I stand with Planned Parenthood

I am mad. I am beyond pissed off and angry about the GOP’s decision to remove funding for Planned Parenthood. Since I was sixteen and terrified to talk to my parents about my sex life, I knew I could go to Planned Parenthood and get my questions answered in a safe and nonjudging environment. I was able to ask questions about what my options were surrounding birth control. What were the side effects from oral contraceptives, depo provera, or others? They gave me real information about side effects, methods to being safe, allowing me to get free annual screenings, free birth control including condoms for me and my boyfriend, free birth control so that way, since I was making a then (and now) informed choice to have sex, at least I could do it safely without worrying about what would happen if I got pregnant. I knew getting pregnant was not an option for me because I was a good student, dreaming of being the first in my family to go to college and I had no financial means to care for a child. I was not going to let this happen to me and the future family that I was going to have. I wanted a future for me, and for my possible child.

Planned Parenthood was there for me.

Now, at 25, I am seeing the possibility of funding removed from a program and services that only seek to educate those In a position who may be scared, wanting to make the best decision for their self or family, or plainly, just trying to be responsible. Why are we penalizing responsibility? Isn’t that a skill that we are taught from a young age to have? There is nothing wrong with anyone who wants to have sex. Biologically and physically it is normal to desire these things and all Planned Parenthood does is to provide safe, educated options for those in a natural, normal position. If more people knew about the safe options surrounding sex, there would not be an abortion issue. People would be safe and protected. However, since I can remember, there have been slanderous and incorrect information about Planned Parenthood thrown about the media in a cavellier way. I am sick of it. If I had listened I wouldn’t have known where to turn when I wanted desperately to make a safe and informed decision.

There is nothing wrong with people for wanting to have sex. There is nothing wrong for people to want to do it safely. There is nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood for providing information to people wanting to do either of these things.

I stand with Planned Parenthood.

The impeccable feeling of a UTI.

I’ve had three UTI’s (urinary tract infections) in my life. If you’ve never had one, consider yourself extremely lucky. It pretty much feels like peeing out razor blades coated in jalapeno seeds that have been lit on fire and even though it feels like your bladder is going to burst, you can only squeeze out a few firey drops while keeling over in pain. Needless to say, it’s not fun.

There is also little homeopathic relief. You can pound cranberry juice and that will help aide the excruciating pain about 5% for about three minutes (and that’s being generous). Oh and UTI’s can be caused by a number of things, not just sex.

In all three of my UTI cases, Planned Parenthood took me in immediately and gave me the medicine that I couldn’t live without. My girlfriends have told me stories about how they acquired UTI’s while camping, waitressing and on a family vacations. A UTI can happen anywhere, any time.

I love Planned Parenthood and I don’t know where I would be without their generous services. And even though I am extremely pro-choice, notice I didn’t mention anything about abortion?

It just boggles my mind that they would want to take this dire need service away from us. How can our laws have so much to do with religion that is based on false ideals in the first place? It’s total bullshit and I am pretty sure that all of those right wing extremists will in fact go to the firey hell that they fear.

I love Planned Parenthood

Early in my employment history, I did not always have health insurance but was a sexually active woman who needed birth control. Planned Parenthood was there to provide what I needed in terms of medical exams and birth control. I am now a retired university graduate. I chose not to be a parent to children, but have been to my doggies. Thanks Planned Parenthood.

Why Planned Parenthood is important to me

I have never had to go to a Planned Parenthood clinic, but they are still important to me as a woman. I’ve luckily always had health insurance, even though a few months here and there I had to pay a ridiculous COBRA fee in order to keep it going. But when I was laid off from my job in September, I worried about what I was going to do when my three months of severance (which included insurance coverage) was up. 

I know I sound like a privileged brat right now, discussing how I’ve always had health insurance, but knowing that Planned Parenthood is there in case I need that back-up, in case I don’t have insurance and still need my ob/gyn care, in case one of my breasts develops lumps again and I need a biopsy, in case my Pap smear comes back irregular, in case of ANYTHING, really, is one of the biggest comforts I have in my life. And I know nearly every single one of my female friends feels the same way, because most of them have used Planned Parenthood when they needed it the most. 

Planned Parenthood is important for everyone who uses their services now and for those of us who may need it in the future. It’s as simple as that. Reading the stories posted here so far prove that the clinics are necessary and funding for Planned Parenthood clinics should be non-negotiable. It saves lives. That should be enough to prove Planned Parenthood’s merit and value. 

