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How BTS does Thanksgiving
  • Jin: Okay guys i made us some salad
  • Suga: Even if it isn't cooked it taste like shit
  • J-Hope: I think it's good
  • Jungkook: I'm just thankful Jin cut himself trying to cook
  • Taehyung: I wanna eat now
  • Namjoon: Wait everyone say your thanks
  • Jin: I'm thankful we can all be together
  • Suga: I would be thankful if you moved your wanna be chef ass out our kitchen
  • Namjoon: I'm just thankful to have you all with me
  • Jimin: I'm thankful i get to sit next to Jungkook
  • Taehyung: I'm not thankful that Jimin hasn't choked on his food yet
  • Jungkook: *Laughing*
  • Jin: Everyone now let's eat and have a good thanksgiving, oh Namjoon how is the food
  • Namjoon: Perfect i love it
  • Jungkook: Hyung, you're going to hell for lying to him let's face it this taste like shit and no one wants it
  • Jimin: It's good, Jin don't listen to them
  • J-Hope: Can all of you shut the fuck up now let's just end this already i'm thankful for you guys
  • Jungkook: I'm thankful Jimin passed out as soon as he went to leave stage
  • Jimin: You are so lucky i haven't hit you upside your head yet
  • Jungkook: Can you even reach the top of my head is the question though?
  • interviewer: so what're all of you thankful for?
  • jin, the confident one: my beautiful face
  • yoongi, the whipped one: JHOOOOOOOPE
  • hoseok, an actual ray of sunshine: my parents
  • namjoon, the philosophical one: i am thankful for the fact that i can even say that i am thankful
  • jimin, a lil mochi angel: ARMYs *does heart fingers*
  • taehyung, an aspiring artist: vincent van gogh hyungnim
  • jungkook, an intellectual: i thank the lord everyday for making me gay for jimin.

tis the season

pillowtalk | M

Thanksgiving (smut) drabble game: 14. double penetration + Yoongi and Jungkook!

Originally posted by jeonbase

warnings: PWP,  fingering, double penetration, poly!yoonkook + reader and mentions of some cute sex toy.
word count: 1.K+

A foreign pressure at the back of your neck draws a pleased whine from your lips, head lolling to the side as Yoongi continues to stroke your sore muscles at the same time his fingers dip low enough to spread the arousal pooling on your slit, two fingers teasing at the entrance as you try and fail to push yourself back against his touch.

“Can you take three, baby?” Jungkook tweaks your nipple to get your attention back to him, lips finding yours with ease as he adjusts your weight on top of hips.

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bad decisions | M

Thanksgiving (smut) drabble game: 7. dry humping + Taehyung!

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

warnings: PWP,  drunk hook up, some good ol’ frottage and a measly handjob. 
word count: 1.5K+

Taehyung sighs in the curve of your neck, lips roaming the soft expanse of skin as his hands can’t seem to find a resting spot in the curves of your body. It’s one am and the silence in his dorm room is as overwhelming as it is exciting; you blame on the bottle of vodka the two of you had while studying for finals.

One hour ago it seemed like a good idea. One hour later, not so much.

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the signs + bts during thanksgiving
  • cooking with jin: aquarius, virgo
  • bringing food to a shelter with namjoon: cancer, scorpio
  • black friday shopping with jimin: libra, capricorn
  • coming up with really bad games with v: leo, gemini
  • eating food as it's made with jungkook: aries
  • watching jungkook but not stopping him with j-hope: sagittarius
  • cleaning up afterward with suga: pisces, taurus
  • being thankful for bts: all the signs