that 5 on 3 kill tho

VIXX Moments (Fansign)

(((Disclaimer: all of these are fan accounts, they aren’t officially confirmed stories. also they’re from a few years back so it’s outdated BUT STILL)))

Fan: Oppa your eyeliner looks funny
Ravi: lmao

Fan: Oppa you look 130 million times better than that lion Leo
Leo: ㅇㅅㅇ
Fan: you would look a lot cooler with that lion mane tho
Leo: lol
Leo: go away ㅇㅅㅇ

Fan: Oppa, I was born on December 25th!!
Hongbongbing: woah, are you jesus???

Fan: Oppa what happened to your hand… (Hyuk had a bandaid on that day)
Hyuk: oh I cut my finger off

Ravi: shoot I signed on ken hyung’s page again. its already the 7th time!!
Fan: lmao
Ravi: (hands the thing over) sorry
Ken: if u do that one more time i will kill u

Fan: (stamps Leo’s hand) Oppa, you’re mine now! (moves over to N)
N: Did u say Taekwoon was yours? But Taekwoon is mine!

One fan used to send tweets to vixx whenever she felt stressed out, and later on, she went to a fansigning event.
Leo: You must be doing well these days, I haven’t been getting any messages from you.

DC Comics character summaries Part 1:


1. Cinnamon roll.

2. Is from Krypton(the planet not the periodic element) but it got blewed up.

3. Raised by some farm people who are also cinnamon rolls.

4. Arch-nemesis is Mister Clean.

5. Back in the old days he had a new power every other issue.

6. Dies and then un-dies a lot.

7. The original supaheroh.

8. BFFs with BatDad. They prolly lowkey gay for each other tho.

9. Rly hard 2 kill.

10. Gets his powers with photosynthesis.


1. Usually stuck as the only girl.


3. Lowkey bi.

4. The den mother.

5. Biggest badass in the history of badasses.

6. Super catchy theme song.

7. Her lasso is basically a glorified lie detector that can also be used as a weapon.

8. Her villains need more love.

9. Prolly secretly ships SuperBat and HalBarry.



1. Is an orphan.

2. Can’t stop adopting other orphans.

3. Hates clowns.

4. Very dramatic.

5. Seems everyone he cares about has died at some point. :/

6. Kinda emo.

7. Jerk with a heart of gold.

8. Names everything after bats for some reason? Like the bat-toilet, is that rly necessary?

9. Has like 4 sons who all look the same.

10. Does not eat nachos. Except he does, cuz everyone luvs nachos.


1. Sexiest superhero alive tbh.

2. Superfriends highkey ruined his reputation.

3. He’s gettin’ a lot more love now tho.

4. Rules 70% of the planet. Get on his level people.

5. Communicates with marine life(”talks to fish” was too obvious).

6. Somehow makes orange and green look good together.

7. V badass.

8. Eveyone loves his hook hand but I think they need to bring the magic water hand back.

9. Gives no fucks.

10. Can control the sharks, but not the tornado.


1. I’m highkey gay for him.

2. Typical str8 white boi except he’s actually bi.

3. People hate him simply because he wasn’t in the JL cartoon, which is literally the worst reason to hate a character ever.

4. He and Speedy Gonzales are highkey gay 4 each other but won’t admit it.

5. Space cop.

6. He lik 2 fly.

7. Human disaster.

8. Fucks everything up.

9. Deserves better treatment from both the writers and the fans.

10. Apparently the executives at WB hate him simply because his first movie was bad. It wasn’t even THAT bad, it was just “eh.”


1. Ur too slow! Cum on step it up!

2. Adorkable cinnamon roll.

3. Took me forever to find a pic for him cuz most of the pics of google images were the TV show version.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. Also gets flack for not being in the JL cartoon, tho not nearly as much as his boyfriend.

