Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Asger, happy birthday to you :-) Again!

Today we invited our families over to celebrate Asger’s birthday and what a fun day! It was the first time we invited so many people over in our new apartment and I think we passed the test :-) We prepared birthday ‘boller’ (rolls), layer cake (Asger’s favorite) and fruit and so on. Asger was actually asleep when people came over, he was a tired birthday boy, so when he woke up from nap time the house was full of people! Surprise!

Asger is a lucky boy to have such a big and fantastic family, it was so good to see everyone. Asger enjoyed playing with his little cousin Aksel, they are so sweet together. He also got some really really nice presents, lets see if I can remember it all. He got some very nice cotton/wool underwear (cause its so cold outside!), he got a shopping cart and a lot of fruit, cans and veggies to put in it. Now he can pretend to go to the grocery store and take it all back to his kitchen and cook :-) Fun! He also got a really cute light chain, a rocket boy toy from uncle Kasper, a koala from down under from auntie Lucy and uncle Lach. He got some cool wooden puzzle, a book, a toolbox, a Mr. Happy water container, some indoor shoes and probably a lot more :-) Like I said, lucky boy. A big thank you to everyone, super nice presents!

We also had layer cakes, that is a must for every birthday party in this house. Asger had two pieces and he picked all the chocolate pieces from the top, sneaky boy!

After his birthday party he went down for a nap right away, he was exhausted! We had a nice and calm afternoon and when it was time to go to bed we read a few books and played with the kitchen. When I put Asger in bed we talked about his day and I asked him if he had had a fun day. He smiled and said ’Cake and candles’ and then he pretended to blow out candles, so sweet! I asked him who was at the party and he said 'Aksel, Lus, Lars, mami, daddy, Nora, Asger’ and then 'daddy’ one more time. Daddy was definitely there :-)

This was a really great day and we all had such a good time. But it is also a day like this that makes me miss our dear Nashville friends. They always used to be there for all of our birthdays and just be there for us like the extended family they were and still are, so today I really missed them a lot!

Thank you to everyone who came today and helped make this a very special day for Asger, we are so happy that you all came :-)

Happy Sunday night y'all!