thas a connection

@hungrycelestial Readin poetry can create new neural pathways in tha brain. Tha act of perceivin new information creates a connection (which could b as simple as seein a metaphor & realizin
how tha two objects are connected).

Honesty & tryin to find new ways of expression wit language & form are hand-in-hand. They do not oppose each other as goals. I’m not gona tell aspiring poets 2 stay close to what everyone else has done; because the truth is that every good poet has introduced somethin “new,” somethin refurbished, a way of looking at tha world, or God, or Lov, Etc., like we never had before we’d read em.

Our favorite poets shape us. Their words register wit us Because they are “new” to our brain & 2 our understanding. This is not a encouragement 2 become a “fad” or “niche” poet; nor for anyone to narrow themselves for tha sake of “looking”/“sounding” New at tha expense of authenticity of self.

This is an encouragement 2 b curious about language; 2 seek new forms, new means of language & expression, new ways to connect me-2-you & you-2-me thru only 12 lines. That’s what poetry is about. Connection.

There is joy in findin new ways to express oneself. It’s a positive process. It demonstrates tha flexibility & fluidity of language itself. Also, like.. if we historically wrote as dogs, never wit any exercise of play, then some of tha greatest poems in literary history mite not exist or mite look different. We must play wit our language. Stretch it. Crush it. Take an old word & Re-shape it, till its new. That’s our right as poets, & mayb even our responsibility, 2 push tha limit of language where poetry is concerned.

So, like. Anyways

Both hope and flowers bloom

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You and Balor have started your courship. Now you just have to get to know each other. Part 3 of a thousand, millions years, part one of which can be found here A.n. There’s a make out in this. So be kind and gentle with me as i don’t usually write such things in great detail.

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Slowly you and Balor begin to get to know each other. It’s a slow process which is mostly achieved through late night phone calls and the occasional hotel coffee date. Your contact at work remains limited, the both of you not wanting to put your relationship out there while it’s still fragile.

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Killian wasn’t supposed to be working just yet, the pain in his side lessened by painkillers though the pain in his arm had changed to an annoying itch. People should just try and stop him from trying to get back to work. Ever since Cameron had up and left, Killian didn’t want to leave things to the others, he hadn’t showed them just how to do the administration properly or anything like the sort. No he had to be there.

“Don’t be silly, jus’ c’mere ‘n sit down.” Killian spoke loudly to the company behind him, uncorking a bottle as he took two glasses with his injured arm, wrapped up safely in a sling, turning around to meet the other “ ‘ave a dri– Where’d he go?” Killian raised his better arm, still clutching onto the glasses and bottle before he let out a sigh, looking at the guest he hadn’t been expecting to see, though seeing they were at his bar, he wasn’t surprised either. “We’re no’ actually only open fer another hour, but if ye want? On tha house?”