thanksgiving for two

Thanksgiving - j.b. imagine

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Summary: Your family comes over to yours and Justin’s place to celebrate thanksgiving with the two of you. 

Warnings: none, fluff mostly. 


“Y/n! What if your parents don’t like me?” Justin whined. 

“Trust me Justin, they’ll love you! You’re a good guy, there’s nothing you have to worry about.” I reassured him. 

Justin has been stressing this day since November has started. He always worried about my parents not liking him or he says something inappropriate or edgy around the dinner table. I always had to tell him, he would be fine. Which he was! The pies were baking in the oven and Justin and I were watching the parade on tv. 

“We should go there one year.” I suggested. 

“The one in New York is better.” He replied. 

“Well then, we should go to the one in NYC next year.” I continued, “Maybe you won’t worry about my parents not liking you.” 

“Shut up.” He scoffed, “You’re such an ass.” I laughed at his change in demeanor. Justin will always be a little baby—not that it’s a bad thing. I don’t mind it, sometimes. I got up from the couch and checked on the pies in the oven. They were looking good so far. My parents and other family were bringing their own dishes so, I thought it’d be best to bake something. It’s the least I could do. 

They were going to start arriving around five, so that gave us about 3 hours to ourselves. I put my y/h/c hair up into a ponytail, not really caring how it looked. I rested my hands on my hips and sighed. This was going to be a long day.

“Y/n!” Justin called to me. I walked out of the kitchen to see what he wanted.

“What?” I questioned, showing some annoyance. 

“I don’t know what to wear! What if I dress too preppy?” He asked. 

“Justin, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep this up. Just chill out. We’ll find you something to wear.” I said, “You’ve never met someone else’s parents before?” 

“I have but, not for thanksgiving! I haven’t had a girl around to take me to their parents.” He replied. 

“We have three hours babe, you’ll be fine.” I said, leaving the room. I was going to have a heart attack if he kept on bothering me. I never understood what was so bad about meeting your significant other’s parents. Justin, I could understand but, in general. I shook my head of my thoughts and sat on the chair, seated by the island. 

I took my phone out of my pocket and decided to call my parents. 

“Oh hello honey! How are you?”

“Great. Justin and I are super excited to see you guys!”

“Oh really? We can’t wait to meet him! Hopefully he’s better than your old boyfriend.”

“Mom. Stop. Don’t bring him into this. Justin’s a great guy, trust me. He’s a keeper.”

“Hope so. Well, we will be seeing you in a few hours. We love you so much y/n!”

“Love you too. Bye!”

Parents these days. Always bring up your ex’s. I locked my phone and put it back in my pocket. I ran my hands through my hair and messed around with my hair ends. I needed to get these trimmed. I got up from my seat and bumped into Justin on the way up. 

“What are you doing!” I yelled, caught off guard.

“I couldn’t help but listen. Your folks seem alright.” He said.

“They sure are.” I said, “Anyways, why don’t we go figure out what you’re going to wear?”

“Thought you’d never ask.” He smirked.

 He followed behind me as we went up the stairs to our room. We went into his closet and began looking through stuff. “Now. Before we start deciding what you’re going to wear let’s get something straight. You don’t need to dress preppy because my parents know how you are already. You can wear a nice shirt with nice jeans. No rips, no nothing.” I said, “Got it?”

“Don’t dress preppy, just look nice.” He repeated, “Got it.”

“Good! Now let’s find something for you to wear.” I exclaimed, beginning to go through his endless wardrobe of clothes. We finally came across something both him and I could agree on. 

“Okay, everybody this is my boyfriend Justin. Be nice to him.” I joked. I sent Justin a look, meaning for him to get up and introduce himself. 

He got up from his seat and began talking. “O-okay. Um, hello. I’m J-Justin. And it’s nice to meet y-you all.” He stuttered. I mentally faced palmed myself but, hey! At least he stuck to our plan. 

“Nice to meet you sweetheart. Y/n, you didn’t tell how handsome he was in person.” My mom said. 

“Oh my goodness mom. Dad’s right there, you know!” I laughed.

“Ooh, I’m sure he doesn’t care. Justin, you’re from Canada if I heard that correct, right?” My mom continued. 

