s quiet so a lot of his body guards or men that work for him don’t really know his plans until he talks to his trusted allies about it, this allows him to protect his secrets
  • although he may look scary on the outside, once he sees the people he loves he’d turn soft and he would suddenly have the biggest smile on his face
  • like when he’s in the middle of a meeting and his niece/nephew would walk in his frown would be replaced by a soft smile and he’d shoo everyone out, arms open for the little children, “how are my favorites this morning hm? did you play with the toys i sent you?”
  • he would also be this way if he met up with the boys in private after the heist was complete
  • having a few drinks in the safety of his home and being able to relax with his best friends
  • his favorite allies, ten, yuta and hansol would always be by his side no matter how dangerous the situation was
  • and johnny loved these three like they were his brothers, caring for them and worrying about their safety, even splitting the money between them equally
  • he knew that no matter how much money the four of them were able to obtain in their lifetimes, no amount of money can replace each of them
  • johnny would also try not to fall in love, and he would be the type to fuck and go, the girls did mind though but only because they were really after his money
  • he knew enough to tell which ones of them really admired him vs gold diggers
  • you were one of those who really admired him, you knew him before he was involved in any of this and you stuck by his side even after finding out
  • you meant the world to him and he would be so lucky to have you by his side, supporting him and helping him think about his morals
  • he’d eventually fall in love with you though, but knowing how this love could get you killed, he kept it a secret (he’d have several body guards around your house at all times, buying you a bulletproof car, etc)
  • the younger boys would look up to him and want to be like him when they grow up, not entirely knowledgeable about johnny’s duties as a mafia leader
  • he’d try to guide them away from it though, telling them that they should attend college and take up a safer job
  • he would pay for everything they wanted or needed, caring for them as well
  • he can also be aggressive, when he’s mad, he can really fight
  • he’s known to be a fighter and good with his fists and guns, so a lot of the other mafia leaders would try to eliminate him but failed each time
  • johnny would start to get annoyed though, as more assassination attempts kept happening
  • he’d catch the guy who was tryna kill him and pin him down on the street, gun to his head before asking, “who sent u??”
  • the killer would name one of the mafia leaders, hoping to spare his life but johnny killed him anyways after finding out the info, the things he hated the most are cowards and people who try to kill him
  • calling up ten, yuta and hansol he would make his way to the mafia rival’s house with his his other men beside him, he’d basically make the residence a battle field, killing everyone he saw that wasn’t on his team
  • when he finally killed everyone though, the assignation attempt still wouldn’t stop
  • he didn’t understand why so many people wanted him dead when he was the type to stay out of harms way, smuggling drugs and alcohol instead of directly involving himself with other mafia leaders
  • johnny would just deal with it himself until one of his loved ones actually gets hurt
  • he’d be walking in the streets with ten and another ally, discussing the imports of drugs and alcohol before they were met by gun shots
  • he himself wouldn’t get hurt because someone stepped in front of him, to protect him from the bullet coming in
  • that someone would be ten, holding onto johnny as he tried to take in the pain of the bullet in his back
  • “ten?” johnny would look at his best friend and lowered him, wondering why he would do this, why ten would sacrifice himself for johnny
  • ten wouldnt have the energy to say anything as he laid there, dying in johnny’s arms
  • it would be one of the only moments in his life that johnny would cry and he didn’t care if others saw
  • “i promise i’ll make them pay,” johnny would whisper into ten’s neck as he held him closer, anger and vengeance welling up inside of him
  • the other guy would be running out of there and soon johnny would find out that the guy he was it (the one he was just talking to, the guy he thought was an ally) was the one responsible for all of this
  • upon finding out, he’d visit ten at the cemetery and sit by him, thinking of how to kill the one who planned the murder and ended up killing ten
  • once the sun set, he’d go to the basement of his mansion and grab all of his guns and grenades, calling up yuta and hansol to join him
  • they’d be ready as well, making their way to the betrayers house and making a casual visit, killing everyone that the murderer loved and keeping him alive to give him the most painful death
  • johnny hated and loved it at the same time, he hated how he found another side to himself and loved how he could he can finally avenge for ten’s death
  • by dawn, he’d be out of there, followed by yuta and hansol close behind, exhausted from it all
  • not sure as to where he should go, he’d go to your house, needing to talk it out or get someone to reassure him everything was okay
  • no one can convince him, no one except you
  • so at 7 am he’d show up at your doorstep and gesture for the body guards to give him some space 
  • “i dont know why but i had to…i had to,” he’d whisper over and over, collapsing into your arms
  • you didn’t have to say or do anything, knowing that he didn’t need advice or nagging, but merely someone to listen to him
  • so you helped him inside, made him something to eat and gave him blankets before allowing him to continue and let all of his feelings out
  • it was times like these when hes reminded just how much he loves you and how lucky he is to have you

“Princess -”
“What do you suggest I do?” She snapped, eyes flashing. Then, her expression softened and she dropped her gaze to the branch they were perched in. “Chancellor Ganondorf has been working to replace my father’s men with his own for years. The only other person remaining in my father’s court whom I could trust is the captain of the palace guard; and she disappeared the same night that my father was murdered. For all I know, she may be lying face down in a ditch somewhere.”
The silence between them stretched heavily as Link struggled to find some sort of assurance to offer her. But what could an outlaw give to a princess?
“I can’t pretend to know what you should do -” He began.
She looked up at him expectantly.
Link gave a nervous chuckle and continued, “but… we’ll figure something out.You may not have friends in the court anymore, but my men and I will not desert you.”
She smiled at that. “I was always told that outlaws were disloyal and untrustworthy.”
His chuckle was genuine now. “You shouldn’t believe everything you hear, my lady.”
Zelda reached out then and touched his hand gently. When he met her gaze she said, “Truely, when I am queen, I will restore you and your men to your former titles. You will be outlaws no longer.”

… More Robin hood au

Today while I was doing my devotionals my devo mentioned the artist and sculptor Michelangelo and he saw the task of sculpting as freeing figures from their marble prisons. In each block he saw a person and then he chiseled and chipped away until that person was freed. There was a quote from the devotional that said this: “Paul saw God as the Sculptor who frees men from the prison of their carnal nature.” Then later in the devotional it goes on to say “All believers should remember that today’s bumps and bruises may merely be the Master chiseling, working away at our lives until we are conformed to the image of His son. Thus, we may relax, even though the chisel may bite, for we know His work is sure and the result well worth the moment’s inconvenience.” I’m sharing this with you guys today because one, I just thought it was so cool that God is compared to so many artistic things because in most days we don’t realize that we are His art and we are His masterpieces. Especially with this, when we come into things in life that isn’t so easy we end up becoming discouraged, but we don’t ever think about the plans that God has for us. He’s sitting there trying to change us into who He wants us to be and He’s chiseling away at the bad things in our lives and we are still trying so desperately to hold on to what He wants us to let go. So, I feel like as Christians, we should remember that even though life might have some interesting circumstances, and some that are really upsetting, that in those moments that is God chiseling and working on our lives creating us to be more like his son Jesus Christ. So instead of complaining about what life throws at you, look up and thank Him for being the sculptor of your life.