thankyou to all my awesome followers


OK so I’m pretty sure that today is my one year on tumblr 🎉 so I decided to re post some of my favourite posts from my first week on tumblr!
I just wanted to thank you all who have followed me/liked/rebloged my stuff it really means a lot.
Even tho this blog has turned to pure trash recently 😂
I just want to thank you all and anyone who is part of the harry potter fandom.
You are all awesome remember that!!!

Happy Birthday Tony my most amazing sunshine ❤💛💗

(I know it’s a bit late but I thought I better make sure all our wonderful tumblr friends know that I remembered your birthday @calvaryknight ) Thankyou for being the most incredible blessing and friend, I looovvvve you and so look forward to spending my life with you, following in God’s plans. I hope that you had a great birthday and am so glad I could help you have have an awesome day. ❤💛💗


I felt bad for my followers just by the idea of me spamming your dashes with all my happy bday replies so I’m combining the asks!<3 THANKS EVERYONE.

@killmewithcuteness I always get fcking shocked when I see Dutch on here but I love love loooved hearing it from you hehehe thnx!!<3

@sp0ck136 Thankyou!

@ticklishgemini Thankyou!

@Anon1 omg ‘Hap Birth’ sounds awesome hahaaha thanks XD 

@Anon2 Oh my Golly that–> that sounds so cute hehehe I am not very wonderful so that means … wonderful life o////o NO haha sorry that was just me being weird , thanks for your sweet wishes !!! You’re too kind<3

@tickles-cupcake Look at me I was being so well focussed that I included your ask twice. *too lazy to edit hahaha* THANKYOU!! *sparkle sparkle* 

@shibakamiko Thanks Shiba dearrr!!

@the-floofinator ANOTHER HAPP BIRTH<33 I really love the sound of it hahaha tho I get the feeling I”m missing something, but thank you dear Emma! 

Thank you all so much for 500+ follows!

Ya’ll are seriously awesome, and I’m gonna try to give show you so more love by posting more often, and more of my own content.

I recently got an internship, so my life has been super hectic and I haven’t made the time to post. So, I apologize and I will work on it!

Thanks again, guys. You’re the best!!!

Sums up my 2015 with a Star Wars Fan Art !
2015 has been great and I hope 2016 will be even better !
Thankyou to everyone who has supported me all the time and also great great Thankyou to all my followers and likers on tumblr ! You guys are awesome! Couldn’t make it through without you guys!

More to come in 2016!

Hey guys!
Just thought i’d take a moment to say thankyou to all my wonderful tumblr followers and supporters. I’ve almost reached 1k followers! wow! It’s really cool that you guys support me and my hobby and all the interest and messages i get makes it all that much better! I really do encourage anyone to get in to cosplay because it’s just so fun and the feedback from the cosplay/game community is awesome. Although I don’t have many cosplays right now, I know 2014 is going to bring some awesome photoshoots and cosplay goodness! I really do appreciate everything and all the wonderful comments! You are all amazing!

Thank-you everyone! <333
(Heres a little GIF i made for fun) :3

Remember to thank all of the people who helped you get to where you are today.

I also wanted to take some time to say THANK YOU to all of my awesome followers. 3K followers on Instagram and 24K on Tumblr and I’m grateful for every one of you.

Thank you for the likes, comments, tags and continually spreading love and positivity. I am honored that you are inspired by my work and I am extremely grateful to be able to have an impact. Keep checking back for some big things in the near future!

And don’t forget to tag the important people who are helping you on your journey!


These are a little thankyou painted busts for all the inspirational ask blogs out there! the Character belong to the owners, and only they can use them! 

Keep being awesome guys and go the distance~ 

Rosebel, TechnoWizard, Caseynut,

Icklemuse, Penwright,

Satine, D’eagle,



The hornless minotaur Gang,

and Doppel,


F O L L O W  F O R E V E R

It feels like my first follow forever was just yesterday, but here I am yet again, thanking all of my lovely followers for deciding that my blog was worth staying around for! :) And I, in return, am also thanking you people below for running those glorious blogs of yours.

Thankyou all so much, you’re awesome! Best don’t look for yourself in the graphic because I forgot pretty much everyone.

