thanksgiving bts

the signs + bts during thanksgiving
  • cooking with jin: aquarius, virgo
  • bringing food to a shelter with namjoon: cancer, scorpio
  • black friday shopping with jimin: libra, capricorn
  • coming up with really bad games with v: leo, gemini
  • eating food as it's made with jungkook: aries
  • watching jungkook but not stopping him with j-hope: sagittarius
  • cleaning up afterward with suga: pisces, taurus
  • being thankful for bts: all the signs
  • My family @ Thanksgiving: I'm thankful for what God has given us. The food, the water, everything that we have in life. I'm very thankful to have a family like you guys.
  • Me @ Thanksgiving: I'm thankful for God creating Park Jimin. His ass is so fine, he quenches my thirst, he is the light to my darkness, he is the definition of beauty, his smile can cure anything, his voice sounds like an angel, he is the sweetest person to ever live, and did I mention he has a 👌🏽 ass?
My 2016 thank you notes:

*cue piano music*

Thank you Running man, for exposing Jungkook’s abs.

Thank you Mingyu, for showing us that people can look hot in Cheetos hair.

Thank you Got7 stylists, for cutting Jackson’s right sleeve off.

Thank you MMA fan-cams, for showing us that Exo & BTS love each other.

Thank you Rapmon, for being the reason Bangtan was created.

Thank you ISAC, for idol interactions & Min Yoongi running.

Thank you Wonwoo, for always laughing at Hoshi’s lame puns.

Thank you Mark’s friends, for… nothing, absolutely nothing. 

Thank you J-hope, for being the reason Suga smiles.

Thank you puberty, for hitting Bambam like a truck.

Thank you JB’s forehead, for getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you BTS, for making me actually read for once.

Thank you S.Coups, for taking care of 12 screaming children.

Thank you Got7, for making me search what ‘hard carry’ means.

Thank you Dabbing, for showing us who our real friends are.

And finally thank you Kpop, for being the reason why I have no life.

Happy Holidays ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