yo, I’ve started an etsy!

so far there isn’t really much on there yet, just there made-to-order bookmarks, which go on the corner of the page for an extra secure fit. I plan on adding patches and small paintings soon though, and maybe someday some painted shoes/other fun things ? ? ?

tell yr friends//buy my things//if you use the code MISSDIATOM I’ll give you a dollar off these babies

changed my handle to “thankyouware” from “thankyoushoes” because I think its less confusing. “thank you shoes” came from the fact that I started making art for sale by painting on peoples shoes when I was wee. I also liked the idea of incorporating gratitude into the things you make and own without being new age-y about it. so I keep that, without people wondering where all of the shoes are. (still, you should thank your shoes, they do a lot for you)