“Born and raised ma'am.” He replied, sounding more confident. There’s the Justin I know. 

“That’s so nice!” She smiled, “Maybe next thanksgiving we can meet your parents! I’d love to see the people who created you into the young man you are!”

“Of course.” He smiled back at her, “Y/n just needs to let me know.” 

The rest of the night went smoothly and as planned. I looked about and everyone was having a good time, even Justin. I smiled to myself taking everything in. You just gotta love the holidays with family.

Soon, little by little, some of the family left. My parents were the last to go. “Y/n, you better tell us about when Justin’s parents invite us over for thanksgiving.” My mom said to me. 

“His thanksgiving is different from ours. But, I’ll let you know.” I rested my hand on her shoulder. My father and her engulfed me in a hug and planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

“And I could never forget about the man of the hour. Come and give your in-laws a good ol’ hug!” She focused her attention on Justin. Oh brother. I watched as he gave her a hug and he was ready to let go but, not her. She kissed him multiple times on each cheek. 

I had to put an end to this before she starts fully making out with him. “Alright mom. I think he’s had enough.” I joked, prying her off of him. 

“Oh, silly me! I got carried away!” She laughed, “We’ll meet again soon Mr. Bieber.” Justin nodded his head and scratched the back of his neck. I bid my parents farewell and watched as they pulled out the driveway to leave. I gave one last wave before they drove off. I closed the door and turned around to face Justin.

“See? It wasn’t even that bad.” I said. 

“You were right. But, your mom gives insane kisses.” He laughed. I let out a slight chuckle and rolled my eyes. 

This was a good thanksgiving.

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The Gang & Thanksgiving Day

-they invited the Shepard’s over for their makeshift Thanksgiving,,,,,, THE FIRST ONE W/O THEIR PARENTS

-Dally said something under his breath about Angela

-oops he has a broken nose & now sulking in the corner

-Curly offers Pony and Johnny (butmostlyPony) marijuana


-Johnny is so glad the guys decided to do this because Mrs. Curtis would always MAKE him come over and he was almost afraid he’d be alone on Thanksgiving

-Two-Bit’s mom had to work so he brings his sister

-His sister and Angela team up #girlpower

-So now there’s this young girl going around making innocent jabs at the guys while Angela is rooting her on.

-Most of the jabs are towards Tim but he absolutely loves it bc she is so adorable.

-Steve brings his own cranberry sauce because he’s the only one that likes that nasty shit

-Soda is not allowed in the kitchen, so he “decorates” the house

-Darry cooks from memory while Ponyboy is reading the cookbook and tries to correct him

-“Was that parsely?”

-“Yeah. Why?”

-“The book says to only add basil.”

-“I don’t give a damn what the book says.”

-Everyone brings a little dessert

-Dally even swiped a carton of ice cream

-They have a moment before they eat to silently think of what they’re thankful for

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can we just imagine if tythan is a thing and just when everyone was visiting ethan's home town before pax, eth and ty aren't out yet as a couple but once ethan's parents (they know ethan gay) meet tyler they are just in love with him cause he's a giant gentleman and treats ethan well and like eths parents keep trying to pressure ethan to date tyler not knowing they are a thing and just ethan and tyler has to tell them that they are and like the patens are just ecstatic cause otp -☁️✨

Omg!! And once they get home Ethan is being texted and his parents are like “Don’t forget to invite Tyler to Thanksgiving! You two are welcome to come visit any time” and then there’s a separate text from his dad that says “please bring Tyler back I finally had someone to talk about sports with”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two hours after Thanksgiving and Brian was still groaning. The top of his pants had been unbuttoned when he first laid into his second serving of mashed potatoes; the pant’s zipper started creeping down as his gut swelled close to bursting from his third piece of pumpkin pie.  It had been a big year for Brian’s waistline and this Thanksgiving, he had been determined to not stop eating until his belly hit the table.  He was successful.
From the kitchen, his boyfriend Kyle emerged smiling, wiping his left hand on his apron and holding the turkey wishbone in his right.  Kyle had spent days getting this Thanksgiving feast together and both of their families had been effusive in their praise of the meal.   The tables were now clear and the house near resembling itself prior to guests. Kyle had spent the last hour cleaning while Brian tried to manage his massively swollen gut.  

