that airs in the nick at nite

I watched lots and lots of Nick at Nite as a kid. I probably know old sitcoms like the Patty Duke Show and Bewitched better than I know actual TV shows that were on the air back then. I watched a lot of the Dick Van Dyke Show and of course the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I had the theme song stuck in my head the entire time I drew this. We could all use a bit of Mary Tyler Moore’s spunk now.

So, I could’ve cared less about Nashville and never understood why they were playing it on Nick@Nite but I just saw the new episode they aired tonight with the part where the mother died and even I am over here bawling and I hardly know shit about these characters so props to the writers and the actors for making me feel things for characters I don’t even know.

I may have posted about this once but I’m going to scream about it again bc it’s so cool.
Ok, in 2003, Wings was airing in reruns on Nick @ Nite. I was really involved in a Wings forum online at the time. Anyway, the guy who played the Aeromass pilot- you saw him in the background of most eps, but I don’t think he ever spoke any lines- he was a member there and anyway I started talking to him on AIM and he said he still had some scripts and that I could have one if I wanted and anyway, he sent me this script for episode 7.17. 😃👍🏻