Coffee Shop AkaKuro AU where Akashi goes to a new coffee shop and finds that after he’s ordered his drink all of the seats are full so he has to find a table with a free seat (which happens to be Kuroko’s table, he’s sat reading)

Akashi asks if he can sit down and Kuroko looks up from his book and nods, it’s really silