Hey sunshines!! So this is actually a bit overdue since I should’ve done this a month after I restarted this blog lmao anyways here is my follow forever (aka that one post that was very unorganized cause I tried to fit every single one of my mutuals and probably failed in doing so) :))

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that’s followed me out of their own volition and I really love this blog a lot and you guys are part of the reason ❤❤❤

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Lazy banner is lazy I know. I still don’t get how the frick I’ve been managing to get this many people to follow this piece of shit named Death. But there’ll be no more sappy stuff! All you need to know is that I cannot put 3k people on this list, as much as I want to && that there is no specific order. I may not talk to all of these blogs daily, but I do sure as fuck enjoy them all on my dash! All of these blogs are 100/10 you should check ‘em out! P.S. some blogs might have the same mun.

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Hallo everyone :D I finally reached 500+ followers!!! Thank you all so much for following me~ I love all of you guys, thank you for putting up with my Jin/bts  spams :P 
Here are some of my fave followers. The usernames bolded are some that I highly recommend :3  


@2jaefreak @alissaanne23​ @angelapham​ @asmolbirb​ @astersx @b-laxk​ @baejums​ @bangtanhi​ @bangtanpcy @bangtansugaa​ @bobaoubien​ @bts-is-fun​ @btspassion7 @btssaveslives​ @btsyay @celestialidols @cheveuxroux​ @choked-by-bangtan​ @cloud9yjin @dabbing7​ @danshothobbithair​ @destiny-my-love​ @dibidibidismynameisjhope @diodella @do-you-not-see-my-headphones @dontknowmedontjudgeme​ @drawign


@eatnim @eommajin-sugadaddy​ @fishiemere​ @flowerkook  @fluffyfluffybunbun​ @fuckmybiaslist​ @galacticstar42 @geeswirl​ @genosc​ @gentlehoseok @geography-degrees​ @glassofjin @haesolnut @halfjoon @happy-hobii @hibabyimjungkook​ @hobisss​ @hwxsa @idkbruhmansth @idont-evenknowman @igot7-army-dorks @impressive-bangtan @ineedujams @instantheartattackicantevenmove @jaecifer @jaetum @jello-scones @jeonjungkoko @jeonpng @jimincepie @jiminshugs @jiminstrash @jimminnie-s @jin-nam-yoon​ @jin-why-you-playing​ @jinappreciation @jinarmys​ @jinblond @jinnamin-rolls @jins-right-hand @jinskookie​ @jinslinesinfire​ @jinsshouldersgivemelife​ @jjeonpng​ @jjlvr@joai​ @jungkooks-left-shoe​ @justkimx


@kawaikookie @keepingitkpop @ki-kat @kim-yamjuice​ @kimseokjinismylife @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness​ @kpoptrashmonster @kurikonyasuda @lastbluesoul @lizz18vzz @lonelylonelywhales @lovejelly05 @mephotaris @miello20 @miniseungchu @minjinbiased @mintyoongod @missmissingmuse @mochijiminie @more-like-kim-taehyugh @morejin @myseokjineats @namjoon-the-pink @namjoonspornstash @namsinn @nintendojin @nocnymar @ohosis @olgaocean @oncer-lover268 @oopsyd4isy @osakalester @overgguk @owoozi


@pastelprincejin @peach-ified @peciochan @permanentxslumber @phararx
@praisethamangaka @princeseokjin @princessjindda @rapjuneheonminbangtan24k @relatable-kpop @ringoftime @risetotherush @run-you-raggedy-man @runningwithbts @sakurajin @saythe8name @seokjams @seokjinhoney @seokjinthealpaca​ @seoksinning​ @shineexact​ @silenceultra​ @single-mom-seokjin​ @skramtao​ @smartnamjoon​ @specialeatjin​ @starplatinyum​ @stepharder​ @stopitjb​ @sugacakes​ @sugar-minsuga​ @sun-shine-squad @sunshine-seokjin @swaghide​ @sweet-as-minyoongi @syu-b​ @syubjins


@taehyungie-smile @taehyungs-nose-mole @taetaetart @theobliviatorblog
@tseokjin @wearebiased @whichwitchh @whyhanbin @xxvenixvidixvicixx @yo-seokjin @yoonminislife @yoongi-is-my-spirit-animal @yoongicrypt  @yugyeomsquish @yuten-ism @zereia @zu-tter

I’ve reached 1.2k+ a while ago and I wasn’t sure if I should make a Follow Forever or not. Then I decided to do it, because I’ve been on tumblr for a while now and I follow so many amazing blogs, so I wanted to show how much I appreciate them. Thank you all for following me, I hope my blog is never boring for you and you like what I post. ♥

