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All of those citizens watching television that night would likely see what was to come onto their television screens. A man clad in black and red, two swords adorning his back and a gun holstered at each hip. He stood at a podium, tapping lightly at the mic in front of him, each tap yielding a loud thump on the speakers.

“Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Helloooo–Oh, it is? Sweet! Let’s do this thing then.”

“Greetings, Hive City. And welcome to Deadvision, my new television series updating you on the happenings of the city. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me because I’ve decided to make a very important announcement. Due to the vast majority of people in the city and just how unruly it seems to have become, it’s come to my attention that this place needs a little change. Something that can be spoken of in times where everything is tough. In fact, some might even say this event just might be life-changing.”

“I’ll be running for Mayor of Hive City soon. I hope you’re ready to have a blast.”

And the TV cuts out.

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How to give back on Thanksgiving:

With 13% of American households experiencing food insecurity — that’s 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children with lack of access to nutritious food — we can’t forget that the Thanksgiving season can be tough for those who struggle regularly to put food on the table. For those in a position to share the Thanksgiving spread, plenty of organizations are eager for your donations.

Find your local food bank - Perhaps the easiest way to donate food for a family’s Thanksgiving feast is to locate your local food bank and contribute nonperishables, or whatever they’re specifically in need of. Start a school or office can drive or have friends and family bring a nonperishable food item to your next gathering in order to collect food to donate.

Sponsor a family meal -Help a family in need create a Thanksgiving meal by working with the nonprofit Family to Family. There are options for all levels of food donations, from donating money online to creating a local group to shop or give grocery gift cards to a neighborhood family.

Donate milk - While cartons of milk are difficult to donate in-person, The Great American Milk Drive allows you to donate as little as $5 to provide milk to a child in need. The donation works by providing vouchers to families so that they can get fresh milk at grocery stores.

Donate a Blue Apron meal - Join Blue Apron’s Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive to help donate 125,000 meals to families in need this Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving meal box costs $60 and feeds six.

Start a virtual food drive - The Food Bank for New York City offers a digital food drive in which every dollar donated provides five meals to New Yorkers in need. Individuals and groups can create their own campaigns and share with your social networks or holiday guests in order to raise funds.

Make food purchases that give back - During the holiday season, many big food brands and supermarkets partner with charities to provide holiday meals. Look for special promotions at your local store or brands like French’s, General Mills and Kellogg which have all pledged to donate a small percentage of proceeds to help feed hungry Americans.

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I’ve overslept two days in a row and showed up at work in basically pajamas both times, I was up all night with cramps, and there was an asshole on the train this morning who was eyeing either the hijabi standing next to me or the butch girl on my other side and I spent the entire ride putting myself between him and them and making direct eye contact when he muttered about whatever the fuck, because absolutely not today, satan

but the day after tomorrow I’m going to make a beautiful thanksgiving spread with my girlfriend and my best friend: wine and fancy meats and cheeses and jams and homemade bread and pie and borcht, and we’re going to hang out and watch a bunch of pretty dogs be Good Boys on tv and be grateful for what we have and the people we love in the tiniest, best thanksgiving I can imagine.

so yeah. I’m bringing my best to this holiday.

Personal Headcanon

Jack thinks Bitty is something of a kitchen wizard - magical pies! - but he’s never (ever) met anyone like Eric’s mother and grandmother when it comes to food.

The instant that boy walks into the Bittle Home he is asked if he would like a snack to get him settled after his long trip.

He expects a snack,

Poor boy. 

The platter of food brought up to him as he settles in the spare room is enough to give his nutritionist a heart attack. Three different types of sandwiches on homemade bread (of course) some crackers, cheese, jams, and chips on the side. There are two slices (big slices) of pie and both have hand whipped cream on the top. A jug of sweet tea and one of iced water.

Suzanne Bittle could feed an entire hockey team a three course meal with coffee and biscuits after it with 15 minutes warning and a broken cooker. 

HER mother thinks that anything less than a full thanksgiving spread when you’ve got guests over is shirking your hostess duties and will not think twice before scolding her daughter when she finds STORE BOUGHT SALAD DRESSING in the back of the fridge. 

Between them both, they have cast Jack in the roll of starving boy - you can see every muscle in that boys body, that can’t be right! Needs a little padding to help take those hits.

Nana Bittle raised half a football team of BIG southern boys and she doesn’t give too hoots about what some ‘fad diet’ Jack is on. 

To all my friends celebrating Thanksgiving who need a little encouragement

Today may not be the easiest for some people. And though I may not know your exact situation, here are some blanket encouragement points straight from the heart:

-You’re allowed to eat
-It’s okay if you can’t eat much, the fact that you tried is more than enough and I’m proud of you
-Your family may not be the easiest to deal with, but it’s not your fault they’re so frustrating to be around
-You don’t need to come out of the closet for anybody if you aren’t comfortable
-Your personal life is your business
-How you’re doing in school is your business and does not define you
-Politics is dumb
-Any political debate at the table you don’t want to be a part of, you don’t have to be
-It isn’t mandatory to be thankful for someone who hurt you
-Don’t let anyone bring you down
-You’re stronger than you think
-I’m proud of you
-You can do this

Please have a happy holiday – safe travels and lots of love!!