(hey this is the booty shorts anon again lol.) thsi is the outfit i was picturing eren in and i just i love this outfit idk if you listen to kpop or know what kpop is but this is hwasa from girl group, Mamamoo and she’s body goals af. also eren in this outfit with chunky thighs KILL ME OMg

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emotionalhooligan asked:

I wanted to let you know that I e-mailed JemCon and they replied: "I want to thank you for your suggestion that Sophie Campbell may have interest in being a guest at JemCon next year. We are looking at many possibilities and there are a variety of considerations, but I am appreciative that you brought this idea to our attention. We will keep her in mind as planning begins and the pieces fall into place. Thanks, Tivia JemCon 2016 Chair" Hope they reach out to you!

thanks for contacting them! they don’t sound very interested, though. >:( maybe i’ll just go as an attendee and cosplay as Blaze.

[NOTICE] submissions closed

as of now, we are not accepting any more submissions to the project! thank you all for participating, and we look forward to completing the book and sending it off to namjoon. because we have extra funds, we encourage armys to send in suggestions to our ask box for other smaller gifts that we can add in to the package–do not email us your suggestions. thank you!

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I really want some thigh high boots/heels for autumn, similar to the Stewart Weitzman highlands, but under that price range, any suggestions? Thanks!!💜

Check ASOS/Nordstrom but I really recommend the SW ones! 💞

September GIF Theme: Space

The September 2015 GIF Theme is here! You have until the evening of September 30th to submit your ‘Space’ themed GIF. Your only limits are Tumblr’s GIF file size limit of 2 MB and the theme. Please keep in mind that this blog is more centred towards the art side of GIF Art. Feel free to submit things like cinemagraphs, I just can’t guarantee that I’ll reblog them.

Once you’ve made your GIF, post it to your blog and send the link to us via our submission box. We’ll reblog it to keep a collection of all the GIFs that have been made.

Thanks to isopoly for suggesting this month’s theme!

Good luck and have fun!

- pi-slices

Torchwood Comics

paleolithic-demitasse And everyone else who is curious about the Torchwood comics! The lovely kamipixel has sent me jpegs for the comics they have (from the first 11 magazines). And I know you said you weren’t looking for Rift War but I’m going to post it for those that are.

  I am going to be posting them one comic at a time, and putting half of them up tonight and half tomorrow (takes a while to put each post together, sorry!) Each post will be the comic from a different issue. Unfortunately since it’s not all of the issues it’s going to end on a To Be Continued for Rift War, but as soon as I find a good source for the others I will get them to you all

Also, thanks to virago77 for suggesting KickAss Torrents as a place to go to get the comics as  well. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but anyone who wants to is welcome.


This blog will post your ‘mini profiles’ which you will submit and hopefully people can befriend you to have tumblr friends which then can talk to and spaz out on our favourite idols.

Use the template (optional) and submit here for it to be posted and then wait for any messages if your lucky.

This is for any blog and fandom so please help spread the word around

Thanks, if you have any suggestions to make this more better please say (◕‿◕✿)

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Sorry I was so indirect about the Blanche question. I guess I just wanted advice for myself cause it's a real issue for me. Sometimes, like w/ XF, I worry about whether my obsession is because I LOVE IT or because I'm falling into it because I'm running from a multitude of other things - mainly failure, stressful challenges, general anxiety about school/work/life/society... I wish I had money for CBT but I'm still paying tuition. But hoping I have time to read that book you suggested. Thank you.

Anon, I so see myself in you. I’m sure it’s a combination of the two, no? At least, it is for me. I do love TXF and I spend a lot of time here because it brings me great joy…but sure, I’m using it to escape from the rest of life as well. The word “failure” especially hit home. There are plenty of things I’m afraid of not succeeding at and instead of working on them, I do spend more time here instead. 

Anyway, you don’t have to spend money on CBT. I did do a little in therapy but I was mostly helped by reading the book I mentioned and really working on the exercises in it. It just sort of teaches you how to think in more constructive ways. Like, if fear of failure is a real issue for you, as it is for me, CBT can help you break it down and make it less huge and looming. Seriously. Get the book. It’s like $16 on Amazon new or $8 old and is so worth the investment. I can honestly say it helped change my life. 

September Monthly AU

( Thank you stellar-dolly for suggesting this AU!

I’ve decided to do the modern cute waiter AU > vo)/ !!! Flowers everywhere!

So this is how it’s going to go down. The AU will start as a one-shot comic and it’s free for anyone to ask Yao questions about his experiences in this specific AU. I’ll be posting something today and tomorrow! So be sure to stay tuned to Yao’s little adventure!

I’m feeling pretty ballsy so it might be RoChu but it might not be o vo)9 ~~~