continuing the lazy chibi theme from last year! but this time with my aged up designs =D/

there have been rough spots in this fandom, but despite that, i am not sorry i joined :D i’ve met a lot of great people and made some very good friends, and tbh i’d go thru hell for you ppl :’D so i’m glad to spend another year enjoying and celebrating miraculous with everyone ;0;/


The actors but closer to their character’s age. There’s just something about not having extreme vampire makeup that makes them slightly more appealing, more… approachable.

Fentrix Playlist: 

I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

Witchy Woman - Eagles

Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozbourne 

Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore

The New Black - Moon Taxi

River - Bishop Briggs

Flesh - Simon Curtis

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Crazy In Love (REMIX) - Beyonce 

Outta My Mind - B.o.B feat. Nicki Minaj

Forsaken - David Draiman

I Know I’m A Wolf - Young Heretics

You Are My Sunshine- Jamey Johnson

Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

The Wolf - Fever Ray

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Topless - Breaking Benjamin 

Down With The Sickness - Disturbed 

Ultra Numb - Blue Stahli 

Soul Hacker - Fear Factory

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool

Scream - Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Ritual 

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I Miss The Misery - Halestorm

Mayhem - Halestorm

Blood - In This Moment

Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment

Sick Like Me - In This Moment

(( OOC: Here’s what I’ve liked so far, feel free to add… Thanks for the suggestions guys! :D 

also, just as a side note… The only reason I enjoy this (terrible) ship is because they’re both absolutely rotten people… but in no way do I think this is a relationship to look up to. Don’t aim for this children. ;) )) 



Did ya miss me? admit it, you missed me~ 

anyway thanks for the patiece guys :’’’D, yeahhhhh it’s been long eh?? eehhh o gosh i have so many thing to do right now :’O, so many ideas and art to draw, uuhhhhh, i also get involved in a super hiper mega awesome manga comic does anyone heard abaut ‘’boku no hero academia’’!? A-W-E-S-O-M-E, i will post some art abaut it after get the practice to draw them -.-

anyyywayyy, hi :D, hope ya had nice time without me welp because:

WHAT THE HECK!? 4000+ followers!??? :O gosh, ok hem, thankuuuu :’’’D



Hey guys, it’s finally here! I couldn’t upload one gif, but there’s another pose, so 9 couple poses in all. Love is… amazing, and it inspired me. For all the poses, it’ll indicate bed or couch, but to pose you’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, and Teleport Sims mod. Place 2 knights in the same place in the middle of the bed, or in the middle of the couch. Teleport your sims there, and play the poses. For Infinity pose, place your knights a box away from the edge, without using alt, and pose. Simple. Thanks guys! Love ya :D (you can get the two links for the two mods required in my GRIEF posepack post)

I also added a tutorial lol.



So I made a quick animatic explaining how I got to Goron City in Zelda Breath of the Wild! I didn’t know about elixirs or anything, so I just ate all my food to replenish my hearts while I ran to the city on fire, I thought it was silly.

And now I need 2 voices! I’m being cheap so this isn’t a paid thing, I’m sorry ); but I’ll credit you in the description and link your social medias and stuff!

I basically need Link screaming hysterically, and he has one fast sentence; 


While the Goron has 2; I want him to speak slowly and sound kind of dopey.

“Hey.. You’re a Hylian, you better put some armor on or else you’ll burn.“ (Probably won’t hear the whole sentence, Link interrupts him)

“You don’t have enough rupees”

Link doesn’t have to sound like Link, I’m looking for a more silly kind of screaming, not a realistic scream of a man burning to death. Unless someone can make that funny.. The timing of those sentences does not have to match the timing of the video, I can adjust that.

I’d like his screams to match the timing though, if you can. Link stuffs his face every few seconds, and it might be weird to yell then make a chomp sound then yell then chomp again, so if the constant pausing diminishes the quality of your scream, just try to do a few long screams, and a few chomping sounds and I can try to edit it to fit :) B

I’d also like good quality sound please, here’s a video Ricepirate made explaining how to make the most of your mic if you don’t know how!

You can send your auditions to ! Thank you guys :D

So… Requests?…

I know this is totally unlike me. And as a disclaimer, this does not mean I will draw what you request, but I’m asking you guys what you would like to see in the next print sale as posters? So leave a comment in some things you want to see, and I will consider them. (No promises I’ll do them)

Thanks guys. :D


For a list of available slots, please check here:

Please read my full Terms of Service before ordering:

If you have any questions, my contact email is:


My strengths in drawing include drawing dragons, dinosaurs, and any other reptiles in general.

Will Draw:

  • Animals
  • Mythical/Fantasy Creatures
  • OC Species / Other Monsters (If they are within my skill level)
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Fan Art
  • Blood/Mild Gore/Violence
  • Weapons/Guns/Complex Props (They may cost extra)

Will NOT Draw:

  • Any NSFW Themes
  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Any form a hate toward a specific group. ie. Racism, Abuse.



To order, please either message me through Tumblr or send an email to with the following information

  • Commission Type
  • Character Photos or References
  • Paypal Email (So that I can send an invoice to your account for payment)
  • Description of what you would like in your commission
  • Any additional information or details for your commission: (Pose, expression, background, theme, props, accessories, etc.)


For more information and examples, you can find them on my Commissions Page here:

If you cannot order a commission, Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! :D

angelsbeast  asked:

Hi There! Do you have any really funny Stucky fics? I feel the need for some tears of laughter and happy times after reading "Ghosts" T-T thanks guys! Without you, we'd all be lost in the depths of Fanfiction😘

omg yes

Too Many P’s by eidheann

In which there are penguins, potential Hydra bases, and pebble piles. And also Steve and Bucky.

Moosebumps by rohkeutta

Steve feels like he’s in some wild fever dream as he walks closer and says, “Hey, you all right?”

107 looks up. He looks even prettier up close, even (or especially, Steve’s mind supplies unhelpfully) with his cheeks flushed with the exercise and sweat beading on his forehead. He does look a little crazy, though.

“Huh,” 107 says, looks down Steve’s body, then up again. “I know we just met, but your dick looks like it’s getting strangled.”

Three, and Not Just Two by CoraRochester

Bucky “liberates” a Chow Chow and brings it home. This means, in no particular order: special shampoo, dog hair, googling “can dogs eat apples??”, more dog hair, and learning to share your boyfriend with the dog.

Steve’s none too quick on the uptake that it’s his dog, too.

Inspired by the artwork of silentwalrus

Situation: Normal by redcigar

AU wherein Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers never met, Steve somehow manages to rescue the Winter Soldier anyway, and Avengers Tower ends up with the world’s angriest duckling and a whole new brand of entertainment.

That Ass (Property of James Barnes) by greenbergsays

Five times Bucky traumatized the future with overshare about Steve’s ass and the one time someone wasn’t phased.

you should also check our humor tag!

I have been absolutely floored by the number of kind messages and amount of support that I’ve gotten over the last couple of days from my Harry Potter fanart, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of your kindness!! (And THANK YOU for all of your glorious suggestions! I’ll draw when I can! But I am slow. forgive me)   \(• ◡ •)/