that *think* theyre doing the right thing

i hate when i do small tumblr rants

problem number 1:

when people give criticism to other people, other people get mad and report them for “bullying”. its not bullying. if its negative then you can go ahead and report them. if theyre not, i dont think you have the rights to report them. its really dumb. if youre doing this to people, then stop. you nEED SOME HELP-but seriously, stop. and dont tell people “WHY DONT YOU TRY TO DRAW BEFORE GIVING CRITICISM???? HUH??” why dont you try calming down? huh? you dont have to be the best artist in the world to give people criticism about their art.

problem number 2:

theyre’s a difference between inspiration and copying. ive seen this alot. people just get mad because there is some small similar thing in a persons art style to an other person. and people just get triggered at that. for example, you have an animation/meme or something and you put it on youtube, and its similar to another persons meme, and the person credits them for that. people just act like juicy fukers and start to hate on them for that. if youre doing this, youre the dumbest person ive ever seen in this world. im sorry for being mean, but its true. and why dont you read descriptions? youre lazy? same, but read the desc before sending hate

problem number 3:

GRAMMAR. ive seen this all the time in youtube comments, and if youre one of the people who say “fix ur grammar!!!!” then you need to stop :) youre typing a youtube comment, not a grammar essay. 

so here’s all the things that annoy me on youtube, tumblr, twitter, DA, etc

and if youre one of the people who do things like these in the list, stop

shitty talk: my fingers hurt.

when your friend/loved one is dissociating

how to tell if they are dissociating

- non-focused, “zoned out”
- doesnt reply to comments, or replies very half-heartedly
- eyes arent focused
- doesnt seem to notice anything going on around them
- repeats doing or saying the same things over and over
- forgets what they said or did, whether in the last few minutes or the last few days

things you can do to help

- get them to a quiet, calm place
- ask them very basic questions: “are you okay?” “how are you feeling?” “is there anything you need from me right now?”
- help them recount the events theyve forgotten, whether in the last few minutes or last few weeks
- walk them through what is going on, tell them, if you can, that you think that theyre dissociating
- if you can, keep an eye on them and look out for things they might miss, ie: crossing the street, accidentally bumping into something, receiving important information
- sometimes showing them funny stuff or having them read an article or something after doing the previous steps helps

keep in mind that i am not a doctor or professionally qualified to help with mental illness. i just wrote down a list of what i like to have people do when i dissociate. hope this helps someone!

signs of emotional abusers:

  • never says sorry,  ever, or only says sorry when they want something or they are forced to by others around them
  • yells at you for small things, like accidently dropping food on the counter, forgetting to put something away, or things that aren’t your fault like running out of cereal, or being attacked by an animal or person; blames you for things they do or just generally anything that goes wrong
  • ignores you/neglects your emotional needs, like spending hours on the computer and never wants to spend time with you/values things or work more than you
  • never compromises, always need you to do things their way or else its “the wrong way” and/or belittles you for it. always needs you to be interested in their life/things but isn’t interested in your life/things
  • belittles you for your opinions or feelings and makes you feel like they’re not valid or that theyre dumb.
  • if they’re religious and they’re your parents, they are always ready to pounce on you when they think you are not doing the right thing or threatens to kick you out of the house if you are not/or dont do the things they say or want/think are godly
  • always has to control how you look/act/dress
  • is mean to you then acts nice immediately after and expects everything to be ok again expects you to forgive them right away or else you’re in the wrong
  • buys you things then acts like its your fault that you dont like them/want them and/or forces you into eat them/wear them/use them by yelling at you or belittling you 
  • acts like your emotions are wrong
  • keeps you from your friends and family in roundabout (or obvious ways) and possibly acts like this is your fault
  • tells you that they have never done what you say they did, even though they did, never admits faults (gaslighting)
  • treats you like a child even if you are an adult

honestly? most people who identify as a non dysphoric trans person do feel minimal dysphoria, usually social or body dysphoria easily mistaken as a low self image that only is felt occasionally. oftentimes they dont even REALIZE its actually dysphoria, or if they do recognize it they think its so minimal it might as well not be a thing.

dysphoria comes in many different “types”, be it top, bottom, hair, social, or what have you. dysphoria comes in many different intensities from almost nonexistant to strong but long periods of time between each experience, to strong and almost constant dysphoria.

every trans person is different. you have no right to police their experiences, and you have no right to tell a trans person that theyre not trans.

its funny the way the alt right and conservatives call the left weak cucks and go on and on about how they have guns and are manly and dont complain like liberals/leftists do (bc they seem to think theyre the same thing) and then when they get punched and leftist protestors break shit and shut them down theyre like “what happened to the tolerant and peaceful left u hurt my genocide-advocating nazi feelings” who are the real cucks now bitch

