A study of Saurian morphology: Pseudosuchia (part 3)

Both Armadillosuchus (armadillo-croc) and Simosuchus (pug-nosed croc), and their other conveniently named relatives such as “duck croc” and “cat frog” belong to the suborder Notosuchia, a diverse group of terrestrial crocodylomorphs. They are identifiable by their relatively short skull, small body size, and erect limbs. The variation of teeth shape between genera suggests that the group evolved various feeding behavior, including the likely-herbivorous Chimaerasuchus.

Gavialis, commonly known as gharial, is an extant member of the order Crocodilia which consists of three families, Crocodylidae (true crocodiles), Alligatoridae (alligators and caimans), and Gavialidae (gharial and false gharial). It is distinguishable by its elongated jaw, optimized to complement its piscivorous diet. 

And thus this post nicely concludes Pseudosuchia, which coincidentally finishes nearly at the same time as my Kaprosuchus-inspired Charizard. Thanks to everyone who suggested anatomy inspirations. It should be ready to publish tomorrow. Next week’s theme will be Pantestudines, specifically Testudinata (which is nice because I’m trying to finish Blastoise).

I’ve also made my daily drawings available as T-shirts as demanded by some. It will take me a while to process all the files, so expect me to add 3 drawings per 3 days like I do here. Links below.

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Can you please write a Han one where you both like each other but are too scared to admit it, and you get in an argument and end up telling him you like him? Your blog is so amazing!!

A/N: Oo, I really like this prompt; thanks so much for suggesting it! Also, thanks for liking the blog, your kindness means a lot!! :*

Warnings: None

Prompt: The reader and Han reveal their true feelings for each other during a heated argument. 

“I’m telling you,” You began, using your blaster to angrily point in the westward direction, “they went that way.” 

“Just because you always think you’re right,” Han remained where he was; feet placed solidly to the ground, defying your every move. “doesn’t mean that you always are. They went this way.” 

Refusing to give into Han, you began to walk in the direction you believed the runaways you were chasing went in. After taking a few steps and realizing you were not planning on rejoining him, Han swiftly caught up to you. “You have to be this way, don’t you?”

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A while back I lamented that the saddles on my Rivers Cuomo Warmoth Strat were losing their black chrome. @nealens suggested I get some @graphtechguitarlabs String Saver saddles instead. Having had them in the ‘90s, I found I didn’t really like the way they sounded compared with the original steel saddles they replaced, but I played a guitar with them a couple weeks back and ended up really liking them. I don’t know whether my preferences changed or the saddles did, but I’m actually excited to install these later today. Maybe a video is in order? Also, I did not know they had an electrically conductive model, which was another factor I needed to consider here, this being a hardtail bridge with the ground running to the baseplate. So anyway, thanks for the suggestion, Neale. #guitar #warmoth #strat #stratocaster #weezer #upgrade #seymourduncan #bluestrat #weezerquest

ladysqueakinpip answered your question:Do all my characters look the same? 

aaa sometimes im afraid i have the same problem?? but what i did was challenged myself to draw all my characters in a cartoony style and exaggerate their features. i think it helped me a bit, maybe try that if you’re worried!

Thanks for the suggestion! :)
They are already pretty cartoony, but some of them I haven’t solidified their designs yet, so sometimes they look different each time I draw them. Other times I do a generic manga face. I’ve found that figuring out what their face looks like irl helps a lot. Then I simplify it. Perhaps I need to embrace a more realistic style? 
My ocs Joe and Sotaro are examples of ocs without a solidified style. Maybe I need to draw all my ocs more?

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Hello lovelies! I was wondering - I've sort of fallen in love with stucky based on nothing else than random posts on my dash. I haven't seen any of the films or read a single stucky fic, yet aestethics and gifs and meta posts have really crept into my heart. I want to get to know them <3 But where do I start? Any advice on which films and what fics it's a good idea to start with? Like, Stucky for beginners? Thank you :))

I’d definitely suggest watching The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier before diving into anything else. Most fanworks reference the source material quite heavily and it’s much more enjoyable to read them when you can catch all the inside jokes and references. If you haven’t seen any marvel movies I’d definitely recommend watching all of them. They’re not all as good as The Winter Soldier (my fave) but overall they’re totally worth it. 

You don’t need to watch all of them to know anything super important to the ship or to the plot of TFA and TWS but honestly they’re great movies and it’s a different experience when you know the context of the universe as opposed to just captain america. Watching TWS with the audio commentary is a gift from the gods and I highly highly recommend doing it at least once. Theres also prequel comics for TFA and TWS that are both pretty damn great, not necessary, just awesome.

We have a tag for fics for new readers, as do our friends @stucky-ficrecs heres their tag. Theres a lot of overlap, but it’s not 100% the same fics. 

We also have a tag for the personal favourites of the mods, those are all highly enjoyable fics, at least to us.

Have a look at our library page for more tropes, genres, categories and whatever else we think of!

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I don't know what type of music you enjoy but you should listen to Linda Ronstadt's Long Long Time. It's a song that I related to and maybe you will too. You might not like it so I am messaging you anonymously to save myself from embarrasment:)

Haha, it’s okay!! I’m always open to listening to new types of music! But, omg, I looked it up & listened to it & I’m literally crying. Like wow. It’s so relatable. I hate admitting it, but it’s true. Sigh. Thank you for the suggestion!! Now we both can cry while we listen to this song. 😔

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pepper/natasha + busy schedules? (does that work as a prompt? it was the first thing i thought of im sorry!!)

this is a great prompt!! thank you for suggesting it! some lovely pepper/nat under the cut! hope u like!

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could you do maysims hair 20, 59, or 08? no one's retextured them but they are super cute! (i love your retextures and colors, so i thought i'd suggest something)

Hi, thank you for your suggestion! I think I’ll probably do 08 and 59, not sure about 20 though. I’ll put those in my plan-to-do list :)