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Now And Then: For Paul

A great quote from Richard White’s “Come Together. Lennon & McCartney in the 70s” concerning the rumour that “Now And Then” was meant “for Paul”. 

“I think there was a cassette, it was something that John said, that read ‘for Paul,” recalls Connolly. “And he said; ’I’ll give this to Paul, and see if he has any ideas’. There were songs he hadn’t finished before he died.” (White, 2016, p. 301).  

New Year’s Eve 1979- Kitty and Hyde

Season 8, Episode 22: That ‘70s Finale

Even though the series finale doesn’t give us of Jackie and Hyde, I really like how we see some really sweet moments between Hyde and the other important woman in Hyde’s life, Kitty.

Earlier in the episode we see Hyde buying Red Packer tickets to help get him to stay in Place because he knows Kitty has has second thoughts about moving. We even see Kitty giving him a big, long hug.

And then during Kitty’s emotional speech she calls Hyde “my second son” and tells him how much she adores him. This is probably one of the sweetest parts in the episode, the smile that Hyde gives at hearing this is the cutest. Even if it’s kinda hidden by the mustache.

Also gotta love the fact that it’s Kitty who is the one to tell Hyde he needs to shave that 40 year-old male prostitute mustache off.

But the moment between Hyde and Kitty in this episode that is really cute and makes their mother-son relationship feel even more real is this moment here following the last Foot in the Ass of the decade…

They clink their drinks together in a toast! It’s a little moment but a really sweet little moment.

This is also the last shot of the series that we see of Red and Kitty.

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Zutara AU: During the fight in the Crystal Catacombs, Katara is able to save Aang from Zuko and Azula but gets captured herself. She is transported back to the Fire Nation and used as bait to lure Aang. However, spending much time together, a romance between Zuko and Katara blossoms as their bond grows stronger.