that Newt is a wonderful thing

Picture two characters:

The first - a fast talking, easily excited manic ball of energy with a tendencey to speak without thinking and a talent for rubbing people up the wrong way even if their heart is usually in the right place.

The second - a curmudgeonly, rule following type with a need for order and control who can come across as stuffy, even pompous though deep down they care.  They do not however suffer fools lightly.

They are of course the perfect foils for one another, the red and blue oni, vitriolic in their dealings with each other yet bound together and despite their radical differences, come to embrace the bond between them.

Yeah I was talking about Newt and Hermann but you know who else that describes perfectly?  These guys:

And now I can’t un-see it.


OKAY SO I’M JUST GONNA APOLOGIZE TO YOU ALL RIGHT NOW because I realize how ridiculous it is to post more pics of me from Shatterdome Atlanta wearing Charlie Day’s clothes but I just needed to get these pics out and I hope you can share in my excitement about the whole thing. THANK YOU so much, drhermannhottlieb, for letting me wear this amazing thing. Ummm… also in case you are wondering these selfies in my hotel room were taken hastily as I was about to change out of the costume that first time. As soon as I got into the hotel room I just kept snapping away, I’m kind of embarrassed about it hehe XDDD;;; 

Congratulations for winning it in the auction and thank you for bringing it to the convention for everyone to see. I am now hunting for those exact Lip Service pants, link to redderz‘s info post on her win, because HOLY FUCK they were more comfy than my cosplay pants- it’ll be a challenge to find ‘em because they’ve been discontinued but here is hoping. I’m going to scour a couple of nice second-hand stores in the area for them as well. <3  

For anyone wondering, I am about 5′3″ without shoes, probably 5′4″ with. My waist is about 32″ and I have decently broad shoulders. Charlie Day is likely not much taller than that gauging by the fit of the clothes- the inseam was very short haha (the shirt I’m wearing in these pics is actually my own Pacific Rim auction win, the Hannibal Chau’s office scene shirt worn by Charlie- drhermannhottlieb‘s shirt that was with the costume was also there but I didn’t bother changing out of my own shirt- figured the eau de Charlie would stay more intact on her costume that way hehehe)

EDIT: Also this is cheesy, but I have been cosplaying Newt since July 20, 2013 (Archive link to those first few Newt posts for funsies.)and if I could go back in time two years and tell myself back then as I stuck fake stubble to my face with spirit gum and stuck lipgloss up my nose that I would one day be wearing Charlie Day’s actual movie costume, I wouldn’t have believed it. Nor would I have believed that I would find a ton of awesome friends in fandom and that I would go to a convention called Shatterdome Atlanta. X3 I wouldn’t have believed it. 

Whoever thought it was a good idea to leave Davey Gudgeon alone in Quality Quidditch Supply could probably do to check themselves into St. Mungo’s to have their head checked. It wasn’t that he was irresponsible, per se. It was just that, what with the current state of things in Diagon Alley, his late evening shift was very often dreadfully boring (hence his being left alone in the first place), and Davey wasn’t the sort of bloke who took well to boredom. 

He also wasn’t the sort of bloke to think things through, a reputation that anyone who’d been at Hogwarts at the same time as him was surely well aware of. He often wondered how many of them would suspect he actually had eight OWLS and seven NEWTS. He often wondered if they even mattered, seeing as he had yet to find anything better to do with himself than work as a sales clerk, but those were the kinds of thoughts Davey liked to chase away by finding creative ways to pass the time (read: stupid things to distract himself).

Today, for instance. After an hour with no customers – it was impressive, truly, that he’d managed to go that long – he found himself looking around the shop with an all-too-comfortable gleam of mischief in his eyes. Honestly, if he wasn’t so personable (and, okay, related to a professional quidditch player he could talk into providing signed photos) he’d probably have been fired long ago. But Davey firmly held the belief that his boss kept him around because he was fun. He kept things interesting. What was a little mess, really, in comparison to that?

And mess was the last thing on his mind when his impish gaze landed on the shelf of miniature broomsticks. Smaller than his wand, they were meant as nothing more than trinkets, novelty gifts. But a bit of creative – and highly complex, though that wasn’t something Davey thought about – spellwork, and the tiny broomsticks were zooming across the shop, engaging one another as if being used in a sword fight or racing from one end of the room to the other. He let out a snitch, and charmed another tiny broom to chase after it, and then sat himself down right on the counter and watched, content for the moment to simply sit in the middle of the chaos he’d caused.

A Bad Attitude and a Skateboard

Request - Hi! I was wondering if you could make a long imagine (or is that just a short? Idk) anyway can it be TMR AU Newt is a skater “bad boy” and he just moves in and YN is the good girl kind of thing so they don’t get along at first but she’s like yeah he’s cute then he becomes friends with Thomas her best guy friend so she Go’s to hang out with Thomas but Newt is there too so they start to hang and they end up likening each other and he teaches her how to skateboard and can you make it all cute?

A/N: I think I got a little carried away with this so it is rather long. Hope you enjoy though :)

‘Come on, (Y/n),’ Thomas whined, pulling my attention away from the text book I’d been reading.
      My best friend was rubbing his forehead wearily. We’d been in my room all day revising for the latest test our teacher had decided to give us. Not that Thomas was too happy about it though. He was only doing it to humour me, and for that I was grateful.
      ‘Come on what, Tommy?’ I asked, furrowing my brow slightly as I wrote down a quick note on the last paragraph.
      ‘Have you seen it out there?’ he asked, throwing an arm behind him to point at the window. 

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