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A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[23] Toothpaste – The Next World, 6x10

Now this, this is the show I want to watch: casual co-parenting in the apocalypse. The Next World is probably my favorite episode ever. It’s bookended by two perfect Richonne scenes, starting with this one, which serves to effectively reset the narrative after Carl’s near fatal gunshot wound. If you were anticipating dramatic aftermath, tough luck! We got ourselves some heavy domesticity instead! What a timely reminder to us all of how slight the shift will be when Richonne becomes official. In about… ooh, 40 minutes. Set your watches.

Michonne’s never been more relaxed onscreen than in this moment, robe-clad and grinning away as she rolls her head from Rick to Carl. (And just look at the way she watches Rick with Judith in the eighth gif.) Likewise, Rick is in embarrassing dad mode without a care in the world. We see two people who are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She even says to him, in some high-key flirting, “You be good out there.” The sweet little hand touch as they walk away reminds me of tennis doubles players between points; they don’t need to stop and check in with each other – they’re on the same page without words. And for one playful extra detail, as if to support my unnecessary tennis analogy, the ball gets passed back to Michonne just at the very last second. It’s in her court now.

  • Danai: The bonding of [almost losing Carl in No Way Out] and the fact they have a newly formed life now — it’s two months later, they get Carl back, and they’re able to rebuild Alexandria. Rick transformed as well. He’s able to take on all that Deanna used to say and that Michonne would encourage him to believe — to come to Alexandria and consider himself one of these people. He’s now much more hopeful and I think that’s something that appeals to Michonne as well. They’re in a place where they can actually allow their hearts to express themselves. Things are stable and better, they have a new lease on life.
  • Andy: It makes complete sense. It was that sort of domesticated, familial relaxation between old friends.
Seussical in a nutshell
  • jojo: wow nice hat
  • cat: im here now, sO USE YOUR IMAAAAGINATION
  • -
  • horton: wtf who said that. theres only a speck of dust so the logical conclusion is that a miniature person is on that speck. actually a whole lot
  • sour kangaroo: bitch you cray!!!
  • gertrude: damn that elephant fine as hell
  • -
  • dust speck: so anyway horton you were totally right; we're a lost civilization on the brink of war and we're all about to die. Who-dee-who-who-who. Also we're guilting you into being our guardian. Who-who-who.
  • -
  • cat: jojo you're going into the story whether you like it or not
  • mr. and mrs. mayor: jojo you're grounded. no more thinking.
  • jojo: fuck yall i do what i want
  • mr. and mrs mayor: well we obviously don't know how to raise a kid so we're just gonna send you off to the war
  • -
  • horton: well everyone thinks i'm crazy but that's ok because i can imagine that i'm cool
  • jojo: well my parents sent me into the military but that's ok because i can imagine that my family accepts me for who i am
  • horton: yo lmao i hear you down there lets be friends 4 ever
  • -
  • gertrude: ugh i really wanna fuck this elephant but i'm not attractive :/
  • mayzie: bitch u right. go take drugs.
  • gertrude: k. ima go ham tho
  • -
  • wickersham brothers: lmao look at this nerd with that flower. yoink that shiz
  • horton: wtf literally why would u do that there was honestly no need and now i have to search through millions of identical fucking clovers to find my tiny fren jojo
  • -
  • cat: by the way did i mention im a sadist??
  • -
  • gertrude: hey im sexy now wanna get down
  • horton: hush im picking flowers
  • -
  • mayzie: always use a condom kids. horton, watch my egg for me
  • horton: why the fuck would i do that
  • mayzie: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • horton: ok ok fine but be back in like an hour
  • mayzie: LMFAO BY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!
  • -
  • horton: well its winter now and jojo and the Whos are probably dead but i refuse to move my ass off this egg ok it is my My Child now andOH FUCK HUNTERS
  • Cat: by the way did i mention that i'm also a trickster god?
  • -
  • gertrude: oh no im too sexy to fly... sorry horton.. ur ass about to get carted off to the circus :(
  • horton: god this sucks
  • -
  • mayzie: oh hey theres a circus in town and OH SHIT ITS THE GUY I DUMPED THAT KID ON uh hey man im so happy for u... such a big success... performing in a circus!! lucky u!! anyway i gotta go right now immediately so enjoy that egg!
  • horton: Where Is Paradise
  • -
  • jojo: fuck this war im going home to think what i wanna think
  • general schmitz: kid you're walking on a minefield... literally one wrong step and your dea-- ok too late..
  • -
  • cat: oh yes HOW VERY SAD boohoohoohahahaha dont worry jojo isnt actually dead he's just trapped in a nightmare realm filled with Unspeakable Horrors
  • jojo: fuck you cat!!! you've legit been behind everything bad that's happened! why didn't i call you the fuck out earlier!
  • cat: ok damn fine i'll turn on the lights geez...
  • -
  • gertrude: hi horton great to see you again hahaha so um i got all of my Sexiness™ ripped out of my ass one by one so that i could find you (and a whole lot of other shit) but no big deal haha
  • gertrude: oh also i found your dumb clover
  • cat: oh you thought this was gonna be a happy ending right here? you thought wrong
  • sour kangaroo: BITCH WE PUTTING YOU ON TRIAL
  • judje yertle: well horton's definitely crazy and were gonna boil that clover with the dust speck on it in hot oil for literally no other reason but to prove a point
  • horton: so uh guys if you dont wanna die you should probably start screaming
  • mr and mrs mayor: well the combined forces of our entire planet had no effect so we're just gonna put all the pressure on you, jojo, our small son, who only a few moments ago we thought was dead.
  • jojo: *gibberish*
  • sour kangaroo: well i heard that shit!
  • everyone: hooray!
  • egg: henlo fatgher i am Elyphant Birb
  • horton: wtf
  • gertrude: eh, we'll make it work
  • -
  • -