5. Okay, I’m gonna say it-his canon love interest is a poor man’s Lois Lane.

6. I’m gay for him too.

7. His evil twin used some slightly confusing time-travel crap to kill his mom.

8. Good at cooking.

9. Can travel thru time and thru alternate dimensions/universes/timelines/whatever term u wanna use it’s all the same thing.

10. If the Rebirth reboot gets rid of his blond hair simply because neither of his live-action actors are blond I will legit kill someone.


1. Half the man he used to be.

2. Some people r still kinda salty about him replacing Marvin on the JL, but I think he brings a lot more to the team than Marvin. Not that I don’t like Marvin, cuz I luv Marvin, but still.

3. He’s like Iron Man except he’s not a pompous ass.

4. My son. I will protect him.

5. Needs an arch-enemy rly badly.

6. In fact, needs more rogues period.

7. Likes football.

8. Known for shouting outdated slang terms like “Booyah!”

9. Usually stuck as the only black guy, no matter what team he’s on.

10. Rly smart.

the six thatchers: 4.5/10 (-5 for killing Mary and using her as a plot device, -0.5 for the car seat suit)

the lying detective: 7/10 (-3 for Sherlock and John’s abusiveness towards each other, -2 for Culverton’s erection good god, +2 for Mrs Hudson)

the final problem: 11/10 (+1 for Victor Trevor, +3 for Moriarty, +1 for Sherlock learning the importance of emotions, -5 for massive amounts of confusing scene cuts, +1 for Sherlolly)

Important things about the Save Me mv:

1) Namjin hats
2) Tae’s red hair
3) Jimin in the beginning
4) All the dramatics
5) Clouds
6) That dance during Hobi’s part
7) Min Yoongi tho
8) Grass
9) This is never that
10) All the hair flips
11) Rapmon’s dance af
12) Tae’s red hair
13) Everyone slaying
14) Camera moves
15) Black Jeans
16) Jungkook
17) Dance mv
18) Did I mention Tae’s red hair

desertnightbloom  asked:

11 • 29)battle born • 43)day n age

thank you!!! :)

11. What are your least favorite songs from each album?: *copied omg*

HF: aksdfjaowijf man this is too hard omg. Andy and Natalie tbh EVEN THO I LOVE THEM AND THEY ARE STILL GREAT SONGS

ST: My List but UGH again i still love it but if i HAD to choose one

Sawdust: Ruby and Romeo and Juliet

D&A: *runs for cover* Goodnight, Travel Well

Battle Born: FLOP WITH ME, Deadlines and Commitments, Heart of a Girl (it’s starting to grow on me a little tho so pls don’t kill me omg)

29. Give me an album and I’ll rank all the songs on it from best to worst: Battle Born

1. They Way It Was
2. The Rising Tide
3. Runaways
4. Flesh and Bone
5. Battle Born
6. A Matter of Time
7. Miss Atomic Bomb
8. From Here on Out
9. Be Still
10. Heart of a Girl
11. Deadlines and Commitments
12. Flop With Me

43. Give me an album and I’ll tell you what song I think should’ve been a single:
Day & Age- 
Joy Ride tbh

What if

Widowmaker decided she wanted to try out videogames.

Hour 1:One shot, one ki-damn

Hour 2: Ah ah- here we ARe-one shot, one kILL DAMN IT

Hour 3: Got you now ehe he hon hon one shot, one KIIISON OVA BI-

Hour 5: *twitch* Dooont move, dddooooont mmOOOOVE NO NON WHY GOD WHY

Hour 9: Lena -LeNA theyre cheating, theyre camping. Lena tell them to stop, i cant shoot with them doing that. LeNNA-LENA THEY WONT STOPP THESE BASTARDS DAMN THIS LAG


Hour *uncharted*: –tv has a bullet through it–

Bloated af. It has pretty much ruined every workout I’ve had this week. Had the worst leg workout of my life last night due to period bloat/pain, exhaustion, and my mind just wasn’t there. It was a long week. Killed it during chest/tris today tho so I’m feeling good.

