Dear Jamie Carragher,

Words are failing me right now as I sit in the aftermath of your final match and try to describe what you mean to this club and to its fans. And to me. After 14 years of service as a one club man, I guess it’s hard to sum up the impact that you’ve had on the pitch and off it through all of those years. Because in the end, you are everything that makes this club great. You are the working class, always humble, nose to the grindstone, loyal to a fault player that every team wishes they had. And yet they never could have that, never even had a chance. Because your heart beats for this team and this team only (even though you were an Everton boy in your youth), and that is not something that any amount of money can buy. You have led this team, standing alongside it and defending it to the last, fighting, sweating, swearing, bleeding Liverpool red.

14 years, and we thought that you would be here forever. You are one of those eternal players, the ones who do not age in our eyes, whose retirement from the beautiful game doesn’t even pass through our minds, because how could this game exist without you? And yet today is the day that we see you in that red shirt for the last time. The day that you touch the Anfield sign for the last time. The day that you lead us as a true captain of men for the last time. The day that you force us to say good-bye, force us to let you go. And it hurts like hell. 

Who will we be without you? We’ll still be Liverpool, we’ll still walk on with hope in our hearts, but we’ll be missing a piece of ourselves, a piece that has always dreamed and will probably never stop dreaming of a team of Carraghers. We promise to take care of this club, to never leave them without our support and our songs and our endless faith. It’s in good hands, you know. As you leave and we have players like Coutinho and Sturridge coming into their own, know that we will be all right. We will fight on. We will make you proud. But we will always, always remember you as one of the greatest players to ever wear the red shirt.

So welcome to our world, Carra. The world of watching this team, and screaming at your television, and wishing you could be on the pitch and making a difference, and the ups and the downs and the pain and sweet joy. And thank you for everything that you’ve been for us: a leader, a defender, a Scouser, a warrior, a champion, an inspiration, a Red through and through. And a legend for us to tell our kids about. There will never be another like you in the world.

Walk on, Carra.


Reds around the world