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Papyrus was gonna get possessed? Now I'm really curious how that would have turned out. (Unless you've explained this already and I didn't see it)

Problem was that I realized that Chara saw Papyrus as being weak, so they would not have chosen to take his body when Sans was there. Sans is the only one they never actually killed, so they saw him as powerful and also wanted to take revenge for the bad time he gave them. They were unaware of his 1 HP until later.

Also… Papyrus would have been too positive and resilient to be held in possession for very long. Sans could be kept under Chara’s control because Chara could exploit his guilt and hopelessness to keep him shackled. Papyrus’ stubborn optimism would have prevented Chara from doing much of anything.


Sanders Sides as a conversation from school
  • Patton: Not trying to damper the mood, but... what did you guys get from that last assigment? I have barely passed.
  • Virgil: It... certainly wasn't an A+.
  • Virgil: Or a B+.
  • Virgil: It was more like C+.
  • Virgil: Where the C was portrayed by a D.
  • Roman: *barely got a D* Screw it. I've heard there was exactly one A-graded paper in the WHOLE class. Like, what the hell, man.
  • Virgil: Out of 40 people? What kind of insane coffee-addicted nerd even managed that??
  • Logan: *is very silent*
  • Virgil: *suspicious* By the way, Lo, what did you get?
  • Logan: *stares at his phone*
  • Virgil: Lo? ...hey, Lo??
  • Logan: ...Virgil, if I offered you candy right now... would you accept it?
  • Virgil: ...I... uh... yeah? Sure I would.
  • Logan: And if I offered you a ride home... would you accept that, too?
  • Roman: Dude, you don't have a car.
  • Virgil: Are you asking me out, or trying to kidnap me? But yeah, I would. Why?
  • Logan: As I thought. Your mom did a seriously bad job, Virgil.
  • Virgil: Wha... what?? What does my mom ha-
  • Logan: Didn't your mother tell you
  • Logan: *slowly turns in his chair so he's facing them all*
  • Logan: not to talk
  • Logan: *raises a phone displaying his results*
  • Logan: to insane
  • Logan: *zooms in on his grade*
  • Logan: coffee-addicted
  • Logan: *zooms even more*
  • Logan: nerds?????
  • Everyone: ...
  • Logan: *does a scary-hands gesture* Boo.
  • Everyone: *screeches*
  • (This actually happened. I am not even kidding.)

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I wants to play with Kii~

Pick wisely, he gets bored REALLY easily, and if he does, then he’ll have fun is own way regardless of what you want. But if he does that, just smack him in the face and he’ll stop (… or ask you do slap him more it depends lmao)


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i get crazy bad migraines that make me drop whatever i'm doing and curl up in a ball and cry; what would the paladins + allura & coran do if they found their s/o dealing with that?

Oh no, my brother and mother are like that too!

SHIRO: He feels so bad for his so when they get like this. He feels bad that he can’t help them except giving them pain medication but that can only do so much. When his s/o is upset from the pain, he takes them back to either their room or his and pulls them into his lap as he strokes their hair whispering sweet nothings until they calm down. This eventually will lead to them cuddling and then slowly drift off to sleep.

KEITH: He honestly the best paladin to take care of his s/o in this situation. He himself suffers from migraines and found out that personally, peppermint helps with the pain. He has a stash of peppermint candies and tea for when the headaches come; he shares it only with his s/o and only his s/o knows about it. Cuddles are a must if his s/o is upset or in a lot of pain. They’re the only thing that helps, also a good excuse to get cuddles out of him.

