Rest in peace Mr. Wilder. Your performances have given me great inspiration throughout my life. In 2009 when @galleries1988 asked me to participate in their #Crazy4Cult show I knew I had to pay homage to Willy Wonka. I was mesmerized by Wilder’s range of moods in the film. I hoped to capture that slightly inviting with an ominous glow to his eyes the he effortlessly brought to the screen. Little did I know this painting would catapult my career into a second phase that’s lasted almost 10 years. Everyone van feel free to repost this or the painting of Wonka. Thanks to everyone that has already shared it. #thankyou #rip #genewilder #willywonka #respect

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Day 29. I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the love and support. Making these comics each day have been crazy draining and stressful at times. It has been like passing a month long kidney stone! Each day I would get small panic attacks about what story I was going to tell and whether or not people would understand them or get offended…The entire month of January I was in a quiet panic because I knew this was coming up. And all the support has been amazing. There were so many days that I wanted to skip or just end early but I didn’t because of the amount of people telling me to keep going and that they appreciated it. It’s been both encouraging and extremely depressing to see the amount of African American people who have responded to me saying that they have been feeling the exact same way but never wanted to talk about it. Towards the end I became stressed out because I was getting so many stories and there are just not enough days in February to talk about them all! So please, if you have friends of color. Not just Black or African American friends, but any friends of other ethnicities, take time to talk to them about their stories and learn about cultures other than your own. Thank you, sincerely. And sorry this was so long. <3

Thank you for the hospitality to prep and the lobster rolls for family meal @catchandreleasela
Excited for it all to come together @hedleyandbennett #PopUp @evanfunke #Roman #Pasta #Italian #Dinner

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