that 70s sweater


So many different art styles, so many different outfits, so little time. So many people have been sending me messages (some kinder than others) to draw Mallory in some 70′s clothing. Well here you go. Just some quick sketches. Also, a hand knitted sweater by out favorite knitting berserk viking. 

bela-talbot  asked:

Congrats on 900 followers!!!❤ Your blog is the best! I'd love a spn and/or how to get away with murder ship (i just started watching htgawm and am only on season 1 tho!) i love writing, video games, i have a pretty unique fashion sense, i love dressing in tights and big sweaters or 70s clothes, i have dark curly hair and green eyes, i love horror and blood and guts and want to be an emt. also idc about the gender :)

ahh HELLO. YOUR blog is the best and you’re one of my favorites ever :) AHH HTGAWM IS THE BEST COME SCREAM ABOUT IT WITH ME 

I ship you with…

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Charlie is not afraid to be straightforward with what she thinks. And when she sees you in those fantastic clothes of yours, she immediately has to tell you, leading to a long ass conversation ending with proposition for a date. Charlie falls head over heels for you, and your strong personality. She adores your willingness to go for the things you want, and not caring what others think. She’s so happy she stopped you on the street that day, she wouldn’t know where she’d be without you in her life. 

i ship you with…

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Everyones sure as hell that you two badass babes will definitely be ruling the world side-by-side one day. Your strong personality definitely made Laurel gravitate towards you, and she loves how independent and willful you are. You definitely have the same feelings for her. She understands your feelings towards horror thing to a T. You get along with each other better than anyone you’ve met before, and you both have a wonderful feeling that this relationship will be the best thing to happen to you.