*Warmed up with push ups and seated chest flys*
1) Bench: 5x5
2) Seated Machine Incline Bench: 4x8 (superset with wide grip/close grips)
3) Pec Dec: 4x15
4) Close grip DB press: 4x12
5) EZ bar Skullcrushers: 4x8-12
6) Cable tricep kickbacks: 4x15
7) Cable tricep extension SS with overhead extension: 4x12
8) Assisted dips 4x20 as finisher


Tag! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better!

Nicknames: Little Wolfie (or just Wolfie), Sofa, Princess Sophieberry (do not ask questions about this one).

Starsign: Virgo

Height: 5’3” (I am so tiny)

Last thing I googled:  “Anxiety reducing methods”

Fave music artist: EXO~ (Can’t you tell by my overwhelming love for Xiumin), Red Velvet (Wendy tho~)

Song stuck in my head: BTOB - 스릴러 (Thriller)

Last movie I watched: Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Do not judge me okay I actually like the movies)  

Last TV show I watched: Bitten (Which actually killed me)

When did you create your blog: It was July 2016? I think…around that time definitely to help me get motivated for my second year at college.

What kind of stuff do you post: I post my notes from my classes and my bujo spreads…with kpop stuff along with manga or books.

Do I have any other blogs: I have a Kpop blog (xiuminfrosty), I have two urm secret blogs, and another dedicated to anything Harry Potter and Witchcraft.

Do I get asks regularly: I get a few from time to time. I would love to have more hehe.

Why did I choose my url: My love for Xiumin is so strong and I call him XiuXiu so that’s where the beginning came from. Then the fact it was a blog for studying, as simple as that really.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: Was never allowed to watch pokemon so I have no idea and I don’t play.

Favorite color: Yellow is my ultimate favourite soon followed by pastel tones.

Average hours of sleep: (what’s sleep???) it varies from 1to 8 hrs a night…I have serious trouble with sleep.

Lucky number: 3

Favorite characters: Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), Jackson Rathbones characters in Twilight and The Last Airbender….hmm to be honest I don’t really know.

How many blankets do you sleep with: Depending on the season…summer its one or none, winter its 2 or 3.

Dream job: Literally no idea.

 Following: Studyblrs (kpop ones mostly)

 I tag the following people: @studyingshinee @sugastudys @studysthetics @baekstudies @xiotetudes @lazyhermione @studylikegrangerr @studylikeaslytherin @studyliz

Optional of course and really to anybody who wants to. 

thekilljoykitty  asked:

Unusual asks 35 and 41

35- celebrity crush? Oh god there are so many… okay I’m gonna list them off. Gerard way, Andy biersack, Taylor Momsen, kellin Quinn, ruby rose, Emma stone, and probs more those are just the biggies

41- top 10 songs? OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME UGH OKAY LET’S SEE…. okay in no particular order (I think the top 3-4 are pretty much in order tho tbh it depends on the day)
10. The Depths- OM&M
9. Zzyzx Rd. - Stone Sour (fucking love this song)
8. In The End- BVB
7. The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You- MCR
6. The Divine Zero- PTV
5. Who Are You Now(Live And Unplugged)- SWS
4. Hospital For Souls- BMTH
3. Famous Last Words- MCR
2. Props And Mayhem- PTV
1. Helena- MCR

I tried to vary it up a bit but oh god this was hard

10 Favourite Characters

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Rules: list ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, then tag ten different people!

so here are my favorites:

1) Aizen Sousuke (Bleach)
2) Dio Brando (JJBA)
3) Ramsay Bolton (GoT/ASoIaF)
4) Levi Ackerman (SNK)
5) Esdeath (Akame ga Kill)
6) Guts (Berserk)
7) Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
8) Seishin Muroi (Shiki)
9) Hanamiya Makoto (Kuroko no Basket)
10) Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

I tag @zo-sans, @sangwoosknife, @thequeenpineapple, @accidentalyandere, @ookamitsu, @piechenhangara, @otakugurl190, @krazy19kat @tommy-wollfram and @15fandoms-solittletime (it’s okay if you don’t want to do it tho)

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Rules: pick ten fandoms and your favorite character from each one.

