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As a person who plays a horn and is not very far into AP Music Theory, I don't understand how to write percussion parts at all, especially drum set. I kind of understand some marching percussion, but how do I know what drum makes what sound? And the different note heads? It appears my theory book is written in some form of English only used by snooty music professors.

drum parts are sometimes written with a sort of standardized notation but the problem with theory is its kinda meaningless wrt: non-pitched percussion.

one way to notate it is similar to how they write cues for other instruments like uhhh hold on

at least for “orchestral” percussion sheet music. for drum kit theres sort of a jazz standardized notation that you’ll kinda figure out if you just look at it a bit. Most jazz groups dont use sheet music beyond a lead sheet (except for a big band, which obviously is gonna need it) so it just doesn’t really come up that often.

i dont know how helpful this was it kinda got away from me ive had a had a beer and put together a shelf a few hours ago and its really hittin me how much of a dad thing that was to do so as you may have guessed my attitude towards sheet music might be all over the place

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Angstiest Stuckony or winteriron fics? Maybe some soul-verse thrown in there? But like, others as well? Please? I just spent my day crying through your fic recs and I need more or I will throw myself into the void.

I will one day run out of things to rec. 

But it is not this day:

 The Mechanic, The Soldier, and The Captain  this is some next level missed connection, captured tony, oh god it hurts so bad sort of pain. 

The Winter Army is really pre-relationship more than actual Winteriron, but it absolutely gutted me. 

From Winter’s Cold is time travel! That’s always a recipe for a bucket full of angst! Stuckony

Lost inside a Lonely Life is Tony Centric but its also an OT4 that I really didn’t think I would enjoy but then I accidentally read the first chapter and needed all of it because it’s heart wrenching. There’s progressive amnesia. 

The Stars Through Her Soul is the OTHER female Toni brutally painful Stuckony fic that’s a WiP. 

Cried for Love is Magic! and Coma Confessions! And secret Soul Marks! and Stuckony!

Don’t Say it is a Stuckony Soulmate AU with first words where Tony is non-verbal autistic. 

Handle with Care is not done, and it causes me great pain 

Expectations and Questions hasn’t been updated in like 10 months and I don’t care, bc Tony is so sad I hold onto hope of there being more one day. 

and for the life of me I cannot find the rendezvous lying to everyone high stakes fic, so that one has to go on the next list. 

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When did holland say stydia is open to interpretation? no one else is talking about that?

Honestly, I can’t 100% confirm it because I didn’t see it for myself, but according to someone I talked to, she said it on Instagram last night. Someone asked what her favorite ship was and she said Sterek, and then someone else said what about St*dia, and she apparently sort of shrugged it off, saying something along the lines of “have you seen the finale? It’s open to interpretation, mostly.”

Again, this is secondhand information and I don’t know why more people wouldn’t be talking about it (except for the fact that Holland’s always loved Sterek and vagued St*dia so it’s nothing really new). I poked around Instagram, myself, to confirm but I have no idea how I’d find videos (stories..?) so I can’t give any of this firsthand.

If anyone else has seen this video, let me know!

RuneFest 2017 photos

Okay, so these are a bit later than I intended them to be, but today has been a much needed and well earned rest. I also had to go through my photos and sort out the blurry, the out of focus and the ‘wtf happened here?’

Anyway, everything is under the keep reading tab, as it usually is with me. This is going to be a very picture heavy post, as you all might have guessed from from the title.

Keep reading

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I submitted a quote in the proper format twice but it was never posted. Do you want me to try again?

Hi friend,

There’s a chance it went missing in Tumblr’s bowels, or that we did not take it because it was too out of context or didn’t fit the house. You are welcome to send us a message (off anon, please) if you’d like more information. If you decide to do that, we will need more information about who said the quote, what house it was for, and the general gist of it.

Also, keep in mind that there are 65 submissions in the inbox, so there’s a chance it’s still in there.

