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Brokeback Mountain (I just rewatched it recently so I'm feeling emotional about it again) ?

  • this is a god damn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation
  • HEARTBREAK mountain more like
  • michelle williams’ face
  • when heath hugs the jacket
  • when he’s driving away and looks at him in the side-view mirror
  • when they finally do it in the tent
  • montana cinematography
  • omg jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger in the same film
  • anne hathaway’s nails
  • and her bobbies
  • jake gyllentache
  • that dude from office space who’s in like everything and no one knows his real name
  • jake freaking out over thanksgiving
  • 2 hours 14 minutes of heartbreak
Happy Thanksgiving!

Two hours after Thanksgiving and Brian was still groaning. The top of his pants had been unbuttoned when he first laid into his second serving of mashed potatoes; the pant’s zipper started creeping down as his gut swelled close to bursting from his third piece of pumpkin pie.  It had been a big year for Brian’s waistline and this Thanksgiving, he had been determined to not stop eating until his belly hit the table.  He was successful.
From the kitchen, his boyfriend Kyle emerged smiling, wiping his left hand on his apron and holding the turkey wishbone in his right.  Kyle had spent days getting this Thanksgiving feast together and both of their families had been effusive in their praise of the meal.   The tables were now clear and the house near resembling itself prior to guests. Kyle had spent the last hour cleaning while Brian tried to manage his massively swollen gut.  

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Caitlyn bounces up and down in her chair, grinning at your boyfriend, who has just attached a web to the ceiling of STAR Labs main room. Cisco’s mouth drops open slightly when the web starts to retract, pulling Peter up off of the ground. You lean against the doorway leading to one of the smaller labs, smiling up at your boyfriend’s concentrated expression. 

When Peter gets to be about ten feet off of the ground, he flips over and attaches another web to a different point on the ceiling and swinging down gracefully. 

Cisco let’s out a low whistle, impressed. “Alright, no need to show off.”

Peter grins sheepishly, detaching his web-shooters and placing them in his pocket. “Sorry.”

You grew up in Central City until your parents and you moved to New York your Freshman year of high school. That’s where you met Peter, and the two of you started dating six months later. You’ve been together ever since, and now you’re both in your junior year.

Right now, it’s Thanksgiving Break, so you’re in Central City visiting your cousin Barry and the West’s. You and your parents have never been very close. If you’re honest, the West’s and Barry are your real family, at least in Central City. In New York, you have Peter and Aunt May.

Anyway, this summer you came to visit with Peter a couple months after the battle in Germany went down. The two of you were walking down the street, when you were attacked by a meta-human. The meta-human knocked you out and kidnapped you while Peter and the Flash were fighting him, and they both had to work together to save you.

So, that’s how you found out your cousin was the Flash, and became close friends with two of his best friends. 

“Earth to (y/n) …”

Shaking your head, you snap out of your memories to see Cisco waving a hand at you from where he’s seated at the monitors in the center of the room next to Caitlyn. “Hm?” you ask.

Caitlyn smiles softly at your facial expression. “Barry’s almost here,” she announces. 

Seconds after she says that, a red and gold blur flies into the room, slowing down to reveal your cousin walking toward you, grinning with his arms outstretched. “Hey, Bear,” you greet, accepting his warm hug and burying your face in his warm sweater. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” he replies, pulling away. He spots Peter over your shoulder and smiles. “Hey, Peter,” he greets, extending his hand out for Peter to shake, “how’s it going?”

Peter smiles. “Pretty good. You?”

Barry shrugs. “Ah, same old, same old.” The two of them laugh, and you smile. Barry may be your cousin, but he’s always been more of a big brother figure in your life. And there’s nothing a girl would want more than for her brother and her boyfriend to be friends.

“Hey, don’t I get a hug?” Cisco asks. Caitlyn shoots him an exasperated glare, and he raises his hands up in surrender. “Kidding, jeez. Hey, Peter, do you mind shooting another web? I have some ideas for a new weapon based on your shooter.”

“No problem.” Peter raises his arm and fires another web straight at the wall. He keeps his arm up as Cisco goes to examine the line of material, and you take your position at Peter’s shoulder, watching amusedly as the man works and mutters to himself at the same time. Barry stands next to you.

 “Trust me when I say you don’t want to know everything the web is made of, but I developed it myself, and it has the strength to hold two tons of weight.”

Barry raises his eyebrows and leans forward to flick the web, resulting in Cisco giving him annoyed look. Barry ignores it and crosses his arms. “I always just thought this was super silly string.” Slowly, you, Cisco, and Peter all turn your heads to look at him incredulously. “What? It looks like it!” Barry protests.

Cisco shakes his head and goes back to work. “Only you, Barry, would think that a future Avenger’s main weapon is silly string.”

