thankyou to all my awesome followers



i’ll be holding an art raffle to celebrate this occasion!

((i’ll rewrite the rules in case you can’t read my sloppy handwriting))
- the raffle will last until january 1st. you must reblog this post in order to participate
- there will be only 5 winners (1 first place, 2 second and third place); those who win, i will be texting you your place in the raffle and allow you to cast your request, through the private messaging system. be sure you have messages enabled*
- NSFW requests will be turned down

- 1st place winner: you will be able to chose a character, yours or a favorite, w/ your choice of weapon. if you’ve an idea for a weapon, be sure to include it in your request.

- 2nd place winners: chose a character for me to draw, and a preference of waist-shot or a full-body picture

- 3rd place winners: chose a character and clarify whether you’d prefer them as a chibi, or at a bust-shot pic

Sums up my 2015 with a Star Wars Fan Art !
2015 has been great and I hope 2016 will be even better !
Thankyou to everyone who has supported me all the time and also great great Thankyou to all my followers and likers on tumblr ! You guys are awesome! Couldn’t make it through without you guys!

More to come in 2016!

So i reached my first follower goal! although without all the lovely people who follow me it would never be reached right? ^^ thankyouuuu very very much to all you fab people who clicked the follow button on this muddle of a blog - i’ve changed fandom alot in the 2 years i’ve been on tumblr so thankyou for putting up with my intense fandom swapping - even if you’re not listed here i still appreciate and am super grateful for your existance and the follow you gave me! ^v^

also thankyou to the awesome networks i’m a part of @networkbangtan
@jinseok-net bc everyone involved is just as awesome~

mutuals are listed (i really hope i didn’t forget anyone ;;) & friends/other fab people i’ve talked to are marked with **

//@2tinytriangles @amberrrthefangirl @ayy-jhope @bangtanxxstyle @bulletproof-girl-scout @bts-ween @chasang @divamaknaesungjong** @extaeminator** @exotic-fand0m @essentiallypointless** @getyourtaeon @g0-gu-ma @hyothedancingqueen @hyunas-pumpkin @hobibearr @hansanghyuked @hobaer @instant-ramyun** @jamswhispers @jinskookie @jim-innie @jinoodle** @ji-mined @jeolloween @jinderela @johnkooks** @jiminstrash @jungkooks-mother** @jeanvalskinnyjeans @klassy-yoongi @kimlattae @layminary @mxnyxxngx @miniseokjin @makemelubaek** @noxarcanax @ottokajialert @ohdeerbunnies @periwin5les @pumpkimseokjin ** @prince-hongbin @princjrrk @rap-mxnster @seokjinjpn @seul-gay @smilingseokjin @sleepsuga @sxngkyx @suga-kisses @suhosdaughter @soccermomjeonghan @samframsisco @skeleyoongi @swaghyukkawaii @starlightxdays @syublush** @soojoongi** @sunyoungsshi @seokyoongi @taeoja** @theseouless @taegiz @taeholic @taekwoon-the-aegyo-fairy** @toffeeyeol @vixxmadness @vastjungkook @velvetseokjin @warofbts @wintercha @xingorjin @yeppoda** @yourpocketmonster//


First of all please excuse the shitty graphic I have no inspiration left in me

Anyway, this is my first follow forever I thought why not post it on this beautiful ass day where bangtan ruined us and also I reached 300 followers ay. This blog is little over a month old and I wanted to thankyou guys for making my dashboard awesome and wonderful, these are few blogs I really like so you should all go follow them!! ( it’s in no particular order )

ttaegi  ✽  creamkookie  ✽  jungh4n  ✽ cupcake-trash  ✽ jvminpark  ✽ suhotrash  ✽  joshsgf  ✽ exomainhoe  ✽ yoongics  ✽ jiminth  ✽ ladysuho  ✽ nas-tae  ✽  namjoonin  ✽  jihobis  ✽ lovehoseok  ✽  qtaegi  ✽ taeguk  ✽ blondetao  ✽ princeyeoll  ✽  fritotae  ✽ squishyjimin  ✽ hellokiitaes  ✽ syubdaddy  ✽ chokerjoon  ✽ hoshisoo  ✽ minseok-tea  ✽ yyoongis  ✽ friedvangogh  ✽ themarksonshow  ✽  wenhannn  ✽ taitae  ✽ j-hobit  ✽ cyphkiller  ✽ hoseoksbf  ✽ peporo  ✽  milk–tae  ✽ dropthatjjeoreo  ✽ qoseok  ✽  nonbinaryrapmonster  ✽ vkook-ramen  ✽ withseokjin  ✽



I want to say thank you so much to all my amazing followers! You are all epic and don’t let anyone say other wise. Keep being your epic selves. 

Thank you for the continues support of my art and my blog in general (Its so awesome to wake up to 10 or more notes) there is no way I can put in words how much it means to me :D xxxx

To mention a few - realimagination123456 im-not-some-dumb-shuck lavabendingfirelord icantgettheurliwant bailci beth-tries and everybody else. (Really can’t tag 85 people) You are all loved!

Then thank you to sabertooth-raccoon , juliajm15 , thominhoandnewt laryndawn ilyone, dellbelle39 cherryandsisters brunagonda cookiecreation and many many more amazing artists (If I tag everyone I will be here all night) for being always and inspiration. You lot keep me motivated to draw and to get better. I would give real hugs but virtual ones will have to do. Stay awesome :D

Hopefully 2015 will be filled with lots more awesome memories. :D Great improvements and of course Solangelo :D lol I’m a lost cause :D 

xxxx K

Remember to thank all of the people who helped you get to where you are today.

I also wanted to take some time to say THANK YOU to all of my awesome followers. 3K followers on Instagram and 24K on Tumblr and I’m grateful for every one of you.

Thank you for the likes, comments, tags and continually spreading love and positivity. I am honored that you are inspired by my work and I am extremely grateful to be able to have an impact. Keep checking back for some big things in the near future!

And don’t forget to tag the important people who are helping you on your journey!

I just hit 300 followers and it may not be much but I am still eternally grateful to every single one of you<3 So I’ve put together a little list of some awesome blogs that brighten my day!!

(absolute faves are in bold, mutuals are italicised and others I admire from afar)

@adamparrisih @aedionashryverswife @aelin–of–terrasen @aelinandhercourt @aelinashrver @aelinashryveres@aelincarstairs @agaispus @bookofademigod @bvkybrns @chainsaw-assassin @cecyhherondale @courtofaelin @dorianaelin @doriann-havilliard @fireheart-aelin @harbingerofbooksandbakedgoods @havillird @hendwritten @herondelles @khaleesi-of-terrasen @lightwoodaf @littlemrscupcakelovesbooks @maeveofthefae @matthcwfairchild @mavencalore @myownbookadventures @peach240 @reindorians @rhysqnd @rowan-stole-my-heart @samcortiland @sassyblake @shhadowhunter @sirjohnsmythe @sophienizynskireads @throne-of-feels @towhateverend-fireheart @yulemasball

Pretty sure I will have missed someone important so if that is you I sincerely apologise!

Lots of love, Becca x

100+ followers!

You all are awesome. I honestly don’t know where you came from, since earlier I had like 60 of you following me. Anyways, I said I would do this, and so I shall!

@aranaea-rp @fell-in-a-hole @carricakesuniverse @the-grand-author

It says yall are my biggest fans, honestly, I still question why, but what the hell. Thank you so much guys! I love that more than you can imagine.

@artbyacat1230 @pokemontrainerwaluigi @darkmessenger47 

Tumblr friends are real friends. I honestly can’t say this any other way, beyond the fact that y’all are really cool folks.

As for all of you who I rp with, and those I have in the past, you all are great, I can’t imagine what it’d be like not being able to rp with such an awesome community of folks.

And, for the rest, well, it’s just gravy. (In no literal particular order… here goes! *takes a deep breath*)

@a-fangirl-of-many-things @ketchup-puns @mostlyasriel @moved-to-doctor-rosalia @minightrose @redrobin0503 @precious-cinnamon-goat-child @ask-pumpkinthescarecrow @ira-matyushkina0hpj @superfightertm @justasriel @scoutbonk @egamerifpenguin @mercifxlormxrderer @skeleton-girls-squad @mossystars @imkate @ask-temswap @splashtail @axopunel @undertalebrothertale @brightwarmlight @skyrimtrash @b0rderline-chara @askzoroarksnow @blookishbeats @jasminereneetouche @not-asriel @poki-the-wolf @chxrxkta @forever-stuck-in-the-void @kawaiifangirlfreak @jahnswegbert @icanspeakinwingdings @thefriskyhuman @lonelyasrieldreemurr @nysbee @a-killer-child-and-a-robot @sansandchara @ask-sans-cosplay @theorangehuman @repeep @leo-trash @justchain @rangerbookwyrm @cheetagirlgaming @hiddenocs-undertale @big-bro-ichigo @undertale-fluff @smolspookguardian-with-a-flower @forgotten-tale-official @askkakusanandshi @ask-pta-helens-daughter @noarmsnoproblems @tato1432 @foxbaby @thesoulsurvivors @asrielobsessed @adoptedchild-and-skelefamily-rp @napstablook-the-dapper @dopestarlightglitter @elementalisdreamer @teen-foxy-and-springtrap @icarustheowl1337 @special-nothing-attack @thefluffiestknight @flowercrownedgoat @jassiel21 @genevieve-harper @askfriskandfresh @secret-tale @suckmypuns @katana4foxes @zixxyzay @zerum-0 @player64 @asriel-the-great @asksorastarlight @silent-warrior89 @tasgoredreemurr @thetruegoatlord @sonicbrofan-nr1 @fieryfrisk @the-true-manime @askthe-skelefam @cha-raa @youdontknowastor @outstanding-bulldozer @complete-asriel-trash @bone-ifiedgenius @theasrieldreemurr96

((Continues deep breathing. You…all…are…awesome… *dies*. But seriously, I want to do more rp with you folks, so please, send me starters or message me because I will send you a starter or something! I love rp in the Undertale community. Anyway, thank you all! Love ya! See ya around, cuz I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! -Parchment.))