“After all this time, I still believe that there is good in this world, tell me how I can still see that?”

❛ … I’m dreaming, right? I mean
there’s not two of me standing here
right now. A) We got the Nogitsune
and B) You don’t look like death. So
I mean, it’s either I’m dreaming or you
have five seconds to explain before
I scream.❜

trickedthefox  asked:

Mr Tickle

[ Obviously, there’s nothing creepy about the fact he’s reaching his arms in through a window of a 3rd grade class just to get his tickle fix.

There’s nothing creepy or borderline sexual about the rush he gets from the giggles as he continuously uses his freakishly long arms to pull giggles and cries of laughter from the teacher and students alike.

You want more, the fix is nowhere near from sated.  You need to get your hands on m o r e.  Tickle EVERYTHING.

But, then the police siren happened. 

The Pack Survives | thanksxmom

     Biting someone unwilling wasn’t exactly the plan, but damn Erica was getting desperate. She was in a new town without a pack, and she refused to fall to Omega status. It was dark the night she’d bit him, and it was a fast snap and move sort of thing, but from what she could tell, her new Beta was at the very least going to be a very attractive one. And that was all she could hope for. If he survived, that is.

     She followed the kids scent and wound up at a decent looking house. She used her senses to pick which room belonged to him, and she quickly scaled the house and climbed in through the window. She was all for making a dramatic entrance. He wasn’t in there yet, which meant he was probably either in the bathroom examining his bite or dying. She’d hoped the prior.

     Erica stepped back into the shadows of the room, just out of sight by side glance just in case someone unexpected came into the room.

ᴍy ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ, ᴍy ʀᴜʟᴇꜱ.

     That was just shocking. He thought that the surprises had ended when he had been called. He had just lost one of the few friends he ever had, he wasn’t feeling that great. But what he got to know, what the person on the other side of the phone told him was surprising, not to mention that it changed his life. Or at least, that call gently informed him that he had to take care of his friend’s son. He wrote it down, somewhere, he didn’t understand it very well. But it was still something that was going to change his life.
Not completely. But the major part would have changed completely.

It had passed only one hour since when he received the call, but he was already heading to Stiles’ house. He knew that he was going to be shouted at, probably, but he had to tell him. And Stiles had to come in his apartment, a teenager who didn’t like him at all had to come and live with him. Harris was almost sure Stiles hated him. Great.
As he arrived, he stopped in front of the door, thinking.

I’d have to do it anyways, soon or later.

A few knocks, and it was done, now he had to wait. He started preparing himself, thinking about what he could say, and what he couldn’t say. He really had to start this in the right way. Adrian knew nothing about how to be a parent, or a guardian. He always talked with parents during the meetings and all the understood from that was that being a parent had to be really difficult. He hadn’t have to worry about that until he received that call.
The door opened.