Apparently Now Magazine and Sugarscape are reporting on the custody battle again and this time suggesting that Briana is rejecting Louis’ request to take Freddie home for Christmas (because it’s July so why wouldn’t we be discussing Christmas?). Since it’s those two sources, I’m not really paying attention yet, but we’ll see if anyone bigger picks that up to move things forward. Seems like yet another good reason to get some official/legal custody arrangements.

I just really love the way you draw. I am but a fan and I wait just like the others for another animation, a gif, even a random drawing from you because they are soooo good! So here is a little something I tried to do, he is more… of an anime version, and I also added a female version of him (if I’m correct you mentioned before that this Chara is a male (?))
Please keep up the great work! I’m rooting for yah!
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Here’s a kinda sequel/prequel to my Eclipse: Sun and Moon that nobody asks for but I wrote it anyway because I like the concept of Gabriel being tormented about the fact that he couldn’t save Jack ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also a tidbit of fluff drabble will be coming out later on tonight because I need the fluff to balance my angst and to wrap up the wings for now. 

This is also my thank you to all of you lovely people! The last few days I’ve been extremely overwhelmed and grateful for your support for this AU, and I did try to send out my personal thanks to every single one of you that wrote an inspired fic or made beautiful arts for the AU! I can’t express enough how thankful I am to you guys, and if I did miss you by any chance, I am sincerely sorry *hugs*. I would like to give every single one of you a great big hug!!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!

Okay, enough of my ramblings…I hope you will enjoy this!

               Through the report of Genji’s demise, Gabriel had to give it to Jack for taking it in stride. His mate’s expression was just as stoic as his own, if not more. Perhaps it was because Jack and Genji had never been particularly close. And that would have been everyone else’s assumption.

               But Gabriel knows Jack far too well, and he was alarmed by the empty look his mate carried in his blue eyes for the rest of the day. Gabriel didn’t ask, however, and, if Jack noticed the Commander’s hands were extra gentle grooming his wings that night, neither of them spoke a word. In the grief of losing a teammate, they can take solace in the presence of each other, at the very least.

               That wasn’t the case when it was Ana’s turn.

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Your passions give you strength. And through strength you gain power. You’ve seen it, you feel it.You must break your chains.

Thank you so much everyone

Thank you thank you and thank you again for all the support for my Steven Universe fan comic “what happened after the answer”. It was really fun to do, of course it took a lot of work and a lot of time but I enjoyed doing it, and you were all so nice with me with the little comments and the tags too (I love reading them, even on other drawings they make me smile and laugh sometimes haha) So thank you again soooooo much ~hug everyone~ I hope you enjoyed it too!!! Links to the full comic: THANK YOU

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wifeofchrishemsworth  asked:

heeyyy Bi)) it's me. long time no see. How are u so perfect artist knowing what ur folowers need in current moment? Young Royai is so cute. And tthat's so fresh to see them not burdened with their bad memories. Thank u for a smile on my face C:

Awww… HELLO LIS!!! Thank you for the compliments and for being such a good friend in general. This message put an even bigger smile on my face, just to let you know.

Also, since this is long overdue (lol), let me take this as an opportunity to present your request:

“ Sooo… I have fairy-tale-like plot hahaha Riza is a charmed princess turned to a magic bird that was found by Roy somewhere in woods or near the sea. Roy is a prince or a king. Guess it doesn’t matter really. Riza can transform back to a human  for the one day of a year. And guess he see his beloved pet as a human is kind of shocked. “

Update:  Feeling better!

Does the little human give you yucky medicine too, mirror bun?

This is the place Simon would retreat to every time I gave him medicine or force-fed him.  He got progressively closer to mirror bun (and harder to extricate) with each passing dose to the point he attempted to pass through the looking glass by merging with his reflection.

Simon:  If I close my eyes hard enough, maybe the little human will go away.

River: She’s still here.  Hey, little human–you said I could come out and play after you were done with whatever you just did to Simon!

This pic pretty much captures the level of stink-eye River leveled at me for giving Simon medicine (which she discovered the hard way by cleaning his face and tasting it).

At this point, I was very worried about Simon because his ears were feeling cooler than normal (shock).  I set him on a heating pad (LOW setting) and wrapped him in his favorite purple towel to help stabilize his body temperature.

After getting Simon’s temperature more regulated, I uncovered him so he could move freely if he wanted to (left the heating pad on low).   River wouldn’t leave his side, gave him an ear hug and promptly fell asleep like this for the next hour.

At this point, I had the opportunity between giving Simon belly rubs and checking his ear temperature to review every article and link I had on rabbit GI stasis and bloat.  I was also going through every local exotic vet and emergency vet in the vicinity and ranking them by when they opened and how quickly I could get Simon there if I needed to.

This makes me a happy bunny caretaker!  Simon is eating on his own and has gone #2 (not even mad that it isn’t in his litter box).

I had force-fed the little guy some pellet-flavored water (pellets aren’t keen on staying in solution) at 2:30am and gave more tummy rubs.  He finally started to look more alert and even started cleaning a bit.  By around 4am I had coaxed him back into his cage and managed to get him to eat a mouthful of oats and some hay!  

I stayed up until 6am monitoring his progress and presenting every type of food in the house that was bunny-safe in hopes of him eating a bit more.  Took a short nap and captured this shot around 10am.  What a relief!

Thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes!

Fusion song: “Choosing Dauntless” by Junkie Xl
(until 2:26 basically)

My gemsona Moonstone (an earlier submission) and Lepidolite dance in  kind of Flamenco when they fuse.

(Leo was fun to render! I hope you like them.)