TRIPPLY: Okay, I know you love him and all, but this isn’t fair for you either.
TRIPPLY: Everyone just thinks about Craig or Tweek’s pain, but you’re suffering too, aren’t you?
THOMAS: I… Shit! B-But I don’t know what to do.
TRIPPLY: You deserve better than him.
THOMAS: It’s not his fault!
TRIPPLY: And neither is it yours! Does it mean it’s fair to you?

TRIPPLY: Anyway, I gotta go and make a call. Just think about it okay? You’re my best friend. Can’t have you become a mess too. *stands up*
THOMAS: Thanks :)
TRIPPLY: Oh, look who’s heading our way. Damn, I wish I could stay.
TRIPPLY: *grins* Pretty boy. *goes away*

GARY: Hey, Thomas, right?
THOMAS: Fuck! Yes. That’s me.
GARY: I’m Gary by the way.
THOMAS: Fuck! I know! Shit. How do you know my name?
GARY: Uh, the town’s kinda small.
GARY: Anyway, I’m pretty sure that this is my math book.
THOMAS: … That…


Home work for Monday - From Thary

Thary - Thanks for posting.  Good sentences.  Craig

Compute: This math is difficult to compute.

Computerize: I want to computerize this data in my computer.

Condense: You have to condense this story into one page only.

Conserve: We must conserve our precious temples.

Console: He consoled her when she upset.

*He consoled her when she became upset.

Derive: Students derived a lot of knowledge from this course.

Restore: She will be restored in a few months after [the] operation.

Define: It’s difficult to define the meaning of this word.

Propose: She was very excited to the way he proposed to her.

** She was excited by the way he proposed to her.