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Apparently there ARE deaf aliens out there...

Sometimes I work with deaf children, and there is almost never a dull moment.

One day, I happened to eavesdropping on a conversation between two deaf female tweens about the TV show “Girl Meets World”. I smiled and said, “I remember ‘Boy Meets World’.”  One of them exclaimed,”THAT IS WHEN THE DAD WAS A KID!”

Me: *nodding* yeah I know

Girl #1: But you have to be really old

Me: ……

Girl #2: You don’t look old

Me: *smiling* aww thanks

Girl#2: but you saw the show, and you are not old.

Me: Well, I AM kinda old…. only to you.

They both start to giving me a look

Me: What? 

They both glanced at each other then back at me. They slowly got up and walked away. Later, a male friend of the girls approached me.

Boy: You don’t have the ring. 

Me: *puzzled* what?

Boy: you are not wearing the ring.

Me: *now genuinely confused) Ok, what do you mean by the ring? Yes I am not married, but you knew that.

Boy: Not that ring, other ring… same boy in movie have.

Me: WHAT? What movie?

Boy: boy who can’t get old because of the ring

Me: *thinking of Lord of the Rings* oh that is a fiction movie. *smiling*

Boy: oh….*starting to give me the SAME look the girls gave me earlier*

For the rest of the day, the kids were throwing all sort of weird glances my way. Finally, a young boy of seven walked up to me and asked..

“Are you an alien?”

I started to laugh and asked him why he thinks that?

Boy #2: You are VERY old, but you don’t look old. only aliens can do that.

me: (completely stupefied) …

Boy #2: that is okay if you are. I want a deaf alien friend.

The imagination of these kids….. 

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