(trigger warning) cheryl’s suicide attempt

it is so scary to think about that cheryl was ready to commit suicide. she wanted to bent everything right in her last days like, apologize and do the right thing (with jughead and all). and the scene with veronica and when cheryl gave her the shirt, she had this peaceful look on her. like she was finally going to have peace after all.

it is said that people who have planned their suicide are happier on the last days of their life because well, like i said, theyre going to have finally peace. all what cheryl wanted was peace. she wanted it so bad that she would’ve done anything. she felt like she didn’t have anything left for to live. the only person that had ever loved her was killed by her own father, her father literally wanted cheryl to continue his drug dealing because jason wouldn’t, now theyre both dead. the only person she has left is her mother, and her mother literally hates her with a passion. i don’t think her mother even knows what happend to her. cheryl felt like her mother wasn’t even worth saying goodbye to because she felt like her mother wouldnt care. the only person that she thought might care was veronica. she had cared for her before so she might care again, right? you were right cheryl, but not only veronica cares but so do archie, betty and jughead. they were your saviors and i’m sure they would do it again. and also like, a huge shoutout for our man archie andrews, he may had made some real stupid decisions before but he made the right one this time and i, and many other people are thankful for that.

i hope we get to see more of the core four with cheryl. maybe she’ll be the fourth for the time jughead is gone. and i hope we get to see the friendship with veronica and cheryl bloom (get it? hahah) into something beautiful.

p.s. i’m so glad she burned that toxic ass house to the ground, it was truly scary like, it had it’s own graveyard

also, if you ever feel hopeless, please, don’t commit suicide, someone cares about you, there’s always someone who does, even if it doesn’t feel like it. if you ever need to talk, my inbox is always open for anyone. i’m here for you and so are many other people too.

p.p.s. long live our fire queen, cheryl blossom.

guys you do realise that telling people youre ace is literally the exact same thing as telling someone you dont feel sexual attraction right

from the reblog people are ignoring : yall are dumb the point is im talking about people who feel the need to tell kids theyre ace because children dont need to know that lol

another reblog: people talking about needing to know what ace was at a young age bc they were confused: children should 10000% be educated about asexuality !!!!!!! its just children dont generally need to know that you dont experience sexual attraction unless they think they dont experience it and need an ace adult to help them !!! 
basically just for educational and guiding purposes but it doesnt need to be made known outside of that

people are tryna tell me to spin this whole thing on the person who made the post and theyre tellin me that they’re a pedophile and whatnot, and that’s obviously not the case.

the person isn’t a bad person, and they’re not doin anything wrong. in fact, they think that they’re doin the right thing and doing a good service, but their good service is restating what i already said. they’re just someone who didn’t get what i said. though, to be fair, they shoulda came to me and asked me about it to clarify what they thought i was sayin instead of straight up screenshotting it without @-ing me so i wouldn’t even get the opportunity to explain it to em.

it’s not a big deal, people just like to get mad about things. im a pretty big target who hasn’t done a lot of bad stuff, so people are gonna be eager to tear me down for “rep” or to “prove that theyre a good person” somethin. it’s silly.

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For the whole Connor thing, I do agree that the Fandoms portrayal of him is WAY off, but I just wanna remind people that not everyone in the Fandom thinks Connor did no wrong. I'm personally more on the boat of if Connor did stay alive, yeah ofc he's still an ass but I like the idea of him finally getting the fking help he deserved to dealing with the consequences of his actions. + with Evan, this boi ain't innocent either, nyall need to realize that. No one is DEH is 100% good, theyre all fked

YOURE EXACTLY RIGHT!! And I agree not everyone thinks Connor is the way that a lot of the fandom portrays him, but it’s just far too many people for me to ignore, y'know? And an au where Connor is alive and gets the help and therapy he needs can actually be a great au! The problem is so many people just go about it like “okay everything is immediately perfect and everyone is happy without Connor ever getting help and also all of a sudden Connor and Evan are gay and Zoe and Connor have this great relationship out of nowhere”
Oh and Evan DEFINITELY isn’t innocent. He’s not downright Bad, but he does quite a few not-great things throughout the show (like lying to a family about their dead son, lying to his mother, lying to everyone other than Jared really, being a jerk to his friends and his mom) and we all as a fandom should address these things that these characters have done. No one in Dear Evan Hansen is a perfect happy character!!

solangelo headcanons:

1) nico isnt very affectionate in public and can kind of seem like a grouch, but in public he’s straight up (gay up?) gomez addams, bein’ more lovey than anyone on the planet

2) will is always desperate for affection and knows that, even though he really wants nico to be affectionate in public, its hard for his boyfriend to do that, given how little time hes been given to acclimate with the changes in society from old timey italy to newer timey camp half blood where like everyone is at least a little gay, neeks, chill…. he sometimes finds himself pushing nico’s limits, and hates himself a little for being so clingy and needy

