thanksgiving show

You are the reason of my insanity. You make me mad!😍😵

“is this turkey even big enough for all of us”


“why cant we just cook the turkey in the oven" 

“‘one fine day’ is over we have technology”

“we don’t even have utensils to eat with”

“staring at it won’t make it cook any faster”

“dibs on the drumstick”

“o em GEE. we’re by the SEA. cooking a turKEY." 

"guys lets say what we’re thankful for. i’m thankful for all you guys for being the best members ever”

“im thankful for everyone for graciously leaving me 1 line in our songs”

“you’re the reason why the sea is salty”

“that’s because i drink your tears”

“lol Thank U, new song idea”

“just leave the producing to me, please”

"we are roasting the turkey, not each other”

Fun fact: the first thing I actually said to my boyfriend when I met him was “THATS THE CODE LYOKO THEME SONG! I LOVE CODE LYOKO!” because he was playing that on his laptop and his response was “SOMEBODY GETS IT!”, romance is real

Bringing Jay Park to a Family Picnic
  • Me: can you pass the mustard?
  • Jay: *twitches*
  • Grandma: sure which kind? do you want dijon...
  • Jay: *eyes roll back*
  • Grandma: or gray pou-
  • Jay: *flips picnic table* THIS AINT DJ MUSTARD THIS IS GRAY ON THE BEATS
  • Me: jay no not again!
  • Me: quick someone get grandma out of here before-
  • Jay: *starts to hump grandmas leg* MOMMOMMOMMAE MOMMOMMOMAE MOMMOMMOMAE