vi. the lovers

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robin had some early relationship trauma that led him to shy away from romance, trying to suppress his feelings for anyone (including thancred). after some time he convinced himself to try with haurchefant only to have that go to shit while he was still fretting about his own anxiety. when thanny came back from the dead robin finally let go of his inhibitions and found safe, stable love.. 

not today, satan. ( 514 words )

Nico counted himself as fifteen years old. He’s on a visit to Camp Half Blood, sitting in the infirmary. Apparently he just missed a big battle in the forest in the Camp. It’s unknown what really happened but long story short—there were a lot of Hellhounds that were a lot meaner than Mrs. O’Leary. Most of the senior campers—Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth—they were in Rome. They couldn’t help—they unfortunately let the forest floor be drenched in blood.

Now the kid of the god of the Dead stood in the corner and watched his boyfriend work. He’s frantic—mumbling to himself and yelling at his half-siblings to work faster. They’re doing all they can. The non-injured (and even some injured) Hephaestus children ran around making more beds for injured kids. It was heartwarming in a way.

The infirmary was full to the brim with injured kids, as Nico noticed. Even with the extra work assigned and some kids (friends—true siblings) sharing beds, some still lay on the floor. They soaked the ground with dark red ink. Nico could almost grimace at the sight.

“Nico—” Will turned around, his blue eyes wide. “Nico can you—oh.” His eyes turned from his dark haired boyfriend to the man standing next to Nico, angrily. “Right.” Will turned back to his work, just as focused as before. “Thanatos is here.”

“Young master,” Thanatos tried again for the hundredth time. “Death is inevitable.” He said again, voice turning into a low mourn. “Death will come.”

“Not with Solace.” Was all Nico said. The presence of Nico Di Angelo wasn’t enough to stop Thanatos. But with the damned souls creeping from the ground and grabbing his ankles—and the death grip that Nico had on his wrist was enough to stop him, however. “Never with Solace. If anyone can stop you, he can.”

Thanatos looked angry. Angrier than before. He looked like he was just personally insulted. ‘The fact that an Apollo child,’ he must’ve been thinking. ‘Is helping these helpless, near death souls, will not change anything. I am death itself, and I am this world’s ugly truth.’ His body flickered like a black candle flame. He leaned towards Nico and slunk around him like a venomous snake. Nico did not flinch. “Death will come. And no pathetic Apollo kin can stop me.”

Nico, the slow to anger boy, looked ready to burst. “How dare—”

Speak of the devil, maybe. Even though Will was intensely caught up in his work, he managed to lend an ear into eavesdropping. It was often that Thanatos was materialized—but the death grip made sure he was. With that being said, a bloody rag towel was hurled from Will’s work station and onto Thanatos’ face. Impeccable accuracy. “This pathetic Apollo kin is saving lives faster than you could have gotten to them.” He snarled. Even with his freckles and golden skin, he looked menacing. Nico was so proud. “No one needs your nasty words, Thanny. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” And with that, he went back to his work.

Nico smiled—prouder than ever. “I love him.”

tamil dialects: brahmin tamil

Here’s the next installment in our series about Tamil dialect differences! Special thanks to @hiranyaksha and @re-verlan for helping us out with this post. 

நமஸ்காரம். என்னோட பெயரு _____. நான் கும்பகோணத்தில இருக்கேன். நீங்கோ எப்படி இருக்கேள்? சாப்பிட்டேளா?
[Namaskaaram. Ennoda Peyaru ____. Naan kumbakonoththila irukken. Neengul eppadi irukkel? Saappittela?]

  • Spoken by Brahmins; large communities in Kumbakonam, Srirangam, Madurai, and Chennai (specifically Nanganallore in Chennai). 
  • The formal uses -el/-al. -El is directed at the person, -al is in reference to them. 
  • The present tense also uses -undu before -el/-al, unlike Chennai Tamil, which uses “-kitru.” Ex: Vanthundu-irukkaal (“They are coming.”) vs. Vanthukitrukkaa
  • Past tense omits -undu. Ex: Vanthaal (“They came.”)
  • Incorporates a lot of Sanskrit and otherwise outdated Tamil, i.e: 
  • Aam (Agam in Sanskrit) - House, pronounced more frequently as “Aaththu” 
  • Theerththam - Drinking water and holy water - NEVER used for undrinkable water, and it’s frowned down upon within Brahmin circles to use the regular Tamil word “Thanni” when you mean Theertham. (It’s pronounced Thootham in Iyer Tamil. I don’t know why, but it just is.)
  • Saatramadhu (Saathumadhu) - word for the tomato and tamarind dish “Rasam,” derived from “Saatru” (juice/essence) and “Amudhu” (Amrita/elixir) from Sanskrit. 
  • Akkaaravadisal - word for rice, jaggery, and milk dish “Chakkarai Pongal.”
  • Saadham - Cooked Rice (as opposed to “Soru”) 
  • Vellam or jalam - water(instead of thanni) from sanskrit ‘jellam’
  • The Brahmin Tamil accent is heavier with Iyers and lighter with Iyengars
  • Tamil Brahmins also tend to use more English than other Tamil groups. 