Thank you!

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Hey I've been following your blog for a while and to be honest I'm in love with these monster prompts you make. They're so thoughtful and pure with how you make them. I've been kinda wanting to ask one as well, especially after all these League Of Legends posts you've been making lately. Could you maybe do one of Kha'Zix?

Thank you so much, Anon! I’m super glad that you like what I do! This has been such an experience, let me tell you. I never thought I would have so many wonderful followers. <3

And sure thing, Anon!

He’s sort of… not easy to find, much less approach. He’s a hunter, an assassin, and does his best to stay hidden unless he needs to make himself known. Which he did. And he scared the hell out of you.

You can’t pursue him if you’re trying to get his attention. He’s far too crafty and experienced for that. You have to just drop hints whenever you think he might see them that you’d like to make contact with him. And if he’s interested, he’ll show himself. At the SCARIEST moment you can possibly think of. Typically in the dark. It’s obviously on purpose; he doesn’t want to be followed by anybody. And it could be his idea of a joke.

If he’s interested in you in return, oh boy, you’ve got no chance. You’ll be conveniently snatched up on a dark corner and carried away to a private rooftop somewhere for a talk. It might be a date. It’s possibly a date. He’ll tell you what it is. At least, he should. At some point.

He’s going to be very quiet at first; he’s not sure he trusts you yet. After some time, he’ll loosen up around you and start to let his true personality show. Turns out he’s a bit of a joker, if you enjoy jokes about eating people. He’s also just mite bit cocky about his abilities. You can’t really blame him, though; he’s fast and strong and WAY too good at what he does.

Side note: Make sure he eats before coming to see you.

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Honestly can't decide whether I'd rather smut or Sharpwood and Jack being petty and argumentative. I love them both <3 (that doesn't mean I'd be very inconvenienced if something unfortunate happened to Sharpwood tho)

Like I am enjoying them sort of disagreeing with each other but on the other I kind of need to figure out a way to make a sex scene work and I mean this is where I love writing fanfiction without a gameplan because of the challenge of ‘shit I wrote myself into a cul de sac I need to get out of it’ but it’s also where I hate writing fanfiction without a game plan. O.O

*is determined to make this work*

Hundreds of trolls from all over the Empire get shipped here every week or so to fill this place to capacity. This gives the warden a sort of… Quota. So many cells need to be emptied out each week to accept the coming wave, because not having the space for them is a sign of… Inefficiency. A sign that the warden is slacking. Getting too soft. The only time I ever see the warden sweat is when that day’s getting close.

The lucky ones get shipped out as labor. They’ll spend their sentence breaking their backs doing jobs no sane troll would ever do. I’ve seen people kill to be on the labor list, because the alternatives are worse. Some get thrown in the Pit, forced to fight until enough bodies are piled to fill the quota. No breaks. No sleep. No mercy. You fight until you can’t, you kill until you’re told to stop, because if you don’t, they just straight up shoot you. I’ve heard that these fights are broadcasted everywhere. Fun programs. TV shows. People get rich off making bets on who walks out alive.

Don’t think winning gets you special treatment, though. Wardens are warned against getting attached, no matter how much money an inmate makes them. And, god… If you make them enough money, that’s your ass. They’ll find ways to keep you here, even after your sentence expires. You’re damned if you fight too well, or not well enough.

The worst, though? I know you’ve seen them. The… ‘people’ in white. Head to toe, like a wriggler’s version of a ghost. Like fucking cultists. They collect people by the dozens. Most of the time, it’s winners from the Pit or traitors sent here to die, but they have whole shopping lists that anyone’s name could be on, no matter what they did to get here. If they take you? You don’t come back. Ever. Some of the stories I’ve heard, about what those things do to trolls they take… If you’d heard what I’ve heard, yeah, you’ll kill to get on the labor list, too, just to make sure you never end up on their list.

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explain these shower activities pls, need details.

