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Steven Hyde and family, part 2 [Barnetts]

Part 1: Hydes, is here. 

At the end of season 6, Hyde and us find out he has another person listed as his biological father in his birth certificate, some William Barnett he has never heard of. Turns out, yes, Bud Hyde was never his father.

We learn next, in season 7, that Hyde is about to meet this William Barnett. He turns out to be a very rich man whose money comes from music, and the show did the disgusting thing of using his color as a joke. As we find out, W. B. is also black.

This makes Hyde biracial and whitepassing. An interesting thing to explore in fics, something the show used the wrong way, and that will mean a lot to the headcanon part of this post.

At the beginning, W. B. believes Hyde is going after his money and that’s why he wanted to meet. Once he is shown that’s not Hyde’s intentions, I believe they get to bond pretty well.

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~Classic Comics Saturday~

Those ’70s Comics: 397

Inspired by episode 425 - “Eric’s False Alarm”

Comments: The composition of this comic is … not well done. I’d tried to copy the split-screen of this scene in episode, but with Kelso’s dialogue often being first, reading the panels requires a little thought. Even with the arrow I put to indicate where to read first, it doesn’t really work.

I’d made this comic before I’d expanded into fifteen- and twenty-panel comics. If I were to remake this one, I’d now have the space to make it work better.

On the plus side, the comic gives us a little Zen. Fez continues to be suspicious of Jackie and Hyde’s relationship. 

  • <p> <b>Tony:</b> [to Peter] So, this is how an immature, engaged, high school idiot, with no car, no job, and no money try to become a hero.<p/><b>Peter:</b> That was like eight burns in one sentence<p/><b>Wade:</b> An octo-burn.<p/></p>


  • Openly admires Donna’s search for freedom and empowerment.
  • Deeply respects Kitty’s job as a nurse, mother and wife. Constantly helps her with house chores, food and fixing things around her house.
  • Eric assumes Donna will be a stay at home wife and will take care alone of the babies, to which he answers with: “Donna, man. Forman’s just limited by his experiences. As the voice of a new generation of smart, independent women, you need to make this dillhole realize that a mind and spirit like yours has more options than your mothers had.”
  • Immediately calls out Kelso on his bullshit when he cheats on Jackie and is the first one to step in to defend her when everyone else tries to make her feel bad all the time.
  • Thinks Jackie, a girl he doesn’t like, should and can do better than Kelso. Constantly tells her this and is disappointed at her getting back together with the cheater.
  • Believes Donna’s decision of not accepting Eric’s promise ring are right ones and supports her during the break up, even when Eric is his best friend/brother.
  • Punches assholes that call other girls names and want to use them only for sex.
  • Firmly believes women should not be only breeders or depend on a man, things that later he let Jackie know by telling her she should and can work for her own nice stuff.
  • Also reminds her he is NOT like Eric, and will happily cherish her in her success in the career of her choice. He won’t mind her being more successful than him and winning more than him.
  • Stands up for Brooke when asshole Kelso decides he won’t do anything about Betsy when he first hears the news about Brooke’s pregnancy. Makes him get some reason and do right by her and their unborn child.
  • DOES support Jackie’s career, even when they aren’t together at the moment and steps aside so she can success and be happy on her own.