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I’m back from a mini-hiatus and as you can see, I haven’t touched my bujo in a week (!!!) I’m struggling lately with inspiration and passion in my journal but hopefully I can break this dry spell today

#284 "You're not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving."

What to expect: Mention of Liam’s possible bisexuality. Lol. Who are we trying to kid? He’s totally bi. There’s also a bit of humor and fluff.

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With the Anuk-Ite defeated and hunters run out of town, the McCall pack finally has a chance to just take a breath. Everyone’s licking their wounds and righting everything that went wrong under Gerard and Monroe’s temporary take-over, and life falls back into routine fairly quickly.

Stiles went back to school, determined to make sure he didn’t mess up any of his credibility with the FBI. Lydia finally flew off to MIT and Malia finally got to take her trip to France, although she wasn’t looking for boys as once planned since she had Scott back home. Mason and Corey were caught up in their own little world, though they did make time for the pack, and Liam spent his free time running patrol throughout Beacon Hills.

“So Thanksgiving Day is coming up and I couldn’t help but notice that your Dad’s on call that day.”

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The Charade

Part Twelve

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1722
Warnings: Language … I think that’s it?
A/N: Heading into the home stretch with this! Collab with the amazing Ashley aka @d-s-winchester!


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161123 - three decisions made this week: one, it’s time to take things slow; two, i already miss my garden and three, i don’t really like this green pen 🌿

#44 Country pref | You're from America


Aahh hello there Americans! 


“Hey guys.” You yelled making all of your friends turn around to see you and Luke standing behind them at one of the top hills at your city, knowing that basically the whole population would be there including your friends. “Y/N.” They all exclaimed running over to you and engulfing you in a massive group hug making you let go of Luke. They all let go of you, “This is my boyfriend Luke.” You presented making them all smile at him nodding approving. “So you’re the Australian dude she felt for at a concert?” One of your friends said making you scoff at him rolling your eyes at him. “Look the fireworks has started!” You said fast on changing the subject making everyone turn around seeing the fireworks of 4th July. “I think it’s cute.” Luke commented as he hugged you from behind resting his head on your shoulder.


“Wanna help my family with dinner.” You suggested as you and Calum sat on one of the couches in your family home, puzzling and noise coming from the kitchen where basically your whole family were gathered together besides your small cousins who was in one of your younger siblings room playing Xbox or so. “Sure.” He smiled making you both raise up from the couch before you laced your fingers together pulling him towards the kitchen. The faint smell of turkey and red vine was spreading through your small kitchen making a smile appear on both you and Calum’s lips. “Wow.” He expressed as he saw all the Thanksgiving dinner spread around your kitchen. “It’s like on Friends.” He commented making you laugh before giving him many plates for you guys to put on the table. “There’s always more food than necessary.” You laughed as you both were looking forward to the dinner. 


“I can’t believe I woke up at 3AM just to have a conversation with you.” You mumbled groggily but yet a smile came across your face when Michael’s face appeared on your screen, the day sunny at his place. “I’m worth it.” He winked making you let out a giggle at his confident statement. The two of you had met in LA whilst you were out shopping. It was like love at first sight but everything broke when Michael had to fly back to Australia. “I miss you though. It’s weird that you aren’t around here anymore.” You gestured to around your room making him sigh. Long distance relationship was a killer sometimes. “ I know babygirl.. But I’ll come over soon I promise.” He smiled making you let out a satisfied yawn. “You look tired. And it’s late. Go to sleep Y/N.” He smiled making you nod your head closing your eyes. “Sing to me.” You commanded and ended up falling asleep to Michael’s voice.


”How about this one.” You laughed holding up yet another terrible costume making Ashton’s nose scrunch up another laugh leaving your lips. “Okay then.” You smiled putting it back on the rack but kept on searching for more costumes. “Y/N, can’t I just wear my Robin costume.” He whined making you look back at him weird. “You brought it all the way over to America?” “Well yea..” He trailed off running a hand through his hair. “I don’t even wanna know why.” You stated running a hand through some of the costumes. “How about this one.” You exclaimed holding out a princess costume. He looked at you whilst shaking his head. “Come on Ash it could be so much fun for Halloween.” You pouted bashing your eyelashes. He let out an unsatisfied groan. “Fine. Only because it’s you.” He said making you squeal hugging him. “But. I wanna choose your costume as well then.” “Fine.” You agreed shaking his hand.

Personal Headcanon

Jack thinks Bitty is something of a kitchen wizard - magical pies! - but he’s never (ever) met anyone like Eric’s mother and grandmother when it comes to food.

The instant that boy walks into the Bittle Home he is asked if he would like a snack to get him settled after his long trip.

He expects a snack,

Poor boy. 

The platter of food brought up to him as he settles in the spare room is enough to give his nutritionist a heart attack. Three different types of sandwiches on homemade bread (of course) some crackers, cheese, jams, and chips on the side. There are two slices (big slices) of pie and both have hand whipped cream on the top. A jug of sweet tea and one of iced water.