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Thanatos Headcanons

-Is absolutely sick of being called ‘edgy.’ At first it was just something he’d hear Mercury callhim once or twice, but now it’s gotten to the point where gods who see him take the time out of their days to call him an edge lord.

-Nemesis has more than once had to pull him off of one these offenders.

-The tallest boy. Taller than both his sisters and his mom. This of course sentences him to a life of getting shit off of the tall shelves. The only perk is holding things out of Discordia’s reach.

-His sisters are also his best friends. They end up spending a lot of time together not only because they’re family but because their jobs often intertwine. When someone is run over by a carriage or set to death for their crimes, they are there together.

- At some point in history, ways away from their current human civilizations, Thanny and Discordia personally witness (cause?) the first car crash. Both are fans.

- Doesn’t have the most friendly relationship with his boss, Hades, but he gets by. Work is work after all, and Thanny has a job he enjoys.

-Pretty chill with Ah Puch though. They don’t hang out, but the Mayan drops by enough that they’ve engaged in plenty of chit chat.

-Both respect the Aesthetic of each other.

-Got to pet Camazotz once. It was the single greatest moment of his long existence. He was the goodest boy.

-Has long ass hair, reaching down to his back. Is it impractical in combat in heavy armor? Yes. Is he gonna ever cut it?

- “No,” Nemesis answered promptly as she continued to braid her brother’s long, raven locks. The god of death made no comment, simply smiling as he watched his younger sister paint his nails a pitch black.

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I better ring up Thanny cause I'm tryin to die today. Wait, does Thanatos rule over suicides? Or is that another god?

mhm, mixing fatalistic humour and greek mythology but on a more serious note, I really hope you don’t actually want to kill yourself but if any of you actually feel that way, if it would help you can always shoot me a msg, you don’t even have to be feeling suicidal or anything if you just don’t feel that good and need someone to talk to I’ll always have time

DCMK Reread Files 52-55

Two in one day again because I missed one yesterday because I was trying this new medication for my doctor to help me sleep better at night. It worked, sort of.

I took it about half an hour before going to bed but then was stuck all day feeling drowsy and going back in and out of sleep. I proceed to look up the medication and found out it’s commonly used as anesthesia before surgery.

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♒ Thanidiel: "If you could have your girlfriend any which way, how would it be?"

“You don’t have to say ‘your girlfriend.’ You’re right here. Fucking idiot.”

“I’m trying to protect the last remnants of your modesty! Us? Having a healthy discussion about our interests? Lewd.”

Scoffing, the soldier looks away to keep focus on her meticulous folding of the laundry spread across the bed. 

“…I’d like to be rougher with you.”

“Yeah? Specifics, Thanny.”

“What do you think?”

“That you’re a sadistic asshole that wants to murder me mid-fuck.”

“That’s dramatic.”

“—We can explore that. I’m no Oosaarn, though. What else?”

Thanidiel just lets out an ‘Mm’ and remains silent for several more moments.

“Slower, than usual. You always push me down after a few minutes. I’d want to explore more. See how much sensations I can run you through and how long.”

“Uh huh. In what position?”

“Either prone or on your back; with your thighs propped atop of mine.”

A long ‘Hmmmm’ husks from the Dawnmender. She strides over to the soldier, looming over the bed to start pushing all of their obsessively organised clothing to just, crumble, onto the ground.

“Let’s get to it, th-”

“—What?! No! Stop! That took me so fucking long, you who–”

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One early morning at NYC, Jennfier was late for work but didn't know mistakenly bumped into someone without pay attention. "Oh, fuck, I'm so sorry, I'm late for work"

Thanny: *look at you saw you saw I’m a dragon lady with muscle* oh its ok dear *help you up* it’s happens all the time