that! his name! that!!

To all the white dudebros on Twitter screaming angrily about Loki being genderfluid & pansexual in an upcoming comic arc: hello there, friends, he is a shapeshifter and has literally always been genderfluid, both in the myths AND in the comics? Calm down? 2017 is bad enough without strong-arming Loki into heterosexuality. 

((And HMM isn’t it INTERESTING that everyone’s suddenly making a fuss about this when the new head writer for this story arc is a woman? Isn’t that just INTERESTING?))

Have I ever told you the story of the guy named “Stadtwurst” from Burgwindheim who had the annoying trait to tell visiting fans all about how the women’s vote had spelt the end of “European glory” and the “great Empires” and that it was a crying shame.

Well, the very same evening, he fell down the stairs leading to the sports ground.

I deeply regret not being to claim credit for his fall. That belongs to other people.

I do, however, can say that the railing meant to stop such incidents from occurring wasn’t fit for service and missing several important screws.

And I can say that this day was one of the rare occasions I did use tools in my life.


Poor Charleston never really was the same after his untimely death…

I told myself not to draw any of the Yokai introduced in Yo-Kai Watch 3 since it’s not translated yet…but I was won over by Sutton- Kyō/Sutton-Kyo/ スットン卿, a dead British gentleman who was once “the most collected man of all of England” until the one moment where he loses composure also gives him a heart attack. Now his special yokai power is awkwardness, disarray, and being a social drain. (in more ways than one; his element is literally Drain)

Imagine being calm and collected your whole short life until one moment of awkwardness also kills you. And now that’s just your magical ghost power. And you’re now a tiny little imp with an awkward little blank stare. No wonder he’s kinda spiteful in the anime.

mixed race flug headcanons

-german/mexican mixed race flug!!!!

-mixed flug who’s not very dark to begin with but looks almost white because he never leaves the damn manor

-mixed flug with hereditary vitiligo (aka if he ever did tan, it’d only be in some places)

-mixed flug who was raised bilingual

-mixed flug who purposely chose an alias without any spanish background to further hide his identity

-mixed race flug!!!!!