that 'someone' unfortunately being me

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 39

I wanted to wallow in the pity party I was throwing for myself but I knew I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever. Ana would know I was hiding if I did and despite not feeling very strong at the moment, I didn’t want to appear that way.

Fuck. This really sucks.

Glancing towards the counter, I saw my make-up bag. Thankfully I didn’t pack it, instead I left it in the bathroom thinking I’d want to freshen up before we left for the airport.

Blotting my face then putting on a little lip gloss, I did my best to pull myself together and appear unfazed. I knew Jared would coming through the door any minute or at least I hoped so. I wasn’t sure how much conversation I’d be able to have with Ana in the mean time.

As I stood there against the counter, I had a silent conversation with myself. Far be it from me to not think the absolute worst but I was doing my best to stay on an even keel.

I wanted to kick Ana’s obnoxious ass out but then thought better of it. What if I was all wrong?

Ana made it perfectly clear she was here for Jared and so sure he’d want her here, I doubt she’d actually leave no matter what I said. If I was wrong, that she wasn’t some fuckbuddy, I’d look like an insecure asshole. I didn’t want that.

There was also a part of me wanting to see what Jared’s reaction would be. How he chose to handle this would at least give me some indication of what this girl meant to him. She might be competition and I didn’t even know it….at least until now.

If Jared tried to handle her feelings with any sort of care, despite barging in like this then obviously he had feelings for her of some kind. I could only assume then she meant enough to him that he didn’t want to upset the apple art in a serious way. In that case, he’d try to smooth this very uncomfortable situation over so she wouldn’t be too upset.

On the other hand, if he did in fact kick her ass out, that would say an equal amount. I would know she was just as disposable as the others that I unfortunately read about. That thought, someone being disposable to another, actually made me sick but in this case for my own sake I hoped it would be the case.

My heart was begging all who would listen that he would do as I hoped and choose me but it’s a waiting game. With one last glance in the mirror, I resigned myself to what I had to do, hoping I could hold myself together.

Just as I opened the bathroom door and stepped back into the room, I heard the main door unlock and saw Jared push it open. His happy, relaxed smile faded to concern as our eyes connected and he knew instantly that something was wrong.

He didn’t have to ask what that problem was though. As soon as Ana heard the door open she jumped from the couch with her megawatt smile and he knew. His expression said it all.

Jared was just as shocked as I was that his ‘whatever’ was standing in our room waiting for him. His mouth dropped open just slightly in surprise but he recovered almost instantly as anger took hold.

“What the fuck is going on here?” He demanded.

I could feel the anger radiating off every single inch of him from across the room. No doubt Ana did too. Her smile quickly fell as she tentatively walked around the couch to stand in front of him.

“I thought I’d surprise you. You always like my surprises.” She said, running her hands up his chest.

With that….I was out. Promptly turning on my heals, I spun around towards the bathroom.

“Vivie, stop right there.” He commanded, harshly pushing Ana’s hands off his chest.

I stopped dead in my tracks but I didn’t turn around, I kept my back to them. This was so brutally uncomfortable, I didn’t want to watch.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are showing up here like this but get the fuck out.”

“But… Jared…I…I don’t understand.” she mumbled clearly upset at his unexpected reaction.

Turning to the door, he opened it hoping she’d know how serious he was. Standing there he stared her down as he waited for her to gather her things. Clearly, some of the stories I read were true. If need be, he really doesn’t have any qualms about tossing girls out of his hotel room.

As I finally turned around, I saw her silently look from Jared to me then back to Jared again. With a roll of her eyes, she walked to the table, grabbed her purse and stepped back up to him at the door.

“Maybe next time then.” She said, taking this embarrassing situation like a champ before throwing a smirk at me then walked out the door.

In a show of strength that I certainly wasn’t feeling, I stood my ground, crossing my arms across my chest. Fuck her.

As soon as she was past the threshold, Jared let the door go. It slammed behind her so loud it made me jump. Mirroring my posture, he was silent as he turned his attention to me. It was clear he was still extremely pissed, despite the fact that Ana left without much of a fight.

“Why the fuck would you let someone into our room?” He angrily demanded.

Wait a minute, he was mad at ME?!?!?! I was totally taken off guard once again, only this time by HIS behavior. Somehow his friend with benefits, fuckbuddy or whatever the hell she was, shows up and it’s my fault? I did something wrong?

Oh, HELL no. Now we were both mad.

“She didn’t leave me much choice, Jared. I opened the door thinking it might be you and before I could say anything, she walked in like she owned the place.”

