thanksgiving drawing

It’s Thanksgiving which means tables decorated with tiny porcelain figures of Native Americans sharing corn with pilgrims. It’s a holiday about being grateful, coming together, and being at peace but while we use caricatures of a great people, mainstream media ignores their cries for help. While we set tables with servings of food that are far too large, the original inhabitants of this great nation struggle to fight for clean drinking water and respect for their ancestors.

I’m not great at words but this issue is very dear to my heart so here’s some art.

WELL, I’ve been enlightened to the beautiful miracle that is Korrasami month??? Who could’ve guessed? Get ready for a lovely month of sketchy fluff for everyone’s favorite power couple…

Thanks for sending all those prompts, guys! I’m drawing them now, but I’d like to upload this before Thanksgiving ends :P

Branch has one hell of a sweet tooth and he’ll often try to get his hands on Poppy’s cooking before it’s served or even cooled

AKA, Poppy finds use for Branch’s ridiculous amount of mousetraps