An extra hug to my waifu fairy-mage, my soul sister forgottenwhispersxo and my fellow hubby melllllly. If you hover over your names below you can find a little message. ;)

bold: You’re my friend and there’s nothing you can do about it.

afairystail aloosh-s ask-mirajane-strauss berryjewel blamedorange blanania canyoudigitmotherlicker curiousstrawberry deeavali d-eliade estella-may eagerladybug eucliffe-s fairy-mage fairytailwitch feisty-girl spookeecc feelytail forgottenwhispersxo fttalk ghostobio ice-jsuirya iluvfairytail jeilal jirochan just-absolutely-super jhayni-in-the-rain kehideni kagi–horuda karokitten-chan karyuno-tekken ladymoonstache la-petite-ecureuil looneytails lucysenpaii madartiste melllllly merredy mungoe nalunatic nalutbh natsu-dorkneel noirlilium rboz salamanndar sshingekinofairytaill seiikas sorichuu shadoouge superterabite taricoamenel tartatail thathilomgirl thecoolandspicyotaku thefatedmeeting thefife01 wordsofawitheringwriter wendysass yaushie yoriru yuuba yumesenpaii y-a-n-d-e-r-e youknowsomethingsjonsnow zippi44



I want to say thank you so much to all my amazing followers! You are all epic and don’t let anyone say other wise. Keep being your epic selves. 

Thank you for the continues support of my art and my blog in general (Its so awesome to wake up to 10 or more notes) there is no way I can put in words how much it means to me :D xxxx

To mention a few - realimagination123456 im-not-some-dumb-shuck lavabendingfirelord icantgettheurliwant bailci beth-tries and everybody else. (Really can’t tag 85 people) You are all loved!

Then thank you to sabertooth-raccoon , juliajm15 , thominhoandnewt laryndawn ilyone, dellbelle39 cherryandsisters brunagonda cookiecreation and many many more amazing artists (If I tag everyone I will be here all night) for being always and inspiration. You lot keep me motivated to draw and to get better. I would give real hugs but virtual ones will have to do. Stay awesome :D

Hopefully 2015 will be filled with lots more awesome memories. :D Great improvements and of course Solangelo :D lol I’m a lost cause :D 

xxxx K


So today on the 8th of March 2014 its my 2 year anniversary on Tumblr!

These past two years on Tumblr have been amazing, ive met some wonderful people, made wonderful friends and gained wonderful followers <33

Tumblr has helped me to improve on my art A LOT and its all down to you guys, thank you all so much for following me and liking my content, it all means so much to me. Heres to an amazing two years! <3

Also, regarding my earlier post about reblogging refs, im choosing random oc’s and drawing icons of them as a little give away for this celebration. c:

so i have been really busy these past few weeks and i could not frequently update this blog like i used to but surprisingly not surprisingly the blog has surpassed 1k followers - which i’m really grateful of because i’m hardly active and all ahaha;;; and so this would be my second and most probably my last follow forever because this took forever to make ( i had my computer shut down when i was about to complete this can u just. iMAGINE ) anyways here are the blogs i’m currently following! might consist of random blogs; mostly friends, multifandom blogs (who were you though) and 100% seventeen blogs.

( as usual bolded = mutuals and obviously faves / non-bolded please notice me as soon as possible duh )

# - M

164cmwoozi | 17hansols | 4jh | 96jun | adorewoo | akkinda | babysouljpg | bo0seungkwan | boononkwan | c0ups | camera-seventeen | choihansolftw | choishansol | choivernon | crayonise | csoups | daddyhoshi | dearmingyu | dkjpg | flovverbud | flower-boy-jeonghan | fymeanie | gheidesu | gotnofeel | gyuhan-17 | gyuwoo | hansolsshi | hansvc | hansvernon | hjisoos | ho5hi | holyvernon | hoon-seok | hoshiwn | jackfalaheed | jeonghanies | jeongshua | jeonhang | jhoonsgf | jihoon | jisoosi | joshuahonq | junghanbby | jungshans | junhwejpg | kiminguy | kinghoshi | kkimgyu | kwonstarch | mi-ngyu | minesthetic | minghaon | mlngyu | mngyusgf | mvngyu | myunghos