Pregnant and Thankful

I am twenty-two weeks pregnant.  I planned this pregnancy down to every detail, making sure I was completely ready to begin this chapter of my life, ensuring I was ready to take on this responsibility for myself and the life I am creating.  This was all possible because I was able to use contraception for the ten years preceding this pregnancy.  

Planned Parenthood supported me in my plan to wait to get pregnant.  They provided me with affordable, reliable birth control when I needed it to prevent unplanned pregnancy while I went to school and built my career.  I will graduate with my Master’s Degree from Columbia University this May and will give birth to a little boy this summer.  I couldn’t be more thankful for Planned Parenthood for allowing me to make family planning a reality.  

Planned Parenthood supports women in whatever choice they decide regarding their pregnancy.  They are helping us get to a time where all women will be able to enjoy their pregnancies because they are planned and wanted.  Thank you to everyone who works for and supports Planned Parenthood!

I was in California over Christmas– and unemployed–when I came down with what felt like was a pretty routine bladder infection. I did the usual: flushing with TONS of water and cranberry juice, and it wouldn’t get better. So, it progressed to a UTI and got to the point where I could barely sit my back hurt so terribly. I went to PP in my hometown to check the cost of treatment and learned I’d pay nothing. On a whim, and because I’d always thought it worked this way, I decided to swing by the County hospital to see what the same services would cost me there. Over $300, plus the day-long wait. At Planned Parenthood I was in and out relatively quickly, with a prescription and a warning that if I was feeling it in my kidneys I probably needed the emergency room and to go as soon as possible if nothing was better after my prescription was empty. Before this, I hadn’t been to a PP since right after I graduated college, which was the last time I was without insurance. They are awesome. We cannot let Planned Parenthood get away!

PP was there when I needed reproductive health services

I arrived to NYC as a legal resident around three years ago. In the beginning it was hard as an immigrant, to adapt to the city, control my savings while looking for job but most importantly, I needed to find a gynecologist for my regular check-ups and to get a prescription for birth control. First, I didn’t have money and when I start inquiring about the prices for appointments with a bunch of doctors that friends recommended I panicked; secondly when I asked in the pharmacy how much were my usual birth control pills, the price was so expensive that I fear to decide between paying for a health service or pay food. But since I don’t want to get pregnant, buying my bc pills is a priority! So, I thought, this is the U.S. there should be some place where I can get this a little bit less expensive, and my instincts were right, I found a PP clinic in the city and I just can’t describe how relieved I felt when I learned that I could see a gynecologist, had a examination and received my bc prescription at a very very low price. It was just such a great relief!! Since then I am grateful to PP, I already have a job that provides health insurance, but PP helped me to keep me together in hard times, provided reproductive health services to guard my right  to choose and to plan my future. And I know that’s what PP does for every woman that goes to a clinic.

Disability Justice is a Reproductive Justice Issue!

I can not tell you how excited I am by the response to cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. It feels like a movement for the first time in a long time, at least for me personally. I also feel so incredibly empowered by the huge amount of support for the “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” campaign, but at the same time, I’m forced to check my privilege.
With advances in genetic testing, there is a growing debate about disability and abortion. Often time the question becomes whether or not “this child will be better off not being born than suffering through life with a disability.” I recently learned about some failed legislation that would have banned abortion if the woman was basing her decision on the fetus’ race, sex, or ability. Limiting choice is NOT the solution. Rather the solution is to reteach what we value as a society.
The fact that the biggest campaign for Planned Parenthood uses ableist language isn’t nearly as concerning as those who are not even in the conversation. My movement is more than the pro-choice/pro-life debate…I’m talking about Access toequal and affordable health care,Sovereignty to be in and make decisions for our own bodies, and Liberation for all those who have been silenced or made invisible because we don’t fit nicely into “normal.”
I mean, that’s just how I’m feeling today…How do you feel about it?

I don't have a story I'd like to share, but I'd like to help.

I live in Rhode Island, and there doesn’t seem to be anything going on activity-wise that I can participate in in support of this cause…which is slightly discouraging!

 I’m sorry if this isn’t the proper place to voice my concern regarding this, but this way others in my area can perhaps see this and see that there are people who want to help near them. 

If you could broadcast this to everybody else, I just want to say to Rhode Islanders in support of this, let me know how I can help you!

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