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Hi everyone! I just hit my first thousand followers! I would like to thank all of you for following me, talking to me and to all those I have spoken to, thank you for letting me annoy you! I never thought people would follow lil old me when I made my account almost 2 years ago! Anyway, time for the honorable mentions (I love all of you but these have been with me for a long time!). Thank you again! <3

(mutuals in italics, irl friends in bold)

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A - E

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F - K

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thank you so much everyone! Im sorry if I have missed anyone out, I will go double check! Thank you all so much again!

Much love to you all, stay safe!

♥♥♥Thank you for the 12,000+ follows!!!♥♥♥

I have been meaning to do a huge giveaway after reaching 10,000 followers a little over a month ago but wasn’t able to do one due to time restrictions, but now that I’ve gotten to over 12,000 followers, please expect a HUGE giveaway in the following days!!!

I love you all and are so thankful for everyone’s support! I hope to keep on bringing new content and merchandise for everyone always ^_^~!!!

I just woke up from my nap because I realized that I forgot to thank you guys for 15k. Thank you guys, didn’t expect to get it but the realization will probably happen tomorrow, goodnight (:

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  We should all gather and cook spaghetti together!!

                I’m afraid that this is not pastable Papy… That would be a lot of spaghetti.
      Anyway, Papyrus and I thank you all for following us! You’re all great and we love you!

Actually the banner (art made by the amazing pen) is inaccurate now, you’re 250+ now, seems like we gained about 20 followers the past three days for some reason that will remain unknown and confuses me, but I’m too lazy and don’t have time to redo this. I’m still really surprised by the amount of you following this blog.
I mean, I’m not as cool as Papyrus, I’m slow when it comes of replies, and I’m not the most active either. But you guys still cope with my numerous flaws and even appreciate my crappy writing, and that, my friends, makes you all amazing in my eyes.

Aaaaaand I’m rambling again, someone should tell me to shut up, I’m way too talkative… Mooooving on… I cherish every single one of you even though there are a lot of you that I never interacted with. If you’re not in there, don’t be sad!! I probably forgot you and I’m sorry! Know that you’re all beautiful people and I love you

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First batch is up, there will be some more fret not ;)

@ask-appleseed @ask-a-dancer-pone @ask-sweetmacaron @mistysparkle9000

@ask-moonflake @deplay-poneh @pregnantnightstar9000 @hakagami

@askbonebreaker @asktwinkie @flutterbolt-pie @motherlyhazel

@coffeechaosandcookies @ask-pretty-penny @ask-lustice @ask-fyrestrike

@hyperburn3r @moon-wolfie @asknightshockI hope I did you all justice and I’m sorry if some of the colours turned out wrong. I will post the next batch after the weekend (I’m currently at a convention so I can’t draw right now :3)

Hello everyone~ So, I just hit my big goal of 1k followers and I’m honestly speechless. I started this account about five months ago at the end of September and I, honestly, never thought it’d grow this big, this fast. Nor did I think that I’d devote myself to getting even just one post out for all of you every single day. But, I absolutely love posting my gifs and edits of Jongdae for all of you to see and the amount of love you all give those posts makes me really happy. Thank you for appreciating the things I make no matter the quality of it and, especially, thank you for loving Jongdae along with me.

I made this account in hopes to spread Jongdae’s cheerful and beautiful self to everyone. To show just how amazing and adorable he is. By making series’ such as the “gifs to brighten your day”, “gifs of jongdae being his ethereal self”, as well as the newer, “sweet moments with jongdae”, I feel like I can show the sides of Jongdae that more people need to see. Not only is he exo’s powerful vocalist, but he’s also one of the most warm hearted, hard working, and absolutely stunning members in the group. Even with the great amount of people who are still sleeping on his vocals, I feel that people are sleeping even more on just how wonderful of a human Jongdae is with his humble and sincere greetings and his dedication to helping others in need.

I myself have also grown a lot along with this account. When I began posting, my gifs weren’t as great or as hd quality as I would’ve liked, but as I kept working on them and learning how to do different things in photoshop, my gifs became better, not exactly perfect, but better. I hope to grow even more with this account and post some A+++ quality Jongdae content soon. 

Thank you, again, for sticking with me since the beginning, or even since this morning, I really do appreciate the amount of support you all give me and hope to continue to brighten your days with my gifs and edits of Jongdae.♡

(I hope to get to know more of you as well! Feel free to message/send an ask to me anytime you want! My twitter is also a great place to talk to me about Jongdae~!)

Hello, get ready for my rambling :D

Yesterday I reached 222 followers which is pretty amazing! I never thought this many people would ever enjoy following the little blog by an obsessed girl from Bavaria … This really really makes me so happy because it is a joy for me to share my passion and get to know many many lovely new people, it’s pretty amazing here.

