wtf was that fic 

where chris and darren stayed in character sometimes 

and then they had sex

but like ‘as kurt and blaine’?

well whatever.

the point of this post is that i’m choosing to believe they do that irl.

and they’re doing it today.

and today’s valentine’s day.

and they’re together all day today, on and off set.

and i’m gonna go drown in my tears of blood now.

Just a few people who have made my dash that much better. I flail and talk with some of you almost daily and others occasionally, some of you make awesome graphics and make my dash prettier, I have even followed a few of you recently but either way you have made an impact on me and that’s why you are all here. So thanks for negating all the other shit on tumblr with your awesomeness. I look forward to what 2012 brings for us all.

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