thanksgiving for two

23.  Gabe has a mouth like a crucible, also no discernible taste buds.


Fact #160: Kate always suggests to buy your Thanksgiving ingredients two to three days before Thanksgiving. The stores will have all that is needed with the holiday deals but without the calamitous crowds. She also suggests to pull out the good ol’ irish catholic guilt trip to ensure all your loved ones will be attending your feast.


Kate’s Guilt Trip Cheat Sheet -

Children = I birthed you

Older Siblings = I protected you from the little shits

Younger Siblings = I’m practically your mom you little shits

Robert Duncan McNeill = I got you your first directing gig

Robert Picardo = Blackmail

Robert Beltran = Sexually based blackmail

Tim Russ = Happy to come so no blackmail for this black male

Natasha Lyonne = I’m your filming mommy so I might as well have birthed you

Taylor Schilling = I’m well aware you kind of fear me and it breaks my heart (wink)

Rosie O’Donnell = I’m Mary Ryan! Protect my little freckled self from Trump!

Lover Of The Month = Flash to last night

Lea DeLeria = See Rosie O’ Donnell

Reylo Thanksgiving

You guys, REYLO


Holy shit can you believe what we’re seeing right now? o_O

Remember being told so many times that you were wrong, that maybe even part of you started to believe it too? 

And now we get this:





We don’t know how far they can go, we don’t know if there can truly be a happy ending for them except in our hearts, we don’t know if there willl even be a kiss with tongue, but they’ve gotten this far and Reylos were right. We were right. About everything. And Reylo is canon, bitches.

Bless us, everyone. Thanksgiving came early this year. 🙏 😭


P.S: we’ve read all your asks. 🤗

We are working on this podcast episode and hope to have it out ASAP. Thanks so much!

The Batfam on Thanksgiving inspired by SailorJ
  • Bruce: Okay, so some distant family members are coming over to Gotham for Thanksgiving dinner. I need you all to be on your BEST behavior. Now give me some examples of what GOOD well behaved children say to their relatives on Thanksgiving. Three, two, one, GO!
  • Jason: I hope your turkey is dry as SHIT! Susan.
  • Tim: I have a mental breakdown AT LEAST seven times a day
  • Steph: Pocahontas was kidnapped.
  • Cass: DOn't talk about POLITICS! Don't talk about racism, don't talk about the constitutioooon.
  • Damian: I care for the white folk, I care for the Asian folk. I care for all the folk.
  • Dick: Not the cornbread!!
  • Duke: I've eaten cup noodles for the past eight days. And, I'm out of noodles.
  • Barbara: If the men find out we can shapeshift they're going to tell the church!!

Happy birthday, Porco Galliard. 11.11.2017.   
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Hiya!  The International Baten Kaitos Day of Haberdashery got me wondering: a couple years go, we tried to sort out who the favorite characters of the English-speaking Baten Kaitos fandom were.  But we didn’t settle the really important question: who has the best hat?

OK, yes, yes.  But who has the second and third best hats in all of Baten Kaitos?

Reblog with your first, second, and third choices for best Baten Kaitos hat by November 24, 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (currently GMT+5).  That’s short notice, but democracy waits for no one.  The winners will be announced on November 25, the last day of Our Glorious Spiriter Week 2017.  Trophies will be delivered in the back by Verus in a position that minimally compromises lung function.

Hat criteria:

- Headbands (adult Gibari) don’t count.  Ridiculously high collars (adult Ladekahn) don’t count.  Crowns (young Ladekahn) and headdresses (Corellia) are OK.  Helmets are kind of pushing it, but I suppose you could include adult Giacomo and Ayme’s headgear in your vote if you wanted.  For the Children of the Earth, please remember that their hats should be considered separate from their extremely distracting masks.

Stuff that encases the entire head (Guillo’s hood, Kamroh’s…enormous wood pumpkin) does not really count as a hat for the purposes of this poll.

- And, hey  -  don’t forget about shopkeepers while voting!  That dude in Mintaka didn’t wire up his hats for nothing!  (Also, if you’re voting for a character who appeared in both games, please specify which version’s getting your vote.)  Just to make it clear, you’re not restricted to the illustrious representatives in the photo selection above  -  any hat-wearing individuals in the franchise are fair game.

OK, good luck!  Exercise your right to vote in a civilized and peaceful manner, just like our friends in Alfard!

Candidates and voters are requested to refrain from wing-ripping.  Until the last couple days of voting, of course.

twelfth-doctor  asked:

Kara is nervous about spending her first thanksgiving with Cat's family instead of the Danvers. (She's torn between loving the Grants so much and missing her familiar routines & traditions)

They’re picking out Halloween pumpkins when Cat casually mentions it, leaning against the barn door at the farmers’ market that’s the only acceptable place to pick out seasonal produce. She has her sunglasses on despite the gloom, despite the fact Kara points out they draw more attention than not wearing them would. Cat has her habits, and she’s dealt with fame far longer than she cares to talk about, so Kara lets her be.

“It’s my year, with Carter. I had Christmas last year, so Thanksgiving this one. We don’t usually do much, just the two of us. Still, I thought you’d like to be part of it?”

Kara’s heart sinks just a fraction as she smiles. Cat has gotten much better at asking instead of just making hurricane-like plans and sweeping Kara up in them. They’ve been dating since the spring, and it’s a semi-public secret that Kara isn’t sure how they’re pulling off, but she’ll endure just about anything from paparazzi or the internet for the sudden feeling of Cat’s arm around her waist, pulling Kara close. 

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Wait, You’re Not Together?

In which everyone sees the way they act around each other

Kara still claims they’re “just friends” and “it’s how friends act around each other”

Also on AO3:

Kara furrows her brows as she reads the text one more time.

Because after months (twelve months and thirteen days to be exact), Cat Grant (Ms. Grant) showed a sign that she’s alive, well and is, in fact, up to date on what’s happening in National City.

It’s a simple message, three lines, and Kara surely reads it at least four times and she still doesn’t get it:

10:25am – [received from Ms. Grant] – Just read your last article on L-Corp and Lena Luthor. I hope she treats you well.

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Okay, but I have this very vivid mental image in my head of Frank showing up on Karen’s doorstep on Thanksgiving Day and the two of them just staring at each other for a moment. Karen’s got her hands on her lips in that nervous gesture she does, but then she’s reaching out with shaky fingers and gently touching his bruised cheek. And Frank’s sighing, almost a whimper, as he closes his eyes and leans into her caress. And then, slowly, they come together, bumping foreheads as he looks her in the eye and whispers he wants her to be his after.

oh my god I have no excuse?? this is the first fic I’ve posted in months and its not even good!! I was considering not posting it at all but idkit took so long I felt like I had to.

remember that AU idea I had where JD and Veronica are dating, and Veronica’s grandparents don’t believe Veronica is really bisexual, so she pretends to be in a poly relationship with JD and Heather Chandler? ya that’s this thing. also there is a tiny hint of chansaw? because I’m always a slut for Heather shamelessly flirting with Veronica, especially in front of JD lmao.  I hope it entertains u!

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