So, I am going to do a follow forever, those are the blogs I follow the longest and I am proud to say most of them became good freinds :)

@ardentwanderess: thanks for inspiring me and reminding me to question everything. Du bist eine ganz tolle junge Frau, ich unterhalte mich super gerne mit dir und ich wünsche dir alles Gute, du hast es verdient.

@duskybatfishgirl: One of the first blogs I followed and I didn’t regret a second. You’re amazing I value your opinion. And not to forget your edits! always wonderful!

@cumberbuddy: Your blog was the reason I wanted to join tumblr and I am pretty sure you were the first person I followed then. Thanks for everything you’ve already done for me, you’re always kind and helpful and one of the coolest people on earth.

@cumberbangers: You’re a strong woman and I am impressed how you deal with the haters everyday and keep on saying what pathetic lies they spread. It’s a pleasure to be your follower!

@lunadax: Première chose dont je pense est ta grande gentillesse et tes dessins magnifiques. Tu est une famme très passionée, très ouverte et c’est une cadeau que j’ai fait la connaissance avec toi.

@dangbenedict: Well, another lovely person wich always helps and has an open ear for any fandom problems. And you’re the one who brought our cumberfamily together - it all started with our streaming evenings which were always funny and lovely to join. thanks a lot!

@221btardisgirl: Ein Mitleidender Fan aus Deutschland, so viele habe ich noch nicht gefunden :P umso toller ist es, dass wir uns auf tumblr begegnet sind. Ich hoffe, wir bleiben noch sehr lange in Kontakt!

@trained-cormorant: We don’t know us that long but I am really impressed by your personality! You’re an amazing fellow in this bunch of fans and I am glad we got to know us better! Also, fierce fighter against the haters!

@isabeau13: Same here, it’s Misty’s fault that you’re listed in this now :D I am so glad we met on here and that I follow your wonderful blog which is the most scientific - if you know what I mean ;)

@mouseymodesty: Also “new” mutual, but I love your blog and to talk to you. Keep on being this amazing! :)

@sobeautifullyobsessed: I don’t know much about you, but I know you’re a talented writer and a precious member of this fandom. It’s a joy following you!

@the-pen-in-my-hand: Always cute and lovely, but a strong and independent woman which also keeps on standing against the haters! I am happy to know you!

@jayz-singt-uns-ein-lied: Ich bin sehr froh, dass du mir damals gefolgt bist, sonst hätte ich deinen Blog wahrscheinlich niemals entdeckt - und damit wäre auch viel Inspiration an mir vorbei gegangen. Bleib so wie du bist!

@marykk1990: I always think you are kind of the Mrs. Hudson on here, you aren’T afraid to say what you think, also uncover the haters lies and spread lots of cumberlove around here! I love our chats, it’s like having a tumblr-mom who is alwys there with helpful advice, thanks a lot for that!

@abigbatchofcumber: Sam, I love how you always seem to be in a good mood, you’re like a ray of sunshine. I liked you from the first moment we had contact and I hope we stay mutuals for a long time. :)

@thesweetfandomlife: It’s just amazing how you are willing to help your followers in need and how supportive you are - and on top of that your blog is just the perfect place for every fangirl/fanboy! Keep going!

@alannawolf: Soulmate. Nothing more to say. Außerdem weißt du, wie wichtig mir unsere Freundschaft ist ♥

I surley forgot some people, maybe I’ll edit this post a lot of times. Never forget, I love you :)

A special mention gets @ohshitimatthewrongparty - follower number 221!! :)

Thanks for everything, you’re all amazing!

Update: this birb now has 1000+ followers! Thank you to all of you lovebird loving bird lovers! All your likes, reblogs and kind messages are hugely appreciated.

One other point though, as I am currently doing my graduation internship I am living away from home and I will see Woodstock less. Therefore this blog will be a little less active, but I will try to keep you all updated with some nice pictures now and then. Again, thank you very much all for following, also on behalf of Woodstock!

*Tiny egg screaming* I honestly can’t believe that this blog is so popular considering how terrible I am, heh. But still, thank you all so much! So time for some thank yous~

@bleakishblooky || wh e e zes  You’re super funny and cool! I talk about you all the time to my irl friends and I still am having trouble fathoming the fact that you actually are somehow not irritated with my 7 a.m. ‘Good morning!’ messages. Thank you for putting up with me friendo!

@bxneymusician || You are the best, man. You message me first all the time and we talk headcanons and it’s super fun! Thank you! I really appreciate all of your kindness

@knock-em-dead-darling-x || I stalk your blog and spend and unhealthy amount of time thinking about writing with you. You and your Ton-ton have brought so much joy to rping! 

@goatxmom || Arthur-senpai, you’re so cool and awesome! I love rping with you and your super nice and stuff! Thank you so so much for being here!

@timburriisms || Even if I don’t pester you everyday, you always ask if I wanna be a part of stuff and generally are very nice to me! I love you a lot! Thank you!