After a couple more minutes of playful banter, Peter’s arm starts to falter, so you reach your arm up to help hold it, giving his tired muscles a break. He smiles down at you, and you can’t help but blush. You don’t know how you ever got so lucky. 

“Done,” Cisco announces, stepping back from the line of webbing. “I think i’ll be able to make some sort of polymer similar to this. It’ll make for some tricky netting.”

Barry’s phone starts ringing and he exits the room. Peter nods as he detaches the web, stretching out his sore arm. “As long as it’s not exactly the same. Don’t go stealing my ideas.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“He’s right, Cisco. We don’t want the world to know that The Flash and Spiderman know each other.” Caitlyn speaks up. “That could cause a major problem.“

Barry walks back into the room, swinging his arms in front of him and clapping. “Alright guys, we have to be at Joe’s in one hour for Thanksgiving dinner,” Barry orders. “If we’re late, Iris will kick my ass.”

You snort, and Cisco raises a hand in the air, eyes glued to his computer screen. “Then you better get this done fast. Meta-human spotted at 67th and Main.”

Barry groans. “Wha-But it’s Thanksgiving!”

Caitlyn shrugs. “Doesn’t mean the bad guy’s take a break.”

Sighing, Barry turns to Peter. “Can you suit up?”

A slow, easy grin spreads across Peter’s face. “Gladly.” Barry grins back before he runs to his suit and disappears out the door. Peter kisses your cheek before running after him, already pulling off his long-sleeved sweater, revealing his suit underneath.

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Relationship status: Complicated

Favourite colour: Cobalt blue

Lipstick or chapstick: Lip gloss

Last song I listened to: “No Children” by The Mountain Goats

Last movie I watched: I’ve probably watched something on Netflix but I don’t remember. The last one in theaters was Fantastic Beasts (I had to escape my parents’ house for a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner). I liked the niffler.

Top three TV shows:
I don’t really watch much TV so I’m having trouble coming up with favorites. I have a soft spot for Supernatural although I haven’t seen the past few seasons. I’m enjoying The Magicians (not as good as the books, of course). I just saw the new season of Master of None pop up on Netflix and I can’t wait to watch that.

Top three characters:
1. Ignis Scientia [FFXV]
2. Basch fon Ronsenburg [FFXII]
3. Let’s call this a tie between Gladio [FFXV] and Balthier [FFXII]

Top three ships:
1. Gladio/Ignis [FFXV]
2. Basch/Balthier [FFXII]
3. That’s pretty much it :P

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•race is all about pumpkin spice flavored things like all about them. he gets teased for it CONSTANTLY by his friends but spot always picks him up a pumpkin spice latte on his way home from school or work bc he thinks its endearing
•the second it gets a little frigid, spot’s nose turns pink and race is absolutely enamored by it. how can a nose thats already cute and freckly get even cuter??
•spot wears race’s sweaters even though they’re giant on him, he can tuck his legs under it (like an egg) and hit race with the sleeves
•they go to the jacobs’ house, out of the city, for thanksgiving and davey spends hours raking their huge yard before race picks up spot and slamdunks him into the pile of leaves
•race loves summer the most and spot loves winter the most, so fall is a nice mix of their two favorite seasons
•fall means halloween which means spot and race’s famed couple costumes. their best was the year when they went as louis and clark

right where we are

CS fake dating AU.

(Because I was watching this movie on Netflix and I heard ‘Thinking Out Loud’ on the radio and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for 4 days.)

(Also because Christmas.)

(Enjoy whatever this is.)

            It’s possibly one of the stupidest things she’s ever done—and she’s done a lot of stupid things.

            But let’s start at the beginning.

            It begins at the Labor Day picnic—because Storybrooke is like some sort of real life version of Stars Hollow, featuring her mother as Taylor Doose, so of course there’s a town wide picnic for Labor Day that her mother insists she drive up for—

            And of course her lack of romantic relationship comes up (when does it not anymore?), and it’s more of that sad smile from her mother, with a half hopeful, trying really hard, “You’ll find someone, Emma,” and then reassuring hugs from her father.

            And this year she gets it from cousin Regina, too—formerly the evil queen of town, practically, all sharp edges and sharp smiles, bitter and angry and full of scathing—but sometimes funny—remarks at the holidays—who is now happily engaged to a widowed lumberjack with a five year old. She’s happier than Emma’s ever seen her, which is great—Emma’s all about happy endings—but even she gets all, “Still no one?”

            And Emma bristles.

            “Yep,” she grinds out, smiling tightly. “Just me.”

            And then Regina had patted her on the arm and smiled condescendingly—and she may have meant well, Emma will grant her that—

            The point is, she didn’t drive up to Maine for the damned Labor Day picnic to be fussed over and pitied by her family for her lack of boyfriend.

            (Which is a choice, dammit.)

