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Tmnt fanfic author appreciation

Now I forgot how many posts I made …

The author I want to appreciate this time is amunetred aka mysteryred!! https://m.fanfiction.net/u/6392903/

You know from her name, she loves Raph the best.
But I really love her Leorai stories!!
(It doesn’t surprise me because lexininja, thewinterme, gabberwoky…my favorite Leorai authors love Raph!!)

At first I read “Beautiful Mistakes”, the main characters are Raph and OC Zoe, and there are slightly Leorai, Apriltello, Mikey/OC. She describes boys very sensitive even Raph. (sorry!) You can see why he’s so hothead, because he can care someone too much.
I loved this slightly Leorai part too, I wondered if she would write for them… And she wrote “Jasmine”, “First Date” and “Alone”, the Leorai short stories!!
For starter, I always recommend “Jasmine”. It’s very cute.
But I recommend to read these three as series. ( in “Alone”, I died in pleasure cuz she said she wrote that for me!)
And if you like Apritello, “Really” is good for you! She wrote every boys centric stories!
Now I’m into “Be fearless”, the new Leorai story. My favorite another author left good reviews, please read them.

Thank you amunetred, I really enjoy your fantastic stories!! And I admire how fast you write stories despite they were written in detail!You made me the happiest reader every time!!

This is one of my favorite scenes from “Beautiful Mistakes"…
…I lean in toward him, “Raph, what is going on with you? You’re moodier than Karai with PMS!”
“Excuse me! Your no better,” Karai hisses…
  I laughed hard!!


I just hit 400 like a few days ago and I’m already at 500 now?! I started my blog around 3 months ago and I’m so grateful for all the support and kindness I’ve received from this fandom.❤️

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Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and/or have just been open to talking! I appreciate each and every one you guys💘 :)))

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To be honest, my heart hurts with this one. I was not completely over the passing of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes but honestly…I was wondering why I haven’t been feeling right the past couple of days and then this happens. I think we can all agree here though that with Eddie Guerrero, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Paul Bearer, Dusty Rhodes and now Roddy Piper….Heaven just got a heck of a lot more entertaining with those legends together. ❤️

“Don’t you go, I need you so…” 🎶🇺🇸💕 #FIALasVegas #bestnightever #memories #touringlife #nextstopnewyork #nosleep #longnights #nighttoremember #tokiohotel #vegasnights #HoB #liveshow #afterparty #thankyou #seeyousoon #feelitallworldtour2015

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