3) nico is naturally jealous. he lost bianca to the hunters of artemis, lost percy to annabeth (boy never even had a chance and he knows but it still hurts), and he doesnt want to lose will… hence being jealous about paolo in toa

4) will is ALSO naturally jealous. he doesnt like it, thinks its an unattractive quality in himself (and yet a very attractive one in nico, go figure) and struggles to fight it…. but he always makes sure to ask nico about it anyways. “you dont think she’s prettier than me, right?” “mi caro, im gay” “..still…”

5) theyre so in love its sickening. they hold hands under any table, constantly walk anywhere with their shoulders touching leaning on eachother, and nico hangs around the infirmary any time will is in there so he can sneak kisses and gentle touches. he pokes will’s sides to make him giggle any time the texan boy turns around to fix the medicine cabinet and will always knows its coming but acts like he doesnt, smacking nicos hands away and whining “stop!” with a grin as if he doesnt do the same thing all the time

6) these gay boyfriends……….. so pure, so in love. they support eachother

7) solangelo is a gift

frender things to think about
  • so lately ive been thinking about fry and bender. particularly, frender
  • sometimes during warm summer nights, fry sleeps in benders bed because his body is cooler to lean against
  • its the same w winter nights. benders body is warmer because the heater is on and its suckin in all that warmth, so fry wants to share 
  • its like bender is a body heater/cooler
  • bender traces his fingers along fry’s side in his sleep and fry loves it because it just feels nice and makes him comfortable
  • in the morning it takes the both of them 10000 years to get to p express because they dont want to get out of bed. theyre both way too comfortable in each others arms and way too lazy
  • as a matter of fact, sleepy morning kisses
  • fry giving bender little kisses on his cheeks and forehead and running his hand along his back
  • if bender had a human heart it would pound right out of his chest when fry says “i love you” in that soft, low, sleepy voice of his
  • putting the rest of this under the cut because it gets long and gay

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Hi. I just wanna say that i feel its a bit inappropriate for jy to promote his pop up store and giggling and taking selfies with his friends. Its like they are pretending nth happen to sh. I know they might not show their support publicly but hey a little consideration would be good. And i just dont know how to feel with everyone frm yg going to his concert while sh is probably alone now when he's the one who needs support right now😭😭

ummmm hmm…. okay so this is just my opinion on it, i havent read what anyone else has thought about it cause Im trying to avoid it but i’ll throw what im thinking out there. i think theyre doing a good thing???  the marijuana scandal is bad, but they’ve all lprobably known that it was going to drop for months. they were prepared for the news to break - likely around jiyongs album release- this wasnt news to any of them so they were likely able to come up with a strategy to deal with it. look, from all that we know of seunghyun, and my personal interpretation, he doesn’t really like public attention?? especially in relation to his mental health, which he has had problems with for many years. having the kind of spotlight he had on him in the last week?? getting removed from his military post?? ending up in the hospital?? those are all very personal things that he does not need or want out there. thats just making things worse. by jiyong and the rest of the yg crew performing and watching his concert they are giving off the message that things are going to be okay. if everyone just stopped working and concerts were cancelled that would just put more attention on seunghyun. making him the bad guy who stopped jiyong’s promotions and likely would cause yg to lose stock. which is not the blame he needs right now!!! being alone- and he’s not alone, his mom is with him at least- is better than having the whole industry and fans watching your every move. It’s what drove him to the hospital in the first place most likely. 

and tbh this is what makes jiyong a good leader for his group. this exact message, and i’ve seen other people saying the same thing. Jiyong is taking some of the hits right now about how its inappropriate for him to be on stage, and therefore deflecting attention from seunghyun by performing and promoting and just acting normal. idk i have my issues with jiyong but he genuinely cares about the people in his life and i think this is what is best for seunghyun in the long run personally.

I agree that seunghyun needs support right now but tbh??? I think that everyone acting normal is going to do more for him in the long run than anything else

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So question: when do you think Flint learned he was gay? It seemed like there was a level of unexpectedness and surprise when Thomas went to kiss him, and a little hesitation, and I can't tell if it's because he was surprised to find another gay man or if it was because he knew he felt something but he didn't really know or he was in denial about being gay?

