that 70's show season 8

I got bored the other day and began to rewatch That 70′s Show minus season 8 of course because that season makes me physically ill. Anyway a decade later and I’m still bitter about what they did to Jackie & Hyde as characters and way salty that they weren’t endgame, although in my mind they are because I do not recognize anything that happens after Eric leaves as canon. It’s all a nightmare or a way bad circle or acid trip. What I don’t get the most is Sam. She was clearly a plot device, a way to drive a wedge between Jackie & Hyde. 

“A plot device is an object or character in the story whose purpose is purely to drive the Plot, maintain its flow, or resolve situations within it. There are plenty of good stories which do indeed revolve around a plot device; equally, a plot device can very easily be used to generate conflict and thus spark a character-driven story.” 

This is, with good writing, what Sam should been. Jackie & Hyde were antagonistic to each other all season, a pretty clear indicator that they weren’t over each other,regardless of the way the writers completely disregarded their relationship. When Sam left that should have put Jackie & Hyde on the path to reconciliation. I barely watched season 8 so I may recall some things wrongly, but I think there were 4 or 5 episodes after Sam left, therefore they had plenty of time to work it out even if they didn’t end up together until the finale. Even if they were not together-together they could have hinted at them possibly winding up together. 

Also, making Sam already married to another man, thereby invalidating her & Hyde’s marriage was not only a slap in the face to the viewers, but incredibly bad story telling what was the purpose of her being in the show. Of course, her purpose was to break up Jackie & Hyde, but she was unnecessary seeing as how Jackie & Hyde already had the Kelso drama part 2. They changed Hyde’s entire characterization for something that ending up being null and void. It was utterly ridiculous that they expected the viewers to buy Hyde would stay married to someone he didn’t even know and married while he was drunk, when he had a hard time wanting to marry the love of his life, not because he didn’t love Jackie but because he didn’t want to be married period.

 It made zero sense especially when he saw that it was hurting Jackie. Despite Hyde’s zen he was a caring, compassionate person with a good heart. The writers turned him into a bitter drunk without compassion for the woman he once loved. We’re excepted to believe Hyde would actually call her a bitch when he punched a guy out for calling her a bitch back when he supposedly hated her. Which I don’t think he ever actually hated her he found her annoying sure but hated her nope.

On to the Jackie & Fez thing, it was WAY TOO LATE to put them together. In the first maybe 3 seasons it would have worked, but what was the point of building up Jackie & Hyde’s relationship for 7 seasons if they weren’t endgame. Once they decided to put Jackie & Hyde together that should have been a wrap like a Kitty & Red wrap. I always thought the were built up to be the next Kitty & Red anyway.

TL;DR A decade later and I’m still bitter about Jackie & Hyde!!!!!