Dating multiple people at once is more romantic.

Everybody loves attention. Everybody loves affection, to be appreciated, and to feel significant. Everybody loves to love and be loved.

This is why dating multiple people at once is more romantic.

You see, when we are lonely, we just want someone and sometimes, it just so happens to be a particular person, at the right time, at the right place, and BOOM, that individual becomes the right person.

This isn’t right. To me, anyway.

You see, I want you to know that I have multiple sources of attention, numerous individuals longing for my affection, and bending over backwards to make me feel special…and if I choose you, that means I don’t want the benefits of being with just anyone; I only want the benefits that come along being with you.

I want you to realize that you’re the only source I want the supply from, regardless of wherever or whoever else I can get it from. Isn’t this a more genuine way of realizing if you like someone?

Maybe this is why I’m always single, because I don’t believe in a convenient-type of love.