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‘Stiles you’re being ridiculous.’ you said as you sat in the parked Jeep with your boyfriend who was currently giving you the silent treatment.

He really was.

It wasn’t like you wore some skimpy little outfit and got touchy feely with all his guy friends. All you did was bring some homemade cupcakes to the pack meeting.

‘Stiles!’ you yelled.

‘I didn’t like that you went all out of your way for those other guys.’ Stiles said, finally.

‘Those guys are your friends, and the girls ate some too, you’re the only one who didn’t have one. And going out of my way? They’re cupcakes, not a Thanksgiving dinner that took me two days to prepare.’ you reasoned.

‘You didn’t see the looks they were giving you.’ he argued.

‘Neither did you! You were glaring at the floor the whole time, if you looked up you would have seen that everyone was too busy eating cupcakes to look at me.’

‘The fact remains I don’t like you cooking for other guys.’ Stiles said firmly.

‘Well my fucking bad for not wanting to show up empty handed for my first pack meeting. In fact next time I wont even come.’ you said before opening the door and got out making your way to your front door.

‘(Y/N)! That’s not what I’m saying!’ Stiles yelled as he hopped out and followed you, only for you to slam the door in his face.

You went to the kitchen quickly to lock the window before Stiles could climb in through the window as he often did, but you were too slow.

‘(Y/N).’ Stiles said apologetically.

You opened up your fridge and puled out a lid covered plate.

You looked at Stiles in the eyes before pulling the lid off, revealing a heart shaped cake with “Best Boyfriend” written in frosting.

‘I made the cupcakes because the recipe I used for the cake left too much batter for the pan. And I figured I might as well bring something to the meeting, first impressions and all that.’ you explained with your arms crossed.

Stiles stared down at the cake for a minute, before he sighed in disappointment in himself.

‘(Y/N), I’m so sorry.’ he apologized.

‘Yeah, you should be.’ you said turning your back to him.

You felt Stiles wrap his arms around you before he buried his face in your neck.

‘I’m sorry, I just don’t want any other guys to see how good you are and run off with you.’ he said.

‘Even if they all knew how much of a catch I was I would never leave you. Why would I? Stiles you might not know it but you’re a good guy, and only an idiot would let you go.’ you said as you turned around and looked up at him.

‘I love you (Y/N), you know that?’ Stiles asked.

‘Yes I know, but I need you to know that I love you too. Know it and believe it, never forget it.’

Thanksgiving break is in two weeks, and I’ll be coming back to this. As a kid and teenager, I used to be so ashamed about what went on behind this door. The embarrassment of my dysfunctional family, the shame from the mess & clutter & lack of space, the idea that if I let people it, they’d know I wasn’t perfect. All of those things kept me dreading to let anyone in. And all these years later, it’s still a mess inside. But a mess that made me who I am. A mess that shaped me, taught me, broke me, and built me back up. I’ll never be ashamed to walk through that door again.

Ever since I was drafted to Texas in 2007, it’s been nice celebrating two thanksgivings a year, but my body doesn’t enjoy the 20 extra pounds I gain each time. At least these last couple years, I’ve been able to try and work it all off, trying not to live up to my old nickname of ‘Chubbs’.


I know I still need to work on that “Save Her” comic, but I got a really good idea for another comic!

Sooo basically, what you guys don’t know is that one of my characters, Thanksgiving (Fursona character) has two younger siblings, Halloween and Autumn, but Autumn is actually her DAUGHTER (Yup yup, accidental teen pregnancy :3)

I still don’t know how she gets preggers, but I definitely know it was an accident and that she didn’t mean for it to happen. (And you can guess that the father wouldn’t stick around when HE found out)

And I was thinking that she and her brother grew up in a super religious household and their parents were not pleased when Thanksgiving told them that she was preggers. Or maybe not, but either way, her parent’s weren’t happy about it.

Anyways, here’s a sneak peek of the comic >:3

Hope you guys enjoy it (When I ever finish it hhHHH =w=)