best guess would be during his time in the navy?? either that or he always knew. the writers said he had sexual relationships with men before thomas so yeah i guess he discovered that about himself in his early days. him being attracted to men was never the question tho that was always there. however being in love was a completely new experience for him. he hadn’t had a romantic relationship with a man until thomas. so of course he was nervous. not just because this was the first time he’d loved a man but also because of the situation in that moment. like.. thomas’ wife who they both love dearly was right there. miranda was right there. so of course he’s hesitant. he never dreamt that they’d both be so accepting of this sort of thing. he probably felt like he didnt have the right to do anything without thomas making the first move. i see it as a simple ‘oh’ as he realises what thomas is doing. as soon as he knows that they’re on the same page he leans in to meet him. i dont think it was his own denial about being gay. and i dont think he was ashamed to kiss him there either. theyre in the dark. and theres freedom in the dark. plus he never actually admits to be ashamed of being gay. we can only presume that he may have been because of thomas’ inscription in marcus aurelius. thomas seeing that james was ashamed of his sexuality and trying to assure him that its nothing to be ashamed of. because we know james was never ashamed of loving thomas. it was more about not being able to love him freely. their love could never see the light of day. but what we see in the end is that it all goes away. what ever it was. denial, shame, all of it. in the end he doesnt give a single fuck. he can talk to john about loving a man and its completely normalised. he can kiss the man he loves without a care in the world. for everyone to see. and this is why john is so important. why he needed him most of all. he was the first man that knew all of james and accepted him. he reoriented james into the daylight :’’)

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Hey! I'm a punk and I would like an opinion of a fellow punk. Why do you think capitalism is bad? I'm genuinely curious, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to!! 💫

capitalism only serves the interests of the rich. why should rich people continue to make more and more money while people are homeless, starving and dying in the streets?? why do kids in schools have such fucking things as “lunch debts”?? THEYRE KIDS. LET THEM EAT.
why do people apparently not deserve to be kept alive regardless of their social standing?? it shouldn’t matter if someone has fucking money, food, water and housing are literally basic human rights and we’re denying people these basic needs for no good reason.
why do business owners get to have enough money to feed twenty families for the next fifty years while some people can’t even afford to go to their doctor??
capitalism doesn’t serve the people. capitalism only works when there are people suffering on the bottom tier.
and that’s fucking wrong no matter what way you look at it.
there should be no homeless people. there are plenty of vacant houses just sitting around and instead of letting homeless people live there?????? no apparently that’s a bad idea because they are poor.
giving people free food?? nope apparently that’s also a bad idea even though we’re producing so much more food than we can eat and instead of giving it to hungry people?? nah let’s destroy it
do you see my point?? i can’t on any level consider anyone a good person if they support this system.
everyone deserves food, water, and a home, regardless of what fucking profit they can generate for the top 1%.

ok dont get me wrong i think pwr bttm deserves everything theyre getting right now but like if the same thing happened with a cishet band member (which. it has. many a time) i feel like the reaction wouldnt be nearly as strong like. ok itunes is dropping them which is great but will they do the same with david bowie? with the shitload of other abusive musicians? oh wait no because then theyd lose money lol

Alright enough. Everyone who thinks Stephen’s joke waa homophobic clearly need to watch the segment and his show, and know that he’s probably one of the furthest things from homophobic. Yes he probably could have avoided it but the writer’s wrote it and he was pissed off cuz of the whole Dickerson thing and he lashed out.

While I understand that everyone has their own triggers, I think asking to ruin someone else’s career just because you’re made uncomfortable by something they said in a different context, that was NOT INTENDED to offend you, is wrong. Seriously guys, people make mistakes. Sometimes we percieve them to have made a mistake, that they perhaps did not understand. Let them know theyre wrong, but dont make it seem like some unforgivable, apocalypse inducing, offense.

Please dont try to stop something that’s this good.
And, even if you do, for God’s sake dont think you’re doing the right thing.

—  Me,
Knowing fully well that a lot of you will probably hate me for this and I’m sorry, but this had to be said.
I’m perfectly willing to listen to your objections and understand your viewpoint but please, make me aware of them calmly.

can we talk about the fact that doug eiffel’s Ultimate Secret Weapon is just to make minkowski laugh? like

post-mutiny, she’s at a loss for what to do. everything she knows is falling apart around her, and she’s so, so sorry because she couldnt save them

so eiffel does a terrible, honestly embarrassing, hilariously bad impression of his badass space pilot commander, and she laughs. she calls him an idiot, and they start adjusting to their new situation. she’s able to take a deep breath and say “okay, what do we do next?”

and now, in the wake of the devastating revelation that theyre all dead to everyone they love, minkowski is literally out for blood, because through the hazy goggles of pure fury, that seems like the most logical thing to do

and eiffel just pulls a completely incorrect bullshit protocol out of his ass in the most serious voice he can manage and pronounces minkowski’s name right, because that is honestly the most ridiculous thing he can think of, and it works. the spell is broken, and minkowski laughs, and she looks at her friend and says “so what’s the new plan?”

i love, love, love the dynamic between these two. they balance each other out so well. and they make each other laugh

So I think we can all agree that the ship names you can make out of Sloane and Hurley are frankly atrocious - Hune? Sloarley? No, those will never do. So obviously the next course of action is to name them by their Battlewagon aliases, the Ram and the Raven, right? Hmm… we need something quick, something crafty, something zesty… you know what I’m getting at, right? Say it with me y’all: Ramen.