N - Z

nbtaehyung | oopsmeanie | ownwoo | pledis | pledisseventeen | president-boosh | sandeules | seijurology | sensei-seosangnim | seokminlee | seokmins-angel | seokmint | seokmoo | seungcheofine | seungheol | seungquality | seunkgwan | seunqkwan | seventeentrash | shininghoshi | shiningjisoo | sir-wonwoo | slothwoo | soapjin | soonyngie | sunqkwan | svnteenie | tamagofanatic | the1the8 | the8ght | vernonie | vernonstop | vernony | verrnons | vitamin-jisoo | won-to-the-woo | won-woo | wonplus | wonwoh | wonwoo-wow | wonwooe | wonwooed | wonwooslegs | wonwoowho | wooziscalves | wunwu​ | yifart | yoonjunqhan | yoscoups

SHOUT OUT TO LYDIA ( jisoosi ) BECS HEEEEEEEEEEEY IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE WE’RE ONLINE TGT AHAHAHA hope u don’t stress urself with stuffs bruh imy.

i’m sorry if i missed some names or forgot to bold this/that tbh my eyes won’t cooperate now i’m just. ok.

have you followed them? that’d be cool if you have, but if you haven’t. then i suggest you do it, these guys are all awesome.


This year was a pretty damn good year for me actually.

  • I started school again in January after being home for half a year and finally began to feel at home there. Took a leap of faith at the end of the school year and didn’t apply for a new school but gave everything I got to make it in this one and I did! I found friends in my new classmates and killed my first project of my 2nd year. Wich is quite a big deal for me since I was getting used to barely passing.
  • I met Al this year (I can never thankyou enough for the impact you have made on my life.) and together with him a lot of awesome people on here that I can now call friends and changed my view on the world.

  • -I’m almost at 34.000 followers on here now and it’s still hard to believe. So thankyou all for the incredible support and making me smile with all your awesome and cute messages. You’ve helped me trough a lot. (Let’s take over Monaco together in 2015)

Ofcourse there have been moments that were less great but they in no way can compete with the good stuff.

Because of all this I think I have grown a lot as a person this year (and gained confidence in my art at the same time)

I don’t know how things will go in 2015 but I do know that 2012/13 me would have given everything to be where I am now.

So I’m going to keep my head up this coming year and I hope you’ll do the same.

I hope you will all have a wonderful 2015!

Lots of love


i hit 1k followers just yesterday and i had absolutely no idea how to feel. ever since i made this blog, i never expected to get more than 100 followers. but here i am now and i just really wanna say thankyou to everyone who has followed me :’> uwaah i love you all~

hella rad people that make my dash awesome (in no particular order because im lazy)













and of course, these cool youtubers who have inspired me, kept me happy, and gave me hope (oh ew so sappy)

danisnotonfire ★ amazingphil ★ tyleroakley ★ troyesivan

even if your url isnt up here, i still appreciate you so much! these are just blogs that i tend to stalk reblog/talk to a lot! either way, thanks! to everyone! 

So i reached my first follower goal! although without all the lovely people who follow me it would never be reached right? ^^ thankyouuuu very very much to all you fab people who clicked the follow button on this muddle of a blog - i’ve changed fandom alot in the 2 years i’ve been on tumblr so thankyou for putting up with my intense fandom swapping - even if you’re not listed here i still appreciate and am super grateful for your existance and the follow you gave me! ^v^

also thankyou to the awesome networks i’m a part of @networkbangtan
@jinseok-net bc everyone involved is just as awesome~

mutuals are listed (i really hope i didn’t forget anyone ;;) & friends/other fab people i’ve talked to are marked with **

//@2tinytriangles @amberrrthefangirl @ayy-jhope @bangtanxxstyle @bulletproof-girl-scout @bts-ween @chasang @divamaknaesungjong** @extaeminator** @exotic-fand0m @essentiallypointless** @getyourtaeon @g0-gu-ma @hyothedancingqueen @hyunas-pumpkin @hobibearr @hansanghyuked @hobaer @instant-ramyun** @jamswhispers @jinskookie @jim-innie @jinoodle** @ji-mined @jeolloween @jinderela @johnkooks** @jiminstrash @jungkooks-mother** @jeanvalskinnyjeans @klassy-yoongi @kimlattae @layminary @mxnyxxngx @miniseokjin @makemelubaek** @noxarcanax @ottokajialert @ohdeerbunnies @periwin5les @pumpkimseokjin ** @prince-hongbin @princjrrk @rap-mxnster @seokjinjpn @seul-gay @smilingseokjin @sleepsuga @sxngkyx @suga-kisses @suhosdaughter @soccermomjeonghan @samframsisco @skeleyoongi @swaghyukkawaii @starlightxdays @syublush** @soojoongi** @sunyoungsshi @seokyoongi @taeoja** @theseouless @taegiz @taeholic @taekwoon-the-aegyo-fairy** @toffeeyeol @vixxmadness @vastjungkook @velvetseokjin @warofbts @wintercha @xingorjin @yeppoda** @yourpocketmonster//

