Concept: we’ve made a blanket fort. We’re laying on piles of pillows and playing video games. I keep winning but I think you’re letting me. This is the most at-home I’ve felt in weeks, and I feel more comfortable with you every day


“ Tell me you love me,       
         come back and haunt me,
                   oh, and I rush to the start. “ 



Thanks anon for suggesting this video, it’s really easy to understand and it’s an awesome idea. I mean I’ve seen it on suits but it’s a really simple technique everyone can use


so here’s me reacting to little mix live performances! i’d never seen any of them before! 

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It’s finally finished. I hope you all like it! :) This video is dedicated to @smittenwithsugden, thank you so much for your suggestion! <3


He loves Frosted Mini Wheats especially.


Check out Rhett’s version.

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Hii! Can you send me the video when taehyung is singing versace on the floor? Thanks! 💘

💘 Hello, sweetie. The video was from channel plus, so I suggest you check out in youtube and watch it or download it from there. Hope I helped you. :)

Hey guys! Figured I would make a blog dedicated to my YouTube channel, so I’ll be posting exclusively things about my channel and my videos on here. You guys can hit me up with some questions, video suggestions, and whatever else on here! Thank you for following!


Never stop smiling, the world wouldn’t be a happy place without it \(^.^)/

Happy Birthday, handsome


Nasty Mingyu is a meme that is noticed by Carats (SEVENTEEN’s Fans) and it’s due to Mingyu’s behavior.

The behavior is that he is really un-hygenic because when he sneezes he usually wipes it on a member’s shoulder or keeps on doing what he is doing, Carats found this disgusting and nicknamed Mingyu “ Nasty Mingyu”

This meme started around Mansae Era because in backstage videos he was “Digusting”


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Ethan's Skate 3 videos with OGChan are very funny! They literally did a Q&A in the middle of a video and then went like "what are we doing?"

Oh hello! My phone died so I’m not sure how long this was sitting in my inbox haha. I also must watch those videos since I love these guys together! Thanks for the suggestion :D

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Are you taking requests for lets play videos? Btw I love your new video

Thanks! And I’m taking suggestions for new games yes preferably nothing extremely long to play through

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Thank you for responding. I kinda just needed that response, even if it wasn't stereotypically helpful.. And thank you for the video suggestions. I do feel better now. *hugs*

oh well i’m glad ur felling better!! and that i could uh hhelp? i think. um i love you!


new video ; my morning routine

an anon requested a morning study routine video, so here it is! my mornings are fairly standard and bland, so i’m hoping that this is somewhat interesting to watch haha :’)
i’ll be posting another video this week as well, so stay tuned for that!

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