1. Yu Yu Hakusho
kurama <3

2. Boku no Hero Academia

3. Akatsuki no Yona
zeno even tho he makes me cry like every chapter

4. Mass Effect

5. Noragami

6. Haikyuu

7. Death Parade
chiyuki :’)

8. Kill la Kill
satsuki !!

9. Gangsta

10. Borderlands

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Top 5: Rebekah moments

Oh lord give me strength. 

  1. “LAUGH AT THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOO EASILY BUT NO ONE WILL EVER SIT AROUND A TABLE TELLING STORIES OF A MAN WHO COULDN’T LOVE” (Yes caps are necessary because it’s the only way to express my absolute love of this scene. 
  2. That BAMF entrance to TO in 1x02 by killing lots of people lol
  3. Her moment with Esther in 3x19 of TVD when she tells her she never truly lived </3
  4. Her exit in 1x16 of TO. Heartbreak yes, but she was so happy
  5. That scene when Elijah daggered her tho in 3x09

[Ask me top 5 anything]

K-POP Love at First Sight Tag

Tagged by: @easytomenbung
Rules: List 5 or 10 of your favorite kpop boy/girl groups. Put your very first bias of each group and the name the m/v you first saw the member in. 

1. Jin- BTS- Boy In Luv

Originally posted by taepperoni

2. Jeonghan- Seventeen- Mansae

Originally posted by juwunghan

3. JB- GOT7- Just Right

Originally posted by pakjinyoung

4. Eunwoo- Astro- Hide and Seek

Originally posted by chemyungjun

5. Solar- Mamamoo- You’re the Best

Originally posted by colonizedrice

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hamilton: alternate song titles
  • ACT ONE:
  • 1: meet allyham!
  • 2: u punched tha burrsur
  • 3: not throwenaway my shot
  • 4: drunk gays, part 1
  • 5: sister, sister (... sister)
  • 6: ally slays wimpy brit
  • 7: georj~ part 1
  • 8: the washingtune
  • 9: thirst anthem [prologue]
  • 10: thirst anthem
  • 11: should have been me (congrats tho)
  • 12: drunk(er) gays, part 2
  • 13: burr is lame
  • 14: don't get ur butt killed
  • 16: allyham gets called into the principal's office
  • 17: can u just?? it'd be enough juSt do thE THing
  • 18: laSLAYette
  • 19: history hearts u <3
  • 21: georj~ 2(ft. 80% more sass)
  • 22: "dear side ho,"
  • ACT TWO:
  • 1: ignorant ft. jeffersun
  • 2: fighty dads part 1
  • 3: u need to chill
  • 4: ///SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN///
  • 5: [burr nosy af]
  • 6: burr burrned schuyler
  • 7: fighty dads part 2
  • 8: we need washinghelp
  • 9: lol washington out, peace one love aha
  • 10: georj~ (gran finale)
  • 11: so adams is a booty president
  • 12: @allyham we kno bout ur sin
  • 13: poor allyham backstory
  • 14: *SIN: THE NOVEL* (ft. u nevergownb pressident now)
  • 15: eliza realiza her hubby a ho
  • 16: phillyham da guy!!
  • 17: phillyham say bye
  • 18: :( :( sad town u.s.a. :( :(
  • 19: vote vote vote vote
  • 21: eliza u tha tru mvp
  • 22: burr done buried allyham
  • 23: good god r.i.p. everyone oh my god oh m Y god (He gAvE me MOre Ti ME) STOP (will they teLl uR StOoooooRYyYy) LOrT(it's onLY a MAtter of tiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmemmememeeeeeeee)

I got tagged! I dont remember by who tho

1. Relationship Status: a have huge crush and it kills me

2. Lipstick or Chapstick: I need chapstick during winter or my body will lose all of its moisture and be dry like a dead leaf / i should use lipstick more

