“You shot me,” He says. But I don’t think I could ever shoot you. 

                                                       “I did,” She says. But now I’m aiming at your heart. 

hi tumblr. I feel kind of weird doing this but I’m pretty much 100% out of options at this point so here goes -

my boyfriend and I recently broke up, but have been stuck living together in a 750 square foot one bedroom apartment because we signed a lease through april. it has gotten to the point of being just totally unbearable and I absolutely have to get out. the problem is that I don’t make enough money to afford a one bedroom/studio by myself. when I switched jobs to make myself happy, I had to take a paycut which was fine when I thought I could count on the safety net of sharing expenses, but that’s no longer the case.

so the details - I live in chicago and am looking for anything vaguely close to the logan square/humboldt park/wicker park/lincoln park area (basically anything close enough to north/clybourn that it won’t take me an hour to get to work). I can afford up to $525/month including utilities. I’m open to short term/long term/housesitting for 2 weeks at a time/literally anything that will get me out of this current nightmare situation. my email is if you have any leads.

if you guys could please just signal boost this post, it would mean the world.

jackson_miranda_: Love what you do! Last week #1942 with my boy @robweiss from #Ballers tonight #1942 with the coolest cast of #chicagopd @sophiabush so down to earth! #chicago #donjulio #mytequilalife #lovewhatyoudo #realpeople


Yesterday was so exciting and emotionally exhausting that I waited until today to post about my wonderful experience with the giant teddy bear sweetheart that is Jeremy Renner. OKAY SO I was going to ask Jeremy for a hug for the photo, but I got really intimidated by his security so I just went in and he asked me how I was doing, I barely got out “good” and then I thanked him before I left. Well when I was in line for my autograph, I was a little disheartened because the photo didn’t go how I wanted, but then I started talking to these ladies in front of me and we all became gal pals. So I told them about the photo op thing and they said to ask him then since I didn’t get the chance before. So fast forward to actually getting to meet him, I couldn’t feel my hands and my entire body was trembling and I thanked him for his work because his work has always given me something to look forward to in my mentally dark times and really inspired me. And he looked in my eyes and was actually listening because he was like “How are you doing now, baby? Are you okay?” and kept calling me ‘baby’ over and over then he held my hand and I was just kinda rambling at that point so he told me “Well I’m glad I could give you a reason to smile” and leaned across the table to hug me (which he initiated) and I would’ve cried if my body wasn’t going into shock