  • bold - mutuals
  • not in alphabetical order

@khh-intro, @jihos, @bvckwilds, @khhmixtapes, @grayleesanna, @jaewonnie, @reddykim, @mamaxiita, @khhsos, @blacknuts-underwear, @hiswondrwoman​, @highgrnder, @saikohh, @chibayuki, @wooingzico, @aboutkhh, @ylsmob, @sklnnyred, @lavender-kills, @chulgus, @aom1lli, @fy-bewhy, @positivedmeanor, @crushtrbl, @fyclubeskimo, @qualityyouthfan, @khhhoe, @omsee, @fykonsoul, @blue-gwangmin, @gimtajoo, @fyhilite, @potatocos, @gangpae, @koreanxrap, @sidelinestory, @moonsherbet​, @underwatersquvd, @jaerins, @khh-queen, @streetrapshit, @bontheblock, @sokhiphop, @soulfuljooyoung, @aomg-ftm, @44png, @gaygaychoi, @fy-mkitrain, @min-yoongi, @onejaewon, @killer-whale-squad, @korean-rnb, @yongxtr​, @starsofkorea, @khiphop-discussions, @youngkaezy, @speedy-secret, @mvssmedia, @clubeskimo, @andupinda, @sharpgun94, @clxk-cheetah, @undrgrndsoul, @fy-buckwilds, @jeilx-1, @polishlyraw, @yooneroos, @girib4e, @lordseungri, @jayfatuasian, @bobbylanguage, @dongwoosbag, @freefromseoul, @fuckyeahvvd, @50shadesofgraylee, @discoveringkoreanunderground, @fuckurip, @khhprincess, @korea-underqround, @turn-it-1p, @hephapgame, @ikje11, @ijustwannarhyme, @2426-girl, @keithape, @hiphopkr, @fyadv, @dok2gonzo, @czamm, @korxxnhiphop, @korean-hip-hop-cooperative, @boogiecore, @notorious-gonzo, @fy-jay-dok2, @street-crush, @korean-hip-hop, @soominssi, @daenamhyup, @adoresansa, @second-thot, @nasungcityboy

hello everyone ~ a few days ago i reached a personal goal on both my main blog and on chokemewinwin so i decided to make my first follow forever ◠‿◠ thank you for making my time on tumblr memorable and fun, and i hope for more memories in the future! and thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over these few months and still continue to follow me, you motivate me to create the best content possible and work my hardest on maintaining this blog well ~ i love you all so much ♡

bolded: there’s a letter for you at the bottom 。◕ ‿ ◕。

@061494, @17352kv, @bbqdadtaeyong, @chittarita, @clittaphon@coconutminhyung, @cutie-lee-taeyong, @doyoung, @etaerealtaeil, @h-aechan, @haechansgf, @hansolfied, @hansoulji, @heauxscode, @hyungpaochicken, @jaehyun4u, @jaetaeme, @jenosgf, @kpopblue@lordwinwin, @nctepdnim, @nctokki, @okayjaehyun@pastuser, @taeyongfireeyes, @taeyongitslow, @taeyongshi, @taiyutaki, @taeyonghasnobutt@tensbootyhole,@winwinpiercedhisears, @yutafan, @yutagf, @yutaone

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This picture is dedicated to all of you!
Thank you SO SO MUCH for 100 followers , you’ve really changed my life. Albeit in a small way that can only get bigger, but I’m thanking you nonetheless.

Also, please let this be a reminder that you are loved, you mean something to someone, and you shouldn’t let people tell you what you can or cannot achieve, that’s up to you, and only you.

Don’t lose hope. And if you do, please know that others around you will have hope FOR you.

You’ll never be truly hopeless.

Watch the Speedpaint here


Look at that!! Another 100 lovely followers~
Thank you all so much for your support along the way! It’s been awesome being with you guys and It’s all thanks to you guys that I could have even made it this far, you all have been such a huge inspiration! Honestly thank you for all your lovely note, comments, support, and just being here <3
I’ll be looking forward to making more stuff for you guys and looking forward to all your wonderful splatoon art as well, everyone please keep writing, drawing and rping! You are all doing such a splendid job~

Stay fresh and keep on going<3

A Strange Face...

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Jamie was walking into the woods with her machetes as she seen a figure by the lake. She couldn’t tell what the figure was, but it looked like it’s skin and hair was grey. She sat in a near by branch, wondering what the strange figure would be out, especially wearing dark clothes in the middle of the night.

welcome to my first follow forever!

I decided to make a follow forever before I go on semi-hiatus, because why not? you all have made the past few months so incredible and fun and i am so thankful.

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I just hit 1,000 followers. I can’t believe there are so many people out there who read this blog, or at least put up with me showing up on your wall every now and then. This community is seriously SO important to me. I may not be in the best place in my life, but writing here and getting all the support from you guys and getting to follow everyone else’s journey helps me so much. I appreciate you all being here and clicking follow! 

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and since they’re faces are up there, shout out to @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld, @grandjessture, @laptopcoffee, @fitandjiggly

hi guys!! so i decided to do a follow forever after realising that i had hit a follower goal! all blogs cited here are my faves ever and i basically wanted to thank u all for bringing so much life and joy to my dash! ily x

mutuals are in italics

#-d                                                                                                                    @305heaux, @angelksoo, @arigataou, @baconastic, @baekhyun-ah, @baekhyuns-lolita, @baisezlemonde1, @chinashio16, @daddychefsoo, @daebaksoo, @daenso, @dailyexo, @damnit-exo, @darklordkyungsoo, @divinekai, @doh-kyunqsoo, @doresque, @dyodorant    

e-l                                                                                                                          @emoforexo, @faakeid, @fuck-jongin, @fydokyungsoo, @godkyungsoo, @golfdadsuho2001@icantbelievethiswasnttaken, @imgonnasooyou, @jongsooyah, @kaibility, @kimjonginimnida, @kyung-soo, @kyungception, @kyungdick, @kyungsootrash120, @kyungtoe, @kyunseu, @lionbaek, @love-seok

m-z                                                                                                                    @magicalboyksoo, @magiclitchii, @modelsoo, @notomnifangirl, @pcyeolsbigcock, @please-dyo-me, @popped-in-exo, @saintksoo, @sassyeol, @semi-sexual-ksoo, @sexologywithbaekhyun, @singforsoo, @snapbaeks, @soofection, @suhocean, @wuyifanxing

thank u again so much and to many more exo comebacks! x