            The point is, when she gets back to her apartment in Boston she pulls out a bottle of wine and considers her life and her choices and her relationship track record and the holidays—

            And she’s maybe a little bit drunk and maybe feeling a little bit spiteful, which is how she comes to draft an ad seeking a fake relationship for the Christmas season.

            (She must have been drunk, because not only did she write the ad—she posted it.)

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That awkward moment when… You try to wrap your mind around the PLL timeline.

S3E13 This is a Dark Ride
This is Halloween of their senior year (S3E1, they made a toast to making it to senior year). This takes place on October 31

S5E12 Taking this One to the Grave
This is the episode where Mona is “murdered” (Thanksgiving Day- starts with the police at her house then goes back 36 hours to show what lead to her “death”)

S5E13 How the A Stole Christmas
This is Christmas of their senior year. 30 days after Mona was “murdered.” (as can be seen by her lawyer telling Hanna that he was instructed to deliver the envelope to her 30 days after Mona’s death)

That places Mona’s murder around November 24/25 (give or take a day) No episodes take place between the episode of her “murder” (Thanksgiving Day) and 30 days later around Christmas.

So… S3E14- S5E12 Covers Oct 31- roughly Nov 24/25 (not sure if S5E13 starts Christmas Eve (the day of the Ice Ball) or not, so could be earlier, which would mean the date of Mona’s “murder” could be earlier)

Halloween recap:
*Aria almost thrown off the train
*Garrett was murdered
*Ali’s remains are found
*The Liars learn Ali was blackmailing Byron

THEN… Between Halloween and Thanksgiving

(Big events) in the span of about 24 days:

*Mona returns to school (after being in Radley for 7 months) and takes over Debate Team as Captain. Spencer later attacks her at the competition.

*Spencer learns Toby is on the A-Team

*Emily gets a box of Ali’s things, including a notebook with notes between her and (the girls learn) Cece, who tells them Ali may have been pregnant by Wilden when she died

*Spencer tells Ezra about his son (Malcolm). Ezra leaves town.

*Caleb finds out Jamie is his Dad. He gets a job at the church

*Ali is reinterred (after her remains are found on Halloween).

*Jason and Emily are in the elevator accident and Jason is injured. Jason later disappears from the hospital.

*Ezra returns and tells Aria he’s barely slept in weeks. (Basically, since he’s been away… Weeks?)

*Ashley hits Wilden with her car. Aria and Hanna later push his car into the lake.

*Cece leaves town.

*Spencer tells the girls Toby is A, she’s known for a few weeks (around the time Ezra left town to meet his son).

*Maggie and Malcolm come to Rosewood.

*Spencer finds Toby’s body in the woods and has a breakdown, which lands her in Radley.

*Spencer agrees to help Mona (unbeknownst to us) after her 72-hour evaluation
*Spencer kidnaps Malcolm on Aria’s watch (As A)
*Aria breaks up with Ezra

*The Lodge Fire
*Wilden’s car pulled out of the lake
*Wilden’s murder

*Mona recaps and takes the girls to her lair

*Mrs. D (?) moves back to Rosewood and sets up Ali’s room

*Wilden’s funeral
*Hanna’s mom’s phone is in the casket
*We first see Black Widow
*Holbrook and Tanner came to town to investigate

*Toby helped new A (gave Mona’s lair/van) to investigate his mom’s death

*Aria took martial arts and dated Jake, her instructor

*Hanna found her dad’s gun in her mom’s closet and tried to bury it at Cicero College, getting herself arrested

*Hanna is released, her mom (Ashley) is arrested for Wilden’s murder

*Emily has a car drive through her house

*Mona confessed to Wilden’s murder; Ashley is released on house arrest
*Mona is sent back to Radley. Wren convinces Mrs. Hastings to go see Mona; which takes her off Ashley’s case.

*Charges later dropped against Ashley (after Travis comes forward later on down the road). Mona later sent home.

*Paige threw Emily a surprise party and Jenna was almost drowned

*Ezra found out Malcolm isn’t his son. Maggie and Malcolm move to Seattle.

*Ravenswood (first time seeing when Spencer and Toby go there)

*ENTIRE SEASON OF NEW SHOW- Caleb stays during the Halloween episode to help Miranda S4E13.
*We see Ezra’s Ravenswood lair
  *Ali shows herself to the girls

S4E15- Starts saying one week later

*Note: We first hear about Sara Harvey

*Caleb returns to Rosewood, he and Hanna break up, he goes back to Ravenswood

*Mike and Mona start dating

*Hanna and Holbrook become (friends?)