LANCE: He’s clueless when it comes to migraines, mostly because he doesn’t experience them. He does however learn to take care of his s/o quickly and he does it pretty damn well. He mothers them when they aren’t feeling well, he enjoys doing it too! He likes it when his s/o needs him, but he won’t tell them. Little does he know, he s/o likes having him wait on them.

HUNK: He just feels so bad for his s/o and he hates seeing them go through this. If he could take the pain away he would in a heartbeat. Alas, he can’t so to make up for it he makes them home remedies hoping it will help. Once he runs out of remedies, he comes up with his own! Let’s just say his s/o wishes he didn’t.

ALLURA/PIDGE: She’s really good at taking care of her s/o and enjoys doing it too. She’s also is really good at telling when her s/o is going to get migraines. She learned their symptoms pretty early on. When they have migraines, she brings them some food in the morning along with some pain medication and water. She makes sure that they stay hydrated as well. Then she makes them take it easy for a while and lets the meds to their job. She’ll stay with them until they’re feeling better, unless there’s an urgent matter she has to deal with.

CORAN: He, along with Allura, didn’t really know what migraines are at first. but caught on quickly, it is a simple subject to grasp. He did a ton of research because he hates not being able to be there for his s/o when they need it. Because he did a ton of research, he’s an expert on this subject! You can call him Dr. Coran! When his s/o calls him that, and they do, he gets all red and flustered, “Oh I’m no doctor (y/n), please!”, but he secretly loves it. 

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I would like to add on to the post about it being okay to say no to your bf if he wants sex. I just got out of a long-term relationship that turned out to be pretty bad, actually. We were together freshman year of high school, to now, the year after graduation. 5 years is a long time, yes, but I wasn't ready. We ended up splitting bc I refused to sleep with him. I truly loved him, but what I found out, is that he didn't truly love me. It's important to stick to what you want, not what he wants.

I couldn’t agree more! It really does depend on when you’re ready. (Also, this dude didn’t deserve you if he couldn’t wait^^)

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Wanted to try a new coloring way mixing traditional and digital. I might (or not) draw some of the other paladins next~


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ok so i know this will probably be unpopular of an opinion but, i actually want to see the izukuxochako direction be a relationship that didnt work out romantically, so no over the top drama or bad break ups they just realized that what they had wasn't a romantic attraction and/or they just didn't fit together as a couple. Mostly cause you never see a full relation ship in any sort of series, you mostly see the falling in love stage never how it turns out so it would be an interesting route

[in reference to this post]

to be perfectly honest, i’d really love to see the relationship go in this direction

Horikoshi loves to subvert and play with tropes, and that would be a really interesting direction to go with this particular story device. we rarely see past the ‘falling in love’ stage, as you mentioned, and it would be really interesting to see Horikoshi tackle that.

i mentioned in my post before that Izuku got over his crush on Uraraka really quickly, because it wasn’t really rooted in anything deep. Uraraka’s crush is rooted in something much more concrete, but it’s still really early.

i’d like for Izuku to learn about Uraraka’s crush, but feel conflicted. because he did like her like that when they first met, but over time it faded away without him even realizing it, and now he just views her as a really good friend. it’s hard for him to imagine her in a romantic light now.

and Uraraka , maybe, realizes this. she kept her feelings to herself for so long that she might’ve missed her chance to form a romantic relationship with Izuku. maybe they do try dating for a bit, just to see how it goes, but it doesn’t work out because their feelings aren’t on the same page anymore.

i’m certain that this won’t happen because the narrative has just put so much focus on Uraraka’s crush on Izuku, so i’m sure that something will come out of it. but it’s interesting to think about how it could… not work. 

like, i’m sure Izuku and Uraraka would stay really good friends, because they have a lot of great chemistry that way. breakups don’t always have to mean the complete end of your relationship with that person.

idk. i’d like to see a narrative in a shonen where the two main characters liked each other at some point, but it didn’t work out, because that’s usually what happens in real life. 

your first crush isn’t likely to be who you end up with. maybe we could see the character’s relationships after they realize that it won’t work, and maybe we could see how one of them deals with a broken heart (because it’ll still hurt, no matter how soft), while still being friends. we could see them move on from this without it being the end of the world.

i’d love to see this narrative in relation to Uraraka and Izuku, because it would be really interesting to see this kind of narrative in a genre where it never happens. because sometimes romantic feelings aren’t reciprocated, or it doesn’t always end in happily ever after

again, i’m sure that this won’t happen, but i think it would be a really interesting route for Horikoshi to take in regards to Izuku and Uraraka’s relationship

*shows up to hatsumemeiweek 3 days late with starbucks and art anxiety*

((pls forgive i can only do traditional art…it’s not that great but i’m trying to improve! this was super fun to do so thanks @bnhacharacterweeks!!))