@maliciousmikey || Makay-chan ur a nerd. Also did we have math homework?

@lazyskelebones, @ask-thatonebunnykid, @void-gaster, @faceplanting-lizard, @themttbrand, @siilent-determiination, @undynetermined, @metallicxfriendship, @torielbeneath, @sansiisms, @ask-sansy-sans-and-papy-papyrus, @basileus-hircum, @ask–arial, @bad-to-the-b0ne, @irageso, @reset-time-2, @ask-the-nacarat-jester, @older-and-more-determined, @gr1llbyz


Some Valentines cards/gifs to send to all your faves!! 

And for me to give all you as a thank you for a thousand followers!!!💖💖💖

Oh gosh. I can’t even with you guys. Like. How do I begin?? I guess first of all, I never thought this blog would be successful. Mainly because it’s a multi-muse blog and people usually are very weird about multi-muse blogs?? But I am so happy I was accepted here. As you know, I’ve been around on many different RT muses. And just, having so many blogs was WAY too hard to manage. Since moving all my muses here, it’s been so much easier to manage. I am quite happy with this blog. And god, you guys are so amazing and supportive. I can’t possibly thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me.

Now, I’m not really great with follow forever lists. Mainly because I wanna put EVERYONE on here. But I’m gonna try and just shout out to the people that have been really wonderful to me and that I really appreciate. And then, of course, the senpais. The people I admire so much and would love to be better friends with. So we’re gonna start off with my close and personal friends.

★  THE CREW  ★

@heartiisms ;; My lovely girlfriend, Jaden. Such a precious Meg. We started roleplaying back when I still had my Ryan and she had her Ashley from Until Dawn. I loved our things back then and then we got to know each other and just. She’s wonderful. I’m a bit crazy sometimes, but she seems to understand that. And I can’t thank her enough for her support. I love you <3

@sexyslowmotrash ;; CAAAASSSSS. What can I say about Cas that I haven’t said before? She’s wonderful. She’s been with me since my Michael. Gosh and we have SO many threads. Her Gavin is flawless. I love him to bits and tbh, her Gavin is my main Gavin. And always will be. You are truly one of my best friends.

@heartycu ;; Jordan!!! Gosh, she’s also a wonderful Meg. She doesn’t get enough love tbh but she is SUCH a wonderful person. Like, please. Do yourself a favor and go love all over her. She’s been so supportive and has stuck by my side through a lot. I can’t even express how great you are.

@reqinae / @jerem-6401 ;; Miles is such a great person. He’s been through a lot, but things seem to be improving a bit? But gosh, they are so flawless at Jeremy. I can hear him in the way he writes. I haven’t gotten a chance to play with Mica and Jack yet, but I can’t wait!!

@the-love-inlovenstuff ;; We haven’t known each other a SUPER long time, but god, Arin has been so great to me. I love their Ryan so much. And THEIR ART MAN. JUSt. This is a perfect human being. And you should all go shower them with love and friendship tbh.

@badassblxndes / @ryanflubbinghaywood / @theraginglad ;; God, all of their muses are FLAWLESS. From their Until Dawn muses to their Ryan, Michael and Zach. I love roleplaying with them. Even if I’m slow as hell. And the mun is an absolute sweetheart. If you’re not following their blogs, I highly recommend that you do.


@hayvvoods / @00alpha (and all their many blogs ) ;; Scottie is a bae. He was here when I had my Michael. Soooo long ago it seems. A bit over a year I think? And even though we don’t communicate TOO often, I can honestly say they are, without a doubt, one of my favorites. He has inspired and motivated me to keep going with my blogs when I’ve wanted to quit. Just with a simple word or post. I can’t express in words how wonderful he is and how I’m so grateful to have him as a friend.

@bvrnie ;; My salty little cupcake. Even with all that we’ve been through, I still love you. You were also one of the people who welcomed me to the community when I was still my wee little Michael blog that was new and lonely. I took so much inspiration from you. Hell, I started using icons because of you and now I have a goddamn million of them. You’re a great person despite what anyone wants to say. We all have tough times. We all need breaks. I’m so glad things have resolved here and I am glad to have you as a friend.


Like. I wanna say something about everyone TBH, so don’t think being down here doesn’t mean I don’t fucking adore you. I’m just bad with words and don’t want to make this a SUPER long post. But GOSH I love you guys too.

@therageramongus @jerseydevll @dxllwithagvn @ryanthevagabondguy @murderbreaking / @surola @stupxfied @heartwrist / @crxzymxd @huskylindsaytuggey @kovfree @justicescrved @qayton @raydnarvaezjr @polarxty @ramsxys  @blawndeee @irxnhaywood @missknowitallashley @tvggey @ironpriincess / @queenhxywood  @ryangayw00d @canisbitch