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You commented on my post about wanting Felice's bod. And I'm glad you did. Because I had NO IDEA how much of a shitty person she was. Her photos periodically pop up on my dash and I only viewed her in passing. Thank you for showing me the real her.

Hey there! Oh wow, I am SO happy to hear that! It’s no problem at all—that’s exactly why this blog exists. So many people do just see her in passing and see her as this perfect “model” when she is really just an average girl. And I think that’s understandable, to see someone on a website and not really question it too much, but she takes advantage of that fact by Photoshopping herself to extremes and hoping people will just accept that false image as “the real her”. I think one’s true personality rots any superficial beauty they might have or try to project as well, which is definitely true in her case.

Thank you so much for this message. I’m really glad that my blog helped you. You deserve to feel comfortable and happy with yourself!

all these hate blogs about felice fawn are really getting me sick…

why is everyone putting her out there for mistakes…

how would you feel if thousands of people are on the internet putting all your mistakes out and hating…

seriously… seems alot like cyber bullying to me if you ask me…

it might only be me…

but hate blogs to write what you hate about a person…

i would hate to sign in and see all the hate post on my wall…

i mean seriously you guys are all bringing in the fact about her body being a trigger to those who are anorexic…

so if a person is skinny you would want them to wear heavy clothing because its gonna trigger someone to become anorexic???

something THEY chose to do…

i wish everyone of you would think twice about what you guys are doing here…

especially because she is not the ONLY one with this eating disorder problem….

being a scammer…

well… isnt she the model for evil trinity clothing line…

she is not working alone either…

there is someone who is in charge of the delivery…

think twice!

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thank you so much, i've been following 'felice' for a while now, and now im just sat here reading through your blog, you have changed my entire perspective on her, thank you, i wanted to be like her and be as thin as her, and now i just feel ashamed i ever felt like that.

This is fantastic and I really needed to read something like that right now. Please don’t thank me, thank yourself for having the strength to change your perspective, as you put it. Don’t ever feel ashamed of how you felt. Just feel proud that you’re not striving to be like such a terrible role model anymore. I wish you the best of luck and good health :)

Received several messages from a young woman, she said she doesn't mind being anon or not but I'm reposting them all together and anonymous to save her from haters..

(1 I don’t know why exactly I’m telling you this or what benefit it has but I’ll tell you anyway because everyone likes a bit of praise every now and then. It’s important to notice that I have never in my life suffered from any mental illness, so that first of all goes against people who say ‘the people who Felice triggers are the one that are suffering anyway’ and the 'there’s many other people who trigger people’ so I just want to share my own short story with you to prove why they’re wrong.

(2)The start of last year I became so obsessed with Felice Fawn. She was EVERYWHERE and unlike all these other thinspo sites where they would post individual people& you would rarely see the same person twice, Felice Fawn was a person who supplied thinspo after thinspo that you really didn’t need any other sites for it, because you have this person who you could easily go to. I didn’t like my weight just as much as the next girl, but seeing Felice Fawns ‘photoshopped size’ although I wouldn’t…

(3)wouldn’t admit it at the time started to make me feel sad about my weight. even more Felice thought that it was a positive thing to show her before weight, but it only made my obsession wither her worse for me. She was not someone who was slim, and got so much praise and love for it, but she was someone who once bigger then I was, and if she could change from being overweight to where she was that day in just about 3-4 years at that time, then so could I? I even started thinking that other..

(4)weren’t that slim’ because of how slim Felice made herself look, I started to think that she was the most ‘ideal look’ not realising that half of it was photoshopped. Not only was it her weight but it was her face. Her face had changed so much. She went from a good looking girl, to this unreal flawless looking girl. I thought it was impossible to look like that, and be that flawless. But thought to myself, if she’s changed so much I could right? For 3 months I checked her blog everyday..

5) I wanted to change my looks completely like she did. Don’t get me wrong it just her that made me like that, that made me not want to eat, mad eme think my looks weren’t right and ugly, but it was her fans too. I remember reading so much about people loving Felice because she was apparently beautiful and slim, and gave no other reason apart from that. Sorry for it being so long, but I just wanted to share that with you. Most of the sites I started following last year have been took down but..

6) but I am eternerly grateful for them, and for all the others who run blogs like these and just to say thank you, and for showing us the truth. Because if I never found these blogs my diet, my obsession with looking perfect could of went worse, and I would never of let myself admit that she was so thin and her face changed so dramatically because she photoshopped them all. Blogs like these made me realise that. so thank you so much, keep doing what you’re doing, we NEED blogs like these!

Thank you for sharing. I am so glad we have helped, this is why I blog!

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These blogs are great, and people need to realize they are not 'hate' blogs - they are truth blogs. They tell people what needs to be said; Lauren 'Felice' Cook is a 24 yr old girl who has no merits or stability in real life, and is using an eating disorder and photoshopped images, consciously or subconciously, to lie to young impressionable teenagers. And the more people feed her 'you are perfect' etc, is only pushing her to keep doing it. Someone needs to remind Lauren that shes 24

I totally agree with you! 