“How long was she here and what did she say?” Jared asked, completely dismissing my answer.

“She was here for about a half an hour. She said she would wait for you because you liked her surprises.” I said with a snide smirk.

“You should have kicked her ass out.” He retorted through gritted teeth.

For someone who is terrible with confrontation, even I was surprised at how fast I got furious. So furious that for the first time, it was I that couldn’t help my raised voice. This was complete bullshit.

“Well geez, let me apologize right now then for not knowing what to do when one of your fuckbuddies shows up to surprise you.”

My eyes started to fill with tears at the absurdity of the situation. This discussion needed to end before it got too heated on both our parts. Turning away from him, unwilling to let him see my cry, I started to walk back into the bathroom.

“Stop right there.” He demanded, moving like lightening to halt my steps.

Wrapping his fingers tightly around my arm, he pulled me backwards not allowing me to continue forward any further. I was already on the verge of my tears spilling over and I just needed a moment to myself but he wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I tugged.

“I said stop.” He said as I tried to pull my arm back, “Don’t walk away from me.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. As tears started to unabashedly roll down my cheeks, I faced him. Looking him straight in the eyes, I said the only thing I really had to say at that moment.


Shocked, Jared instinctively dropped his grip, letting my arm go. The anger that had shown in his features only moments ago was all but gone. Turning away from him, I continued into the bathroom, allowing the door to slam shut behind me.

Good Vibrations (alternatively titled: The Phone Sex Thing Y'all Asked For)

Harry picked up the phone after the second ring, answering with a breathless, “Hello?”

“You okay?” Nisha asked as she settled against the fluffed pillows she’d set up against her headboard. She was just getting into bed after a long shower—wearing one of his plain white t-shirts and plain black knickers, her hair down her back in a simple braid—and wanted to call Harry to say good night, among other things.

“Yeah, I just ran six miles,” Harry panted, and Nisha heard the tell tale sound of him chugging down water. “I’m spent.”

Nisha licked her lips as she pictured him, hair matted down on to his forehead with sweat, cheeks and chest flushed red from exertion. “Are you back at the hotel?”

“Yeah, just got to my room,” Harry replied tiredly. “Can’t decide if I should take a nap or shower first.”

“You probably smell, you should shower,” Nisha teased him.

“Heeeey,” he whined, followed by a laugh. “You still miss me even though I smell, right?”

She hummed to herself as she pondered whether or not she missed him, though she knew immediately that she did so terribly that it was worth making him wait for an answer. “Yeah, I miss you. Wish you’d get on the next flight home,” she told him despite the lump in her throat that always appeared when she thought about him being so far away.

“Unfortunately, someone told me I need to shower so I can’t do that,” he replied curtly. “Even though I miss you, too.”

“Before you go, I wanted to tell you something,” Nisha murmured hesitantly as she rustled around in the drawer of her bedside table until she found the small silver device she’d bought last week.

Harry sighed as his breathing returned to normal. “I’m listening.”

“So, you know that lingerie shop Reema likes in Covent Garden?” She started nervously, hoping he’d take the news well. 


“Well, I went with her last week to see if there was anything I liked, and I ended up buying something,” she continued, her heart in her throat, pounding furiously.

She heard Harry swallow. “Fuck, I can’t wait to see you in it,” he breathed out. “Any chance I can get a sneak peek?”

“Well.” Nisha paused to compose herself, rolling the small silver device in between her fingers, hoping it’s power would give her some courage. “It’s not really something I can wear.”

Nisha listened as he cleared his throat. “What is it?” He asked, confused.

“A toy,” she answered tentatively. She didn’t think he’d get angry, but it was something they’d never explored, let alone discussed.

But to her delight, Harry laughed through the phone. “What kind of toy? Handcuffs? A blindfold?” 

“No—this is more of a personal toy,” she added coyly.

“You’ve lost me again, babe.”

She giggled to herself as she imagined his eyebrows set in a frown and his lips all pouty, before she lowered her voice, bringing the small toy up to the phone and turning it on. “I bought a vibrator,” she told him quietly, as the toy buzzed into the receiver and echoed loudly into Harry’s ear. “Just a small love egg, nothing fancy.”


“Is that okay?” She asked anxiously, hoping she hadn’t scared him off or caught him completely off guard.

He was silent for a few seconds before he drew in a large breath. “It’s, yeah it’s great, I’m just—”

“I haven’t used it yet, I can return it,” she responded, her heart sinking as the shame lingered over her head. She switched the toy off and dropped it down to she sheets, watching sadly as it rolled to her ankles. “I guess it was a dumb idea.”

