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Overeat on Thanksgiving? You’re not alone. It looks like this bear clearly enjoyed its meal and is ready for a nap. This photo was taken near Wonder Lake in Alaska’s Denali National Park by visitor Georgia Riddick and donated to the park.
The Strange Truth Behind Presidential Turkey Pardons
Presidents have been pardoning turkeys for decades. But why? They used to eat them, actually. The history of the tradition is an odd and sad tale with lots of myths.

The annual presidential turkey pardoning event at the White House is a strange one. This year is President Obama’s eighth and last one, but he still seems confused.

“It is a little puzzling that I do this every year,” Obama said in 2014.

“I know some folks think this tradition is a little silly,” he said a year later. “I do not disagree.”

The president has made the event something of an annual dad joke.

“Time flies, even if turkeys don’t,” Obama said last year, flanked by his daughters Sasha and Malia. There was a long pause and eventual polite laughter from his daughters and audience. “You think it’s funny, too, don’t you?” the president said to the crowd.

There’s always lots of laughter for a lighthearted moment the day before Thanksgiving, but the truth behind turkey pardons is a strange and sad tale with a long and myth-filled history.

So who are these overstuffed fowl? Where did they come from? And how did this whole thing get started, anyway? We try to answer those questions, and more.

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