Anna Lightwood

Anna Lightwood lived on Percy Street, a small byway near Tottenham Court Road. It was made up of long rows of houses of red brick that all looked very much the same. Each had sash windows, white-painted doors, brick chimneys, a shallow set of steps and a fence about the servants entrance made of black wrought iron.

hello hello hello everyone! i’m shocked to see so many of you still here…life has been kicking my butt for a while so imagine my surprise when i logged on and saw you beautiful new people following me. i feel pretty thankful with life right now. so here’s a small blurry screenshot of a baby viktor’s gold medal win, and you deserve one too. 

(yuuri definitely took this one on his phone.)

  • Matt: I didn’t wanna do this, but I do know one way we could get the money
  • Jess: You’d make a decent prostitute
  • Matt: I’d make an amazing prostitute. But that’s not it



this is my first raffle so pls go easy on me ^-^”””

I thought of doing a live stream to celebrate it but then I can’t find a time that is suitable for that T-T so a raffle it is

anyway I will write all the rules here just in case you are unable to read

-You must be a follower
-DON’T unfollow after the raffle is over (it’s rude so PLS follow me if you are truly like my content, check the #mysteryart to see my art, thx)
-reblog only ONCE and write “BOI M8″ in your reblog, not in tag, otherwise your entry will not be counted
-you can like the post as well to double your chance of winning, but reblog is a must, if you don’t reblog but only like, well sorry your entry doesn’t count

THE RAFFLE WILL BE ENDED ON 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 where my holidays start

there will be 3 winners:

1st- A Full Body Shade + A Halfbody Cell Shade
2nd- A Full Body Cell Shade + A Halfbody flat colour
3rd- A Full Body Flat Colour + A Halfbody Colour sketch

oh and also I will send you the PNG and JPG files to your email

IF JUST IF, a lot of people join, I will add 1 more slot for honorable mention, basically 4th place

4th- A Full body sketch