opurple’s first follow forever

i’ve planning to do this before i took some hiatus, but i have no time. and here i did, i back to tumblr to seeing my past edit always has notes ;; and my follower always beside me and asdfghjkl it grow up to 1k+ and ya,  it’s been eleven months I sign up as tumblr user (opurple). and all of you guys just awesome asdfghjkl!! and here is some blogs that always there in my dashboard, and for who always rebloged my graphics i’m so thankfull ;; 

all is recommended! amazing blog where fill your dashboard with amazing stuff! but bold is my personal favorites. anyways i follow random blog tho, so, yea, not exo only.

bienenkisteblackpaerlblondejonginchankaicleamourfabulousehunfaluvthajacksonedwang, jongenejeeva-sjongincestjonginskai-laydoscopekaicecreamkaillusivekaisorekaitaestrophekyungdohkaiscrotchkanoshoeyeamelonhunofjonginohbirdspdobiporkdo-bi, sek-aiseoulific, taekaitsuiteruvioletkecilyuffiiztaoz

and ya, it’s only that, once, again, thankyou for always noticing me! ilu <3


First of all please excuse the shitty graphic I have no inspiration left in me

Anyway, this is my first follow forever I thought why not post it on this beautiful ass day where bangtan ruined us and also I reached 300 followers ay. This blog is little over a month old and I wanted to thankyou guys for making my dashboard awesome and wonderful, these are few blogs I really like so you should all go follow them!! ( it’s in no particular order )

ttaegi  ✽  creamkookie  ✽  jungh4n  ✽ cupcake-trash  ✽ jvminpark  ✽ suhotrash  ✽  joshsgf  ✽ exomainhoe  ✽ yoongics  ✽ jiminth  ✽ ladysuho  ✽ nas-tae  ✽  namjoonin  ✽  jihobis  ✽ lovehoseok  ✽  qtaegi  ✽ taeguk  ✽ blondetao  ✽ princeyeoll  ✽  fritotae  ✽ squishyjimin  ✽ hellokiitaes  ✽ syubdaddy  ✽ chokerjoon  ✽ hoshisoo  ✽ minseok-tea  ✽ yyoongis  ✽ friedvangogh  ✽ themarksonshow  ✽  wenhannn  ✽ taitae  ✽ j-hobit  ✽ cyphkiller  ✽ hoseoksbf  ✽ peporo  ✽  milk–tae  ✽ dropthatjjeoreo  ✽ qoseok  ✽  nonbinaryrapmonster  ✽ vkook-ramen  ✽ withseokjin  ✽


I just hit 200 followers yesterday so I thought I’d make a small follow forever, I just wanted to say thankyou to my favourite blogs for making my dash amazing and actually giving me stuff to reblog!

bloodsexandrocknroll vampirephan phanscuddles forphansake spookylesterhowell prettyinhotpunk bennydick-cumberfuck this-is-phanoween phanizhed unicornlester sarcasticphan beware-phangirl boophan interrupted-by-phan phan-ftw phan-you-not philspenis pumphanpatch skelephan skeledan spirithowell phanisgay hi-will-you-be-my-friend

omfgdanshobbithair > you were the first person I ever really talked to on here so thankyou so much for talking to me and making me feel more welcomed on tumblr :) you are amazing and so is your blog, ily ^_^ (plus you should all go follow this super awesome blog) :)

yes-just-jess > so thankyou for convincing me to join tumblr in the first place! Also thankyou so much for introducing me to dan and phil! (aswell as a lot of my other fandoms ^_^) (literally what would my life even be without dan and phil idek) you are the cutest most amazing person and ilysm, I consider you one of my best friends and I hope we can be friends for a long time (omfg I’m sorry I’m going so soppy, pls don’t hate me, you just mean a lot to me ok?)

Yeah so thankyou so much to all my followers (you guys should all come talk to me!) also thankyou to everyone I’m following and I’m sorry if I missed anyone out:) thanks for the amazing experience on tumblr so far:) (I’ll shut up now sorry)