Harry clucked his tongue against his lips. “No, it wasn’t. Christ, it was such a good idea, and I just wanna kiss you for it because I miss you so bloody much.”

Confused, Nisha sat up and reached for the toy, the cool metal fighting off the stinging heat of her embarrassment. “So I shouldn’t return it?”

“No, turn it on,” Harry ordered.

But before she did, she heard him unzipping and tugging off his own clothes, so she did the same, pulling the simple white t-shirt of his she was wearing over her head, leaving her in just a pair of plain black knickers. She pressed the first of two small buttons on the side of the small bullet and it came to life again, vibrating in her small hand. “It’s on,” she exhaled.

“Fuck, okay,” he grunted over the sound of his sheets shuffling beneath him. "Are you okay with this?“

"Yeah,” she answered immediately. But she was swept away with uncertainty as she heard Harry start to moan into the phone, and she knew he had a firm grasp of his cock and he was steadily stroking himself up and down, doing everything he knew would quickly send her into a frenzy. She squeezed her legs together and nodded, but even though they’d done this so many times before, she suddenly had no idea where to begin. “Tell me what to do,” she pleaded, her chest already rising and falling irregularly.

“Pretend it’s like my mouth, yeah?” He panted, and Nisha wondered if the head of his cock was leaking before she clamped her legs together. “First, I’d kiss you so hard, you’d never forget it,” he continued unwaveringly, despite the tremor in his voice. Nisha brought the tip of the vibrator to her lips and traced around them the way Harry sometimes did with his tongue. Her face quivered with the vibrations, sending her teeth chattering behind her lips. After a few moments, she heard Harry spit into his hand, and if she wasn’t slowly spiraling into a state of ecstasy, she would have shouted at him. Instead, she continued with the vibrator against her lips until Harry let out a long sigh, “Fuck.” 

“Don’t cum too quick,” Nisha joked, though she was half-serious given his track record. “I’m barely there.”

“Okay, okay,” he complied, sounding increasingly flustered. “Then I’d kiss my way down your neck.” And Nisha followed his words, dragging the tip of the bullet down the taut skin of her neck, zoning in on the spot where her neck met her shoulders that Harry liked to linger on with his mouth because it always drove her mad. She swirled the tip in small circles over the spot that usually had fading love bites, the way Harry did with his tongue.

“Yeah,” she sighed dreamily, listening to the way Harry continued to breathe in and breathe out erratically, mumbling swear words under his breath. 

“And I’d take one of your nipples in between my teeth,” he continued in a low rasp. 

Nisha let out a loud groan before the vibrator reached her breasts, anticipating the pleasure that would come when she touched to the toy to one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Once she was tracing circles around the edge of her nipples, then swiping the tip across the nub, her back was arching off the sheets and she was crying out for him. “Harry,” she whimpered softly, keeping the toy pressed against herself.

“Fuck, I know, I wish I was there, baby,” he answered in a similar mewl, rambling sweetly to her. “Tell me how it feels.”

“So good, so so good,” she repeated mindlessly, before she switched over to her other nipple and cried out sharply. “Fuck.”

“Think you could cum just from touching your nipples?” Harry asked her, and the words had Nisha’s hips rising from the bed as she moaned into the receiver. “I don’t think you could,” he answered himself. “Need me there to suck on your clit.”

“Please,” she whined, a coat of sweat forming over her body. Her forehead was damp and so was the crotch of her underwear. With her eyes shut tight, she had her mouth hanging wide open in silent screams for more. 

Harry matched her pleas with one of his own, and Nisha envisioned him working his cock up and down, slowly at first, starting low at the base then lifting his fist to the tip, before picking up the pace as he got closer and closer to his end. The image sent jolts of heat to her lower abdomen and she couldn’t stop herself from squirming around on the bed until Harry’s voice silenced the thoughts in her head. “Are you still wearing knickers?” Harry gasped.

“Yeah,” she managed to reply between breaths.

“Good, because you know I love to mouth at your clit over your soaking knickers,” he replied smugly. He was so good at making a mess of her and he knew it.

Her entire body shook as his words chipped away at any composure she had left, leaving her a shaking, moaning mess, wriggling atop her sheets. As she parted the legs she had been so desperately squeezing together, she pressed the love egg to the top of her clit over her black cotton knickers. She went silent, mouth parted wide as all the words in her mind and oxygen in her lungs escaped her in a moment of sheer bliss. Her entire body was electrified, like a live wire buzzing with an unstoppable energy. “Oh my god,” she finally said shakily, her voice so high pitched she didn’t recognize it as her own. 

