Adapt to Extreme Weather or Pay Price, Expert Warns [CBC]

“The insurance companies are saying it used to be that the biggest concern they had for a homeowner insurance policy was a fire caused by a malfunction or something within the house, or a burglary. Their biggest costs now are wind/rain-induced events.”

- Gordon McBean, UWO Prof, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Studies, International Council for Science

And by pay, I guess the experts mean higher insurance premiums. How can you insure against the inevitable?


The climate is changing. The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that human industrial impact is toxic to life on this planet.  They suggest that annual per capita carbon emissions need to drop to 2 tons of CO2e by 2020 to keep the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees C relative to mid-19th century levels. Currently, the per capita carbon emissions of a Canadian is 20 tons of CO2e (the most polluting people on the planet).

While the popular media and Canada’s own Minister of the Environment tries to convince the electorate that everything is groovy, it’s easy to see that we’re being lied to.

Climate change is happening, instead of pretending it’s not, lets be honest in recognizing it’s impact.  I may be the only person using #thanksclimatechange on Twitter, but it doesn’t make it any less funny for me.

  • Swimming in June when you used to have to wait until July? - #thanksclimatechange
  • New Years Day run in shorts and t-shirt? - #thanksclimatechange
  • Extended growing season for farmers? - #thanksclimatechange
  • Floods in Australia making US coal producers more profitable? - #thanksclimatechange
  • New critters in the forrest you’d never seen before? - #thanksclimatechange
  • Higher ratings for news networks covering ‘isolated weather events’? - #thanksclimatechange
  • Retreating mountain glaciers starving 1,000,000,000 people of fresh water? - #thanksclimatechange

Climate change is a scary proposition, it stands to displace millions of people and will drastically affect EVERY human life. New diseases will be a consequence of our commercial diets, increasing prices for energy and energy dependent products (i.e. food). The unpredictable weather becomes a stark reminder that we’re guests on this planet and that the Earth’s reaction to our disdain for our natural wealth will be beating us down like a red headed step-child.

News media steers clear of presenting this issue and providing solutions to our toxic lifestyle because fear is bad for our 'growth’ economy, bad for the failed 'status quo’, but climate change is happening and if no one is working to stop it we should at least celebrate humanities fall from grace - if only in a tongue and cheek manner.

Remember your manners, say 'thank you’!


Santa’s going to be homeless. Maybe that will get white people interested in fighting carbon emissions.


Summer of drought means autum of dust storms.