Ok I’ve tried to write this out as a sort of story but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to make enough sense so imma list what they doing
•They start heatedly kissing eachother in the kitchen after kats suggestion
•Kat obviously pushes Adena against the wall and getting her shirt off
• Adena loves when Kat takes control it turns her on
• Adena pushes Kat away as she makes her way to the bathroom making sure to unclip her bra and throwing it in the general direction of Kat
• Kat hasn’t run faster into the bathroom then this moment, she grabs Adena by the hips and brings their lips together for feverish kisses
• Kat kissing her way down to Adena’s chest, which makes Adena moan in ecstasy
• Adena removes kats shirt and bra
• when both of their pants and panties are next to go they finally make it into the shower
• making sure the water is warm before stepping in, both women kind of just stand for a bit taking in the feel of the water.
• until Kat can’t wait any longer and makes a promise to do the whole shower sex thing a nightly routine
• Adena turns so that her back is pressed into the wall and makes eye contact with her girlfriend, pupils blown in want
• It doesn’t take Kat too long to start to make her way to where her girlfriend wants her most
• idfk how y’all do this I’m stopping
• yes I just copped out I’m sorry

RP Call

Quick mobile post for everyone.

Mun is dying to try writing a Gladiolus or a Ardyn blog but unfortunately I don’t have the confidence to jump straight into making a blog/sideblog.

So my intention is for everyone to give me a message/add on Discord at DeadBun#5849 if you’re interested, and help me see if I can either work these moods out or have the confidence to make a blog.

OC’s and multimuse blogs/accounts are welcome. Will also do practically any sort of au, ship and all the sin since the mun is weak. We can even do some planning if anyone likes/needs that.

If you’re interested just reply or IM me with your discord, or just straight up add me.



I’m cutting myself off of the Internet.

The few people who need to know what’s going on will be getting messages.

I’m gonna try to sort this all out asap.

Since Memorial Day, I’ve really had no strict diet plan. There’s been consequences for eating with reckless abandon, most noticeable is weight re-gain. This has made me sad. Sad to regress. Sad my clothes are too tight and uncomfortable. Sad workouts are harder.

I’m ready to come back to eating in moderation, but I know before I can get there I need some sort of reset. Something strict. Something I can hold myself accountable too. I want something strict and short term, that can get me results to hold me accountable to in 30 Days.

I have 3 different dieting options in mind:

Whole 30 / Paleo:
Pros: Well balanced nutrition. No calorie counting needed.
Cons: Lots of Prep. Lots of shopping. Very hard to eat out or be flexible.

Pros: Easier to eat out then Paleo. No calorie counting in theory.
Cons: Easy to overeat calories? Have to endure keto flu? No carbs = no gym energy? (I end these with ? because I’ve never done truly strict keto, so I’m not sure what the result would be).  

Calorie Counting:
Pros: Most flexible. Could set up easy to log, repeatable meals.
Cons: Annoying to log. Less strict and easily to fall down the slippery slope of cheats.

So I’m wondering what you all think? Have you ever buckled down? What worked for you?

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I need to talk about this whole it's two am and I can't sleep. I've never been one to call myself like, psychic but I've found myself predicting small things over the years, and I feel like sometime soon a coming out sort of bud will come, and I don't mean like a proper sit down say their boyfriends because lbr they probably won't ever make that, but more like Dan or Phil making videos coming out as gay/pan/bi, and honestly it may not be a proper sit down (cont)

(Cont) it might not be a proper sit down, it may just be Phil casually mentioning the boyfriend he had in highschool or Dan just casually mentioning the crush he had on a cute guy at university. Maybe it will be a proper sit down and Dan will talk about his struggle coming to terms with it. Maybe Phil will talk about his family being supportive because I can’t imagine his family being anything but. Maybe one day they will say they’re dating but for now I feel some sort of reveal is coming soon

Well, if the anon psychic says it’s so, it must be true!! Get ready, guys!


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<