Home work for Monday - From Thary

Thary - Thanks for posting.  Good sentences.  Craig

Compute: This math is difficult to compute.

Computerize: I want to computerize this data in my computer.

Condense: You have to condense this story into one page only.

Conserve: We must conserve our precious temples.

Console: He consoled her when she upset.

*He consoled her when she became upset.

Derive: Students derived a lot of knowledge from this course.

Restore: She will be restored in a few months after [the] operation.

Define: It’s difficult to define the meaning of this word.

Propose: She was very excited to the way he proposed to her.

** She was excited by the way he proposed to her.

Character Submission

@cousinslavellan Thank you for taking the time to write the wonderful The Cousins Lavellan and now Journey’s! I look forward to reading it!

Creator’s Name: Kerstyn :-)

Tumblr: @onehipstertorulethemall

Characters Full Name: Lithariel Sabrae

Nicknames: Arie, El, Thari

Titles: Commoner, technically a peasant.

Age: 16.

Race: Dalish Elf.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Straight.

Nationality: Free Marches.

Religion: None/questioning.

Class: Rogue (Duel Wield).

Specialisation: Assassin. 

Important Family: Unnamed father.

Significant Other? Single and looking!

Pets? Her beloved Red Hart, Saeris. 

Looks: Around 5′5″, but growing. Lithe build. Long, curly, dirty blonde hair that’s pulled back into a loose french braid. Fair skin. Outer edges of eyes are gold while the inside are a bright blue. Has multiple scars, one over the right side of her upper lip, either eyebrow, the left underside of her jaw, and the right side of her cheek. Leans towards clothing in dark hues of blues, greens, and greys. Prefers to stay in simple tunics and trousers or armor when with company, nothing too confining. Minimal makeup, some brown eyeshadow, mascara, MAYBE eyeliner (if she has the patience). A few piercings- both lobes, and two cartilage on either ear.

Personality: Quite charismatic, she easily makes new friends with her wild stories and boisterous attitude. Always telling jokes and teasing her friends, and is extremely loyal and protective of those she holds dear. Her vices would be that she is stubborn, proud, and very competitive. She is the master of persuasion and knows how to charm even the most difficult of opponents. In saying that, she will never turn down the chance to take part in a few healthy pranks, never fearing getting reprimanded. Comes off as cocky, but nothing could be further from the truth (she a big awkward cheese ball)! Hopelessly romantic, but you could never get her to admit it!

Job/Role in Journeys: Adventurer, she sometimes takes the odd mercenary job here and there to pay her way. Often hangs out in taverns, maybe crosses their path there.

Are they interested in any of the Kids? YESSS

If yes, who? Terys Rutherford

To what degree? She’s are looking for a serious relationship, some stability in her life.

Any other important information? Left (forced out of) her clan after becoming resentful of their way of life and questioning her belief in the gods. She decides she wants to see the world and what it has to offer. Her father left the clan long ago for the same reasons, and she decides to follow in his footsteps and find him. 

Thank you and good luck!