THANK YOU. 🙌 I have seen a lot of great points made on this #YesAllWomen day, but this is completely IT. Men need to realise they cannot dictate how women live or how much they can express themselves, just as women need to realise that they shouldn’t put each other down for expressing their feelings.
As @taylorswift says- it’s okay not to be okay- but men taking advantage of women to the point of ruining their belief in men forever is NOT okay.
“But not all men are like that” - YES - but don’t y'all see? That’s like serving a plate of cookies in which ¼ are poisoned, and asking women to eat one. Don’t you see how hard taking the leap has become, for ANY women?
Rape and assault is not okay. Not ever.
Thank you @taylorswift for being a simple of girl power, and helping me to realise I do have a write to write down my feelings into song, and I can make my voice heard if I want to. You are the best. 👏❤️

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160124 J-Hope’s Tweet

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Just a quick thank you to everyone!

I appreciate all the people who enjoy the content I share, and continue to support this page. I wouldn’t be here without all of you, and you are very appreciated.

Much love,
- Avenues Of Inspiration

Thank you MCR

Today is March 22nd so I’m going to make an appreciation post for MCR ( My Chemical Romance). I found out about them in 2013 and I LOVED them, I related to a majority of their songs. They helped me get by hard times I had in that year. Sadly I found out they weren’t a band anymore, so they wouldn’t be making any more music. But their songs will still have meaning and touch the hearts of the broken and lost. Some of the boys are still in music and they are doing wonderful. I am a happier person than what I was three years ago, and I just want them to know that I thank them for that. They probably won’t ever see this, but I have to put it out there. I really do recommend this band, especially to anyone out there struggling emotionally. Thank you MCR for being a band as long as you were, and helping everyone get through hard times! Congrats to all of the boys who are still moving forward in life, and have a family. You guys are great. I really love you all.

So this week tumblr decided to feature one of my drawings on their login page, and since then, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of new followers, sweet messages and amazingly inspiring drawing requests.  I have to say that I’m pretty humbled and stoked by all of this.  (BTW - I promise to answer each one of your comments and drawing requests as soon as humanly possible!)

So to all of you strangers in this tumblrsphere, thanks for keeping me motivated.  I love you all, in a romantic kind of way. <3

This drawing is for you. <3