*Aria breaks up with Jake for Ezra

*Spencer realizes Ezra is “Board Shorts” and starts abusing medication

*Aria finds Ezra’s book and confronts him on the ski lift

*Spencer goes to rehab for 3 days, then gets Dean, her sobriety coach

*Hanna starts dating Travis

*Mona dumps Mike (because she cares about him and doesn’t want to pull him into her mess, as Ezra is blackmailing her)

*Aria goes away to a college for a few days to get over Ezra. She returns and confronts him. He gives her his manuscript. She shares with the girls that Ezra thinks Mrs. D is A

*Paige finds Emily at the post office mailing money to Ali and then leaves an anonymous note to the police that Ali is alive. Emily breaks up with her because of it.


*Spencer’s sober coach (Dean) gets fired. Jason returns to Rosewood. Spencer tells Dean (when he comes to say goodbye at the bridal show) that Jason had been at Clark Center for a few months (although his elevator accident/disappearance from the hospital occurred within this 24 day time span lol)

*Jessica (?) gives Cece clothes


*Cece returns; gives police pic of of the girls with Ali. Ali meets with the girls to tell them about “that night.” Holbrook shows Mrs. Hastings the pic and says it was taken a few weeks ago.
*Melissa returns to town
*We find out that Mona knew Ali was alive the whole time and convinced her to fake her death
*Ezra gets shot on the rooftop
*Mrs. D is murdered and buried

*Season 5

*Opens with Ezra loaded into the ambulance

*Somehow A had a team in NY circling the girls in the playground while Aria is at the hospital with Ezra. We see Lucas and Mona are now working together (in Rosewood).

*Aria kills Shana

*The girls convince Ali to return to Rosewood

*They find Mrs. D’s body buried in the yard. There is Mrs. D’s funeral

*Caleb returns to Rosewood (for good)

*We find out it was Bethany Young buried in Ali’s grave, then Toby’s house blows up

*Aria volunteers at Radley and steals Bethany’s drawings (after Eddie Lamb left one at Ezra’s). We learn there is a connection to Mrs. D.

*Hanna gets back together with Caleb (no idea wtf happened to Travis). They go on a drinking binge.

*Ella (Aria’s mom)’s fiance, Zach, hit on Hanna. Wedding is called off.

*Cyrus Petrillo confesses to Ali’s kidnapping. He is released after 48 hours and we learn he had a deal with Ali.

*We learn via DVD that Melissa buried Bethany Young thinking it was Ali and that Spencer had killed her.

*Mike and Mona get back together,

S5E12 “Taking this One to the Grave”- Thanksgiving Day (shows 36 hours leading up to Mona’s “death”)

*Ali takes a lie detector and the girls turn to Mona for help

*Toby became a cop. He is in a car accident on the way to his graduation and Spencer is arrested for the murder of Bethany Young.

Not being nit-picky, I know it’s a TV show, this just amused me to compile as I rewatched the series in preparation for the premiere of Season 7 in a few weeks :-)

All this happened in a little over 3 weeks…lol

*Jason spent “months” in rehab

*Spencer spent at least 3 days (72 hours) in Radley and 3 days in rehab

*Mona got out of Radley, went back to school, went back to Radley for Wilden’s murder, went back home, raised an army with Lucas and was murdered

*Ezra found out he HAD a son, left town for a few weeks to meet him, had his son staying in town, found out he DIDN’T actually have a son, and had his not son move away to Seattle

* Emily had a car drive through her house, broke up with Paige for telling police Ali was alive, then got back together with her

*Hanna was arrested for trying to bury a gun, got her mother arrested, broke up with Caleb, dated Travis, got back together with Caleb and went on a drinking binge


*Garrett, Wilden, Mona, Shana and Mrs. DiLaurentis were all murdered

On talking about my conversion story:

When I say “I’m a convert” and someone responds “technically we’re all converts,” in a joking manner, I have to actively try to not be upset with them. It feels as though they are equating their spiritual struggle to mine. And yes, internally, they may have even more of a struggle than I do.
But they didn’t sit up nights being demeaned by their anti-Mormon parents. When they explored their faith they didn’t risk being kicked out of their home. When they wanted to be baptized they were encouraged, I was scorned. When they wanted to go on a mission, their family celebrated. Mine made me watch anti-Mormon videos for hours. At thanksgiving they don’t have to deal with endless questions and insulting judgements. On their wedding day they will get both of their parents in the temple with them.
So, yes, internally we are all converts and each person finds their faith through their own struggles.
But it is a much harder external struggle being born in a family who is not Mormon.
Please do not suppose that you and I have had equal experiences.

Happy Thanksgiving

This story is short and sweet.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Two hours after Thanksgiving and Brian was still groaning. The top of his pants had been unbuttoned when he first laid into his second serving of mashed potatoes; the pant’s zipper started creeping down as his gut swelled close to bursting from his third piece of pumpkin pie.  It had been a big year for Brian’s waistline and this Thanksgiving, he had been determined to not stop eating until his belly hit the table.  He was successful. 

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