Breaking The Bank Pt. 1

{In Van on the way to the Bank, 10:25pm}

“Alright, so let me reiterate, the teams are Mr. Vacker and Ms. Song. They will be down in the sewers to protect the second entry point and potential exit. The second group is Ms. Foster, Mr. Dizznee, and Ms. Vacker to go and destroy the computer in the vaults. Group three will be Mr. Sencen and Mr. Song who will lookout outside to warn group one about enemies as well as not being seen by any potential threats.”

*Gestures to six adults in the van wearing their hoods in front of their faces*

“These are six of our best trained, vanishers, phasers, psionpaths, frosters, and gusters. The team that will be destroying the computer will have an extra vanisher to help out Ms. Vacker, a phaser to make sure no one will be in the next room before you go inside, and a psionpath provide added defense. I will also be apart of this group. The lookout team will also have a vanisher to cover the two extra people, a guster used for offense, and a froster for protection if need be.“ *Looks towards Fitz and Linh* “Don’t worry you two, you both will be occupied by 10 gnomes and 8 dwarfs, as well as two psionpaths and another hydro kinetic elf to help Ms. Song who are already in the sewers. Any questions?” @keefe-of-the-keefe-speaks @sophie-human-girl-foster @wonderboythecognate @keefe-plus-keefe-equals-awesome @bianathekeeper @tam-the-shade @linh-the-cinnamon-roll @dextexts