that 'what about me' line delivery killed me

Very belated thoughts on The House Within the House

I moved to Brooklyn the day the episode aired and it’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts about it into a post. So here goes.

1) I will forever be salty that Dirk canonically rode a bike for two hours but we didn’t get to see any of it.

2) Someone please help Bob Boreton. He just… he’s really not looking too hot.

3) When we first see Farah after her station sleepover with Tina, she’s buckling her belt. Go wild with your headcanons.

4) Tina answers the phone “Wuddup?” and “Yello!” and thinks she’s the shit for saying “Sheriff’s department, open up!” I love this bicon almost as much as she loves Farah.

5) Hobbs’ house is tiny and cute and perfect. That is all.

6) Hobbs immediately falling asleep after Todd wakes him up is a mood if ever I’ve seen one.

7) Rapunzel has a food dish, thank god.

8) I truly appreciate how many high-pitched screams Dirk gets in during this episode.

9) If you listen closely, there are two occasions where the purple people-eater says “I like short shorts.”

10) I know this has already been covered a million times, but I just need to mention how much this episode highlighted Dirk and Todd’s mutual love. Todd’s immediate panic at Dirk being missing. Dirk freezing up when Hobbs says Todd found the slide. “I’m going in. He needs my help.” :’) And countless other moments that prove how much these boys care for each other and need each other and would sacrifice for each other, whether or not Brotzly is endgame. Don’t even get me mcfreakin’ started on the couch scene.

11) One thing about the couch scene– when Todd is talking about how he saw Amanda, the little nod Dirk gives him, along with his facial expression, is exactly the same as in 1x07 when they’re crouching behind the mask kiosk at the zoo.

12) Also, when they leap up right afterwards, Dirk’s hands are this close to groping Todd’s chest, but that’s neither here nor there. 😏

13) When Dirk says, “Keep looking for a way out,” he almost looks teary-eyed, and his sad little smile really suggests to me that he thinks he’s about to die. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

14) Dirk’s confident smirk at the very end might actually be what kills me.

15) Fave lines:

“…and also fun and festive, but in awful ways.” (Perhaps the gayest line delivery yet, and I love it.)

“Listen, this is just speculation, but I may be in actual Judeo-Christian hell.”

The fucking adorable way Dirk says, “Noooo, I don’t think so.”

“Those ladies got turned into dust, didn’t they? That’s wassup.”

“Stay on the road. Stay on the rOAD, TINA!”

“What happened, you get the Wendigo?”

Thanks for reading my almost week-old ramblings. Is it Saturday yet?

MTVS Epic Rewatch #179

BTVS 7x01 Lessons

Raise your hand if you never thought I’d make it to season 7!

Shame on you, Wallace, I thought you’d always have my back!

Stray thoughts

1) Except for Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest, I’m of the opinion that this show always delivered lackluster season openers. It’s not that they’re bad per se – most of them are pretty solid episodes. It’s just that they don’t hold a lot of promise for things to come, you know? And while they do tend to set the tone for the rest of the season, they are usually far from stellar. “Lessons” is no exception. It’s a good episode, with some very nice moments and a very promising ending (oh, the promise of what The First could be was definitely captivating!) But a good ending does not make for a great episode, you know? And now I get to another point I wanted to make. “Lessons” is probably one of the weakest episodes in an otherwise pretty balanced, quality-wise, season. Yes, I said it. Season 7 is not bad. In fact, it’s rather good? (cue gasps!)

Season 7 is flawed alright, but so are all the other seasons. I think that what probably bugs most of us is the fact that this season’s flaws are more noticeable, kind of always there, and, in most cases, extremely grating (The First, the focus on the potentials, the wedge between the Scoobies…) But – and I hope I don’t change my mind as I proceed to rewatch it – season 7 is an overall good season, with its hits and misses. I’ve found that I’ve grown to like it more and more with each rewatch.

2) The first scene in the cold open is an interesting change of pace from the usual way most seasons start. First of all, there are no Scoobies in sight and we are nowhere near Sunnydale. Then there’s the fact that the chase scene is very suspenseful. We don’t know who this girl is, but you can’t help to root for her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it. But it’s clear whatever went down will have some relevance. And it’s all made clearer when the scene cuts right to…


It’s hard to miss the connection when you get such a tension-filled scene leading to our main character delivering the very first line in the season, a line that will basically embody the backbone of the whole season.

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