anon: u10sol’s ship name is now utensil. agreed? good. motion approved.

anon: nothing’s really okay, life’s falling apart fast and idk what to do anymore :/ but we’ll figure it out. we always do i guess.

@hell-nos-andheadphones: no thx. i remain the ultimate mom.

anon: thank you bub 💘

@beijingbabes: \(._.)/ tysm

@laurel-celestial: 💗💗💗

@livelikewonderland: 💖💖💖

anon: thank you bubs 💕ily

@squishymarklee: tysm 💞💞💞

Within the last few months I have fully explored my gender identity through wearing masculine clothing, experimenting with progressively shorter haircuts, binding, and using all male hygiene products.

I did not think that my mom had really noticed but tonight she took me aside and presented me with a really nice bottle of cologne.

 She had noticed I was only using super cheap mens spray and said “I know you like spelling like a boy so I bought you some nice cologne so you can spell like a fancy boy”.

I want to cry.

This is the most thoughtful thing she has ever done for me and it gives me hope for future acceptance of my gender identity and the proper use of my preferred pronouns.

headcanon: the raven queen knows about and absolutely loves taako. she loves her sons boyfriend very much, and ever since kravitz mentioned taako and how they were dating, she immediately started planning for taako to become a reaper when he died so he could stay with kravitz. she tried to keep this a secret from kravitz tho, to surprise him, but shes very bad at keeping secrets and would literally just be like

“krav not to pry or anything but would taako like a silk cloak or a velvet cloak better? and if its velvet would it have patterns in it???” and kravitz is just like “why are you making my bf a reaper cloak????” and shes just like “no no thats not it im just…. very curious!!!!! thats all. very curious about your lovely boyfriend.” 

kravitz is not buying it and totally sees through it but acts like he doesnt know so that when it actually happens, he can act surprised and see how happy the raven queen gets because her surprise ‘worked’.