“How wet are you?” He asked, his own voice deep and hoarse.

Nisha couldn’t respond right away, preoccupied by the wet noises her knickers were making when she squeezed her legs back together, causing the mess spreading across her inner thighs the longer she kept the vibrator pressed to her clit. “I’m—I, fuck, I’m so wet,” she stuttered out, barely able to keep the phone steadily pressed to her ear, let alone form sentences. “I’m so wet, Harry,” she repeated in disbelief as it trickled down the smooth skin of her inner thighs, all warm and sticky.

“If your vibrator has settings can you turn it up for me?” He croaked. Nisha loved how low and raspy his voice always got when they had sex, the way he’d whisper in her ear so deeply, how he was able to make her laugh and then fall apart in the same breath.

She clicked the second of the two buttons and the vibrations increased in speed and strength, and as Nisha adjusted to the new sensation, a sob cracked out of her throat. “I need more,” she told him, her thighs trembling and toes curling into the sheets beneath her. 

“Pull your knickers to the side and slip the toy in all the way,” he commanded. She did as she was told, sighing deeply as the toy slipped in with ease. She clenched around the it and moaned as it nestled right where she needed it most. Each second it pulsated against her g-spot pushed her closer to her orgasm. “How’s that feel?” He asked slowly.

Nisha patted her hand over her pubic bone once she’d pulled her knickers back into place, still shocked by how slick everything was. “Amazing,” she breathed out. “How do you feel?”

“Incredible,” he agreed thoughtlessly. “I’m close, gonna put you on speaker.”

Nisha hummed in acknowledgement as she continued to clamp her walls around the small toy inside of her, feeling herself about to fall over the edge once she pictured Harry using both his hands to get himself off—one working his length, slick with pre-come and his own spit, and the other on his balls, squeezing and massaging until he was coming.

Nisha knew with a few direct taps to her throbbing clit, she’d be there too, so she slipped her hand beneath her knickers and rolled the pads of her fingers over the over-sensitive nub, crying out into the phone as her hips jolted off the bed. No matter how hard she tried to keep them still, she failed as her imagination drifted to Harry’s plump pout wrapped around her aching clit, sucking and licking until she was trembling against his mouth. “I’m close,” she told him abruptly, as both of their moans began to overshadow each other’s.

Harry came first and he took to reciting Nisha’s name over and over again as he did, breathing out heavily as he finished. Once he was done, he whispered words of encouragements down the phone, telling Nisha how much he missed her body, how good she always tasted. A few minutes later, Nisha came, repeating, “yes, yes, yes,” like a mantra, until she was completely overcome, her body nearly vibrating off the bed as she shook and trembled in the aftershocks of her orgasm. 

“Christ,” Harry murmured, his voice still low and croaky. Nisha thought she’d come again from the sound alone. But instead, she slipped off her knickers and reacher her fingers inside to pull out the love egg before switching it off. She still couldn’t believe how wet she was. “Are you okay?”

Nisha licked her lips over and over again as she tried to catch her breath, but she felt like the wind had just been knocked out of her and didn’t think she’d recover anytime soon. “I’m speechless,” she finally answered.

“You better not get used to it,” Harry teased her. 


“I mean, like, my cock doesn’t vibrate and what if by the time I get back I’m not enough for you anymore?” He expressed sadly. “I know that sounds selfish, and I want you to feel good, but—”

She finally found her footing and sat up in bed, clutching the wet, sticky vibrator in her palm. “As mind blowing as that was, this tiny little thing could never replace you,” she told him earnestly, her heart still pounding violently against her ribs.

“Good,” he chuckled, before he sighed sadly. “I’m sorry I can’t always be there to make you feel good.”

“I think you just proved that even when you’re not here you can still make me feel more than good,” she replied bashfully.  

“Well, when I’m there in person I plan to make up for all the times I couldn’t,” he assured her.

She laughed gently to herself and so did he. “When you’re here in person we can experiment with the optional remote control setting this thing came with.”

“Yeah, I’m definitely getting on the next plane home,” he chortled.

A dizzy, dream like smile over took her face and she couldn’t help but sigh to herself as she realized how lucky she was to have him. “Make sure you wash your germy hands first before you get your saliva everywhere,” she countered, and even though she was only teasing him, she was deadly serious. “Or this will never happen again.”