Suzanne Bittle could feed an entire hockey team a three course meal with coffee and biscuits after it with 15 minutes warning and a broken cooker. 

HER mother thinks that anything less than a full thanksgiving spread when you’ve got guests over is shirking your hostess duties and will not think twice before scolding her daughter when she finds STORE BOUGHT SALAD DRESSING in the back of the fridge. 

Between them both, they have cast Jack in the roll of starving boy - you can see every muscle in that boys body, that can’t be right! Needs a little padding to help take those hits.

Nana Bittle raised half a football team of BIG southern boys and she doesn’t give too hoots about what some ‘fad diet’ Jack is on. 

To all my friends celebrating Thanksgiving who need a little encouragement

Today may not be the easiest for some people. And though I may not know your exact situation, here are some blanket encouragement points straight from the heart:

-You’re allowed to eat
-It’s okay if you can’t eat much, the fact that you tried is more than enough and I’m proud of you
-Your family may not be the easiest to deal with, but it’s not your fault they’re so frustrating to be around
-You don’t need to come out of the closet for anybody if you aren’t comfortable
-Your personal life is your business
-How you’re doing in school is your business and does not define you
-Politics is dumb
-Any political debate at the table you don’t want to be a part of, you don’t have to be
-It isn’t mandatory to be thankful for someone who hurt you
-Don’t let anyone bring you down
-You’re stronger than you think
-I’m proud of you
-You can do this

Please have a happy holiday – safe travels and lots of love!!


Just a little holiday related mpreg!Blaine drabble that wouldn’t get out of my brain. Wishing all of you (who celebrate) a very Happy Thanksgiving! <3

A spread of food decorates the table, soft music plays in the background, and the smell of Thanksgiving’s finest delights fills the air as a blended group of people sit down for their once-a-year celebration. It’s a time for being family, a time to be thankful, and as cheesy of a holiday as it is, Blaine enjoys the time he gets to spend with his family, no matter how short it is. There’s tons of yummy food to be eaten, stories to be shared (that just couldn’t be told unless it’s in person), and everyone’s jubilant, ready for the day.

As Blaine’s dad rounds the corner with a deliciously steaming golden-skinned turkey, the group seated at the table applauds, cheering on the man’s excellent cooking skills as he lays out the dinner’s star dish before them. It’s his duty every year to do the turkey and every time, he forces his sons (and Kurt, now that he and Blaine are married) into watching him prepare the bird. Hours are spent rolling eyes and ignoring the constant reminders to baste the bird every fifteen minutes for perfectly crisp skin, but the Anderson boys know that these moments are meant to be cherished especially when their parents are getting older and who knows when it’ll be their turn to be responsible for the turkey that Thanksgiving?

“You seem to be lost in thought,” Kurt whispers, nudging Blaine with his elbow and knocking said man from his thoughts. Blaine looks up at him, blushing slightly when he notices the whole table watching him closely, like he’d zoned out too far while everyone had been trying to get his attention.

“Sorry. I’m just really hungry. The turkey looks great, dad. All of the food looks awesome.” He thinks about making a suggestion to ignore their usual family traditions and just dig into the food, but he knows that if he doesn’t participate in the typical Thanksgiving customs and such, he’ll never say what he needs to and the moment will be lost.

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Turkey and Crocodiles

A/N: Haha, AU where Connor and Oliver aren’t smack dab in the middle of another Really Bad Idea and instead get to actually enjoy Thanksgiving. (Um, this is my first and maybe only Coliver fic? Be gentle with me.

Surprisingly Oliver is the one who has to work on Thanksgiving.

“How does that even happen?” Connor asks, pushing eggs around in a pan and trying his best not to let Oliver see his pout. Oliver sidles up behind him, wraps suit clad arms around Connor’s waist, and kisses at the spot just behind his ear that makes Connor shiver every time. “Aren’t fancy offices like yours closed for the holidays? Even Annalise is taking the day off.”

“It’s not fancy,” Oliver counters, “and I’m just on call. I may not even have to go in.”

Connor doesn’t respond, instead he picks up the skillet of scrambled eggs and empties them onto a plate.

“Don’t be mad.” Oliver’s hands are still on Connor’s waist, and he gives a gentle squeeze of his fingers before letting them drop.

Connor turns to face Oliver, arms crossed over his chest. “I’m not mad.” He says, “But I will be if I end up eating turkey alone tomorrow.”

Oliver smiles at him, pulls him in and pecks him on the lips. “You won’t.” He says. “I’ll be here.”

“I hope so,” Connor quips as Oliver steps into the living room and slings his messenger bag over his shoulder. “I’m cooking naked. I’d hate for you to miss that.” When Oliver turns, Connor’s smiling too, his lips quirked up just so at one corner, and Oliver reaches for him again.

“That better be a promise.” He says.

Connor snickers. “Oh, it is.”

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11/24/16 • 6/100 • weekly spread for this week aka thanksgiving! having so much fun with my mildliners.