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kinda random, but: what's your favorite place to visit? and where would you like to travel someday? :)

i really like visiting taipei and tokyo! because i enjoy street shopping ^^;;; night markets (and fOOD) and also i just like tokyo disney i’m not very deep or cultured askfdj

but i would also really like to travel to shanghai and nanjing(especially jiangsu) one day because i haven’t been to mainland china since i was little, only hong kong! 

my mom reacting to pictures of youtubers
  • connor franta: oh he's handsome look at that hair
  • joey graceffa: see? if you brushed your teeth they would look like that
  • tyler oakley: why is his hair gray how old is he
  • miranda sings: what
  • iisuperwomanii: she seems like a bright young woman who knows what she wants. oh she's canadian? no wonder then.
  • dan and phil: are these the gay ones you're obsessed with

NEW VIDEO: “Getting Tattoos With My Mom” ft. Queen Jackie!

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Is there anybody going to listen to my story? All about the girl who came to stay. She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry. Still, you don’t regret a single day. A girl. Girl.

Fancy fusion!! I saw your requests in the tags, guys. I love these besties.

I imagine Steven would love twirling that dress. The petals would fan out and make an open rose! *・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿

[More fancy gems!]



Meet the characters of Raising Home, the 200k companion piece (that took seven months of my life) to be read between chapters 15 and 16 of Home.

what if Jin is the only one alive, and all the other members died and are ‘forever young’ to Jin since they’ll never age now that they’re gone. what if RUN is just a mirage to tell Jin to keep on going with his like and grow up and be an adult even though his friends will stay as their young selves forever. RUN is filled with delinquent events that Jin himself is never part of. He;ll always see them as the rebellious teens they were.

They died and were able to stay young forever.


“Let me know what you decide. I like it, it suits you.”

In the end, it’s like trying to figure out if he branded Jesse, or Blackwatch did; either way, the mark stays. [x]