3. Last song I listened to: Gold by Imagine Dragons ;) a fav

4. Last movie I watched: The secret life of pets! It was rly funny!

5. Top 3 Shows: Just 3? Impossible… Ninjago Young Justice, ATLA, Gravity Falls and Steven universe!

6. Top 3 characters: Cole Brookstone, Bart Allen and Widowmaker

7. Top 3 ships: Widowmetra(Genyatta too), Bluepulse and Glaciership

I tag @im-princess-potato @knappl @average-artist-offical and @mrpanda149

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Nickname: I’ll just go with 3 most known, so Tigs, Tigger and Teegy
Star sign: Gemini
Height: Around 5″2
Time right now: 7:27 am
Last thing googled: Google translate
Favorite Music/Artists: Melanie Martinez, twenty one pilots, P!ATD, MCR and FOB. Tegan and Sara

Song Stuck in Your Head: Mix of Killing Me Softly by The Fugees and Closer by Tegan and Sara.
Last Movie Watched: Idk. Mean Girls 2 probably.
Last TV show watched: The Inbetweeners.
What are you wearing right now: Fall Out Boy top, grey-blue hoodie, black socks and maroon sweatpants. Soon it’ll be my uniform bc school and shizz.
When did you create your blog: Some time 2015 I think.
What kind of stuff do you post: Killing Stalking, random memes and just weird shit that I’m interested in.
Do you have any other blogs: Yeah, @my-tc-has-ruined-me
Do you get asks regularly: Only ever had one ask and I accidentally deleted it
Why did you choose your URL: ‘Smillps’ is an old ship between 2 teachers at my school- one of which being my tc, the other a teacher I thought about having a tc on but it just didn’t happen. It’s also my wattpad name.
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Pokemon team: Don’t know, Don’t care.
Favorite Color: Maraschino red
Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7
Lucky Number: 72
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: One cover, a throw under the cover that I sleep on when it’s cold and the bedsheets under that.
Dream job: Not sure, Writer or Psychiatrist maybe.
Following: 631

I tag @saanitynotfound @thenameiskorra and @bluehorsebutt

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1: are you named after someone? Yes. My father’s aunt. She passed away when she was really young and my dad adored her.
2: when was the last time you cried? Yesterday because TV show killed a beautiful character. Shush I’m still in pain over it. 
3: do you like your handwriting? Not even a little bit. It’s the worst. 
4: what is your favourite lunch meat? I don’t like processed meats. If I must have them tho I’d go for Turkey or Pastrami.
5: do you have kids? no.
6: if you were another person, would you be friends with you? YES! I’m a delightful friend. 
7: do you use sarcasm? Only all the time.
8: do you still have your tonsils? Yes. (It’s weird anyone would want to know that information btw)
9: would you bungee jump? No. But I would go skydiving. 
10: what is your favourite kind of cereal? I don’t eat cereal. It’s overrated. 
11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No. And regret it every time I’m wearing them again. 
12: do you think you’re a strong person? Yes. Very much so. 
13: what is your favourite ice cream flavor? VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE.
14: what is the first thing you notice about people? The aura around them. It’s weird. It’s not really a tangible thing but the feel that I get from a person. Do they seem quiet and shy? Charismatic? beautiful weirdos? Somber or cynical? The vibe that I get from looking at a person or being in their proximity is the first thing that I notice. Then their eyes. 
16: what is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? My feet. Sticky feet lol.
17: what color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Red pajama pants and just socks. No shoes. 
19: what are you listening to right now? Silence. It’s beautiful 
20: if you were a crayon, what color would you be? Probably light blue. I got my reasons.
21: favourite smell? New books.
22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My grandma in Iraq. 
23: favorite sport to watch? I prefer not to. 
24: hair color? Dirty blonde. 
25: eye color? Hazel.
26: do you wear contacts? Nope. I don’t put things in my eyes.
27: favourite food to eat? PASTA.
28: scary movies or comedy? Neither.
29: last movie you watched? La La Land. It’s incredible. Just gorgeous. 
30: what color of shirt are you wearing? Red hoodie. 
31: summer or winter? Winterrrr. 
32: hugs or kisses? Hugs. 
33: what book are you currently reading? Orientalism by Edward Said. Honors thesis purposes. 
34: who do you miss right now? feeling of lightness. I’ve been too distracted lately, it’s weighing me down.
35: what is on your mouse pad? don’t have one cause lap top. 
36: what is the last tv program you watched? It’s an Egyptian show that’s better than your fave probably (jk… maybe)
37: what is the best sound? Rain. 
38: rolling stones or the beatles? Don’t really care much for either. 
39: what is the furthest you have ever traveled? I’ve literally moved continents my friend.
40: do you have a special talent? Yes? Writing maybe?
41: where were you born? Iraq.

Wyoming, 1873: A Hotblood! Fanmix

1. Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now - Needtobreathe 2. You Rascal You - Hanni El Khatib 3. God’s Gonna’ Cut You Down - Johnny Cash 4. Green Rocky Road - Department of Eagles 5. Come Alive - Hanni El Khatib 6. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash 7. The Darkness - The Cat Empire 8. Down the Road - C2C 9. Wild and Wasted Waters - Kill It Kid 10. From the Wreckage Build a Home - The Wind and the Wave

Listen [here

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Name: Joy

Nickname: SugaJ

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 165 cm

Age: 20 (21 in February tho :) )

Hogwarts House: The snake one

Favorite Color: Yellow, Purple, red

Time Right Now: 11.49am

Hours of Sleep: hmm around 7 or 12 

Lucky Number: 3 

Last Thing I Googled: te form of Japanese verbs lol

Favorite Fictional Character: Oh shit um..the main female character from She was Pretty

Blankets I Sleep With: no joke I have 5

Favorite Bands: BigBang, DAY6, GOT7, BToB, 2PM, BTS, SHINee

Dream Trip: Trip around asia :) Korea, China, Malaysia, etc 

Dream Job: Actress or writer 

Follower Count: 34 please kill me

Posts: 2,400 exactly 

What Do I Post About?: kpop, funny stuff, my sad life

Most Active Followers: Um…i really dont know

When Did Your Blog Hit It’s Peek?: it hasnt im on 34 followers for fuck sake

Why Did You Get Tumblr?: i made this one around July last year but my first was like…2 years ago?

Do You Get Asks On a Daily Basis?: :) what do you think 

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: used to be falling-monki but i changed it to a kpop one to gain more followers but that didnt work

20 Followers I Would Love to Get to Know Better

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Name/Nickname: Ahnna

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′10″ I am a giant

Sexual Orientation: straight

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favourite Color: Green since i was really little, and black takes a close second (that’s so emo lmao)

Favourite Animal: Axolotls or dogs i’m not sure which i love more

Average Hours of sleep: sometimes it’s like 3 and sometimes its 11 idk my dude. i try and get 8 if i can tho

Cat or dog person: DOGGOS

Favourite Fictional Characters: Mia Wallace and Jules from Pulp Fiction, Luke from Gilmore Girls, Veronica from Heathers, Jim from The Office, ELEVEN FROM STRANGER THINGS, Beatrix (The Bride) from Kill Bill 1&2

Number of blankets I sleep with:

Favourite Singer/Band: DEAR GOD DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE

Dream Trip: A road trip to visit EVERY NATIONAL PARK IN AMERICA (it would take years and i am completely fine with that)

Dream Job: Pediatrician or Neonatologist, I think

When was this blog created: November 2015

Current number of followers: 162

When did your blog reach its peak?: lolololol

What made you decide to make this Tumblr?: I had one when i was like 14 but deleted it, and i made this one because i needed something to do with all my free time once i got to college because i had nothing to do 

Tags: @we-were-kissing-gods , @transmetropolistin , @isamabella (if you guys want to!) , and anyone else who feels like doing this