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Zen Moments from 5x08 (Thanksgiving) 

Though this episode is strictly Eric/Donna related, I do love that Danny and Mila chose to add another layer of depth to their character’s onscreen relationship by keeping the physical contact between them present - it helps keep a consistent journey of Hyde and Jackie’s relationship even when it is not the main focus. 

 It also makes me very interested to know what they were talking about on the stairs - was it the actors making idle chit chat, or were they in-character? If so, what did they assume Hyde and Jackie would be talking about? In-universe, of course, they must have been discussing something, and I like that the actors decided to take that course of action because it’s one of the first real instances where their relationship isn’t limited to ‘making out because they were bored’, and shows that they do actually talk to each other. 

The second gif is something I only noticed upon rewatching the episode the other day, and I love it because it wasn’t Hyde grabbing Jackie’s hand to lead her away from the table - they’d actually been holding hands for the whole of the scene prior. Perhaps Hyde isn’t as tough as he likes to think he is after all ;)


In season five’s Thanksgiving episode ‘Thank You’ we see Laurie returning home for the holiday and Kitty being very happy to see her. The jumping and hugging that Kitty and Laurie do when they see each other is really sweet,

But it might not be how you would expect the two of them greeting each other. It’s clear that Kitty loves Laurie and Laurie loves her mother but she’d closer with her father. So this hug could just be because they were excited and happy to see each other after such a long time and it’s when they’ve been together under the same roof that they sort of get on each others nerves.

However, thinking back to the last thanksgiving episode from season one we saw Laurie helping Kitty prepare some of the food the night before Thanksgiving. And another nice little Mother Daughter Bonding moment over peanut butter filled celery sticks. Granted this was Early Laurie, but still!

So maybe the excitement and happiness Laurie and Kitty shared when seeing each other for Thanksgiving wasn’t just because they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Maybe Thanksgiving is a special holiday for Kitty and Laurie.

I could see maybe Thanksgiving being the few times a year where maybe Laurie helps Kitty out more in the kitchen making a few of the side dishes at least. It could have been a tradition that started when Laurie was little wanting to help out and maybe pinching the pie crusts in place then moving onto helping make other food with more involvement like helping prepare the stuffing as we see her doing in Thanksgiving.

As mentioned before cooking is important to Kitty, so I’m sure she would enjoy having Laurie in the kitchen with her during a holiday where a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, It might be one of the few times when Kitty and Laurie spend time together and get along while chatting and catching up.


Season 1 Episode 9: Thanksgiving

Here‘s another funny and very true to life moment with Red and Kitty.

Even before Caller ID both Red and Kitty know that it’s Red’s mother Bernice Forman calling and neither one of them wants to answer it.

Love how Kitty is able to sort of guilt Red into answering it only to have Bernice ask to talk to Kitty-and Red’s amusement and relief is quite clear.

Thanksgiving was my favorite Thanksgiving episode of the series, especially because of the family story line that it involved. It felt like a very real Thanksgiving. The kids helping out in the kitchen, avoiding talking to relatives on the phone, realizing the Christmas season is here and you’re not exactly ready for it, having guests over for food, and maybe even forgetting a last minute detail at dinner- like forgetting to pick up a relative.