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First of all, thank you for having common sense when it comes to smoking with animals in the house, it's amazing that some of FF's moronic fans actually defend the concept of smoking indoors with animals present with no source of ventilation. I can't believe how dumb people are and how incredibly rude/ selfish they are to succumb their animals to inhaling smoke (which honestly breaks my heart). Second, your blog is awesome, thanks for blogging and being the voice of reason!

You are very welcome! I personally just cannot stand ignorance towards how you should look after the animals you choose to live with. If you’ve decided that you’re going to “own" another animal and choose where they live and what they do then it makes sense that you actually think about their welfare. Sadly, so many people just don’t even think! It’s crazy. 

Anyway I’m glad you like it :) Take care!

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It bothers me a lot when people say that truth blogs about Felice is because they have no life, they are jealous or they are bullying her. I would love to say that you are making a wonderful job. I used to love Felice because of her look and how smart she looked and one day I was in the Felice Fawn tag and discovered the truth blogs about her. I cannot believe how blind I was. I hope that all her fans realize that she is a liar, a scammer, an illusion. Thank you all!

No, thank YOU for taking the time to send such a lovely message. :)

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Thank you for being truthful about Felice Fawn. I think the more people call her out on her actual harmful bullshit, the more people will realize they should not idolize someone who has no reason to be idolized other than the fact that she is really good at photoshop. I think people would respect her a lot more if she grew up, actually got a sense of responsibility, paid for herself, or even participated more in her 'brand'.

Exactly. What people flinch at is that she is mentally unstable, but that doesn’t mean she has a get out of jail free card. Tiptoeing around mentally ill people doesn’t get you or them anywhere, believe me I know. And when she’s hurting impressionable people, there is no defence for it at all.

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I would come off anon, but I'm too lazy to login at the moment because I'm on my phone :p anyways I really appreciate your blog as I agree with everything you say 100%. I'd just like to say something about how felice claims she does not wear extensions. I remember when I was at a critical point with my disorders eating, my hair was still long, but was thinning out. I was still even at a healthy bmi. For someone who has such a low bmi I would think it'd be fairly impossible to have such thick (1)

(continued…) voluminous hair. i always loved the way felice looked and admired her body image (of course i wasnt in the right mental estate.) it wasnt until i found the freelicer blog, such as yours, (the first being freelicers(.)tumblr(.)com that i realized what an attention seeking, photoshopping, pro-ana girl felice fawn was.) anyways, my point being, i have no proof that felice used extensions, but it is just a theory that ive always had since ive first ever seen felice. thank you for (2)

having this blog, as it has helped me so much in realizing the shit felice fawn brings and the triggers, that i, myself, have been affected by. sorry for the reallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy long message, but, thank you seriously for also letting me voice an opinion i have for her hair. ^.^ haha


Thank you for your messages and I’m glad you appreciate it. It’s here for people like you!

With the hair extensions business I think it just sums up Felice’s attitude in general with tricking young vunerable girls into thinking her weight and face and hair, everything, are attainable through an eating disorder. It makes girls with eating disorders who discover her feel even more guilt that their hair etc isn’t perfect like hers.

&I’m glad we’ve helped you realise all Felice’s bullshit ♥ All the best sweetheart!


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I think what you're doing with this blog is wonderful. I had no clue who this girl was until I saw this bog, & I thank god I found THIS blog first before finding Felice because with the shit I've dealt with in the past, she could have damaged me, like she damaged countless other people. I really don't get how helping people is a bad thing? & that's all you're doing. Helping people. Thank you for this blog, thank you for exposing Lauren for who she really is, & thank you for helping people. <3

Thank you so much for this message, my dear girl. It means a lot to me. <3 I hope you’re well.

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The photoshopped vs. un-photoshopped pictures of Lauren that you and others in the Freelice community have been posting/circulating have changed my life. They have honestly changed how I live and how I see myself. You've helped me realize that, no matter what I look like, at least I am REAL. Thank you so much. I can't explain how badly I needed that wake up call, and you all have provided it for me. Thank you.

This makes me so happy, I am very very glad to have had a positive impact on you, this is the reason we do this. You are real and valid and beautiful! Be proud of yourself for making these changes. You are so welcome! :)

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These truth blogs are amazing, Im so thankful. I hate the attitude if you dont like it, go away, unfollow/unsubscribe/etc, but dont you dare say what you think. So thanks.

You are welcome! And even if you dis unfollow/unsubscribe, that doesn’t mean you won’t come across Felice Fawn anyway. Most of the people she causes harm to come across her randomly, that’s the problem. 

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I would just like to thank you and all the Freelice blogs for what you do. I have never been a Felice fan but I feel horrible for people who are. It's one thing if you are purely a fan of her looks, which are indeed false and the real Felice (I don't mind being a mean since she is) is nothing short of incredibly unattractive, I have seen her in person. But to defend her as a person is laughable. I hope people realize she is a complete bitch this and stop thinking you guys are attacking 'a hero'

Thank you so much for this message, it really means a lot! You are swell. ;)