thanksgiving centerpiece crafts

❉ sweet & simple sorority thanksgiving decor! ❉

Q: I’m the alumnae chair for my sorority and we’re planning a thanksgiving brunch in a couple weeks! Do you have any ideas for cheap and easy to make decorations? We don’t have a house so my chapter is using a room on campus. Thank you!

A: Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday for DIY decorations! You can really have fun making centerpieces and other decor. Try some of these simple and inexpensive ideas for your brunch! {all photos from PInterest}

Thankful Activities: As part of your decor, provide a way for your sisters and alumnae to be thankful for all their blessings. These are some creative ways for sharing thanks {choose one} ~ 

  • At each table, place a decorated mason jar with craft sticks inside and a black sharpie. Ask each guest to write down what they are thankful for. Then pass the jars around the table. Each sister picks a stick and reads in aloud. 
  • Spray paint several artificial pumpkins white and provide a black sharpie for your guests to write what they are thankful for on the pumpkin. One could be on each table, or located at the entry to the room.
  • Create a ‘Thankful Tree’ from branches with tags and pens nearby. Each attendee writes down what she’s thankful for when entering the party. Alternative is to have a tree, tags and pens as your centerpiece on each table. 
  • Thankful placemats are cute too. Cut rustic placemats from brown craft paper and decorate each one with a place to write a list of things to be thankful for. Provide fine point Sharpies in a mason jar on each table. After the sisters fill out their placemat, they can go around the table sharing their blessings.

❉ Simple Centerpiece Ideas!

  • Inexpensive, plain vases filled with small pumpkins.
  • Simple cylinder vase filed with cranberries and wheat.
  • Mason jar with fall leaf arrangement (real or artificial.)
  • Real or craft store pumpkins with berry garland. Pumpkins can be spray painted if you want them to be white instead of orange.  

 More Ideas for Centerpieces, Buffet Table and Room Decor!

  • Inexpensive clay flower pots filled with daisies.
  • Hot glue craft store flowers to pumpkins. 
  • Include pine cones with pumpkins for a fall feel. 
  • Carve out a real pumpkin and fill with a potted plant. Both from the grocery store. 
  • Hot clue fall flowers around a real or artificial pumpkin.
  • Tie a sheaf of wheat together with a burlap bow. 

❉ Simple Room Decor Ideas! 

  • String real or craft store leaves on invisible fishing line and hang around your event space. 
  • Find rustic baskets and full with pumpkins and vines. Place around your party room. 
  • Make a “thanks” garland from poster paper and large letters. String with twine and hang. 
  • Fill old baskets with corn and berries for a rustic display. 
  • Paint a real or artificial pumpkin with your greek letters for extra sorority sugar. 

DIY Garlands for Your Photo Booth & Decor!

Garlands made from scrapbook paper, fabric, pinecones, leaves, glitter leaves and more are charming and inexpensive to make. Use with a Thanksgiving banner and props for your photo booth. String items on ribbon, twine, or invisible fishing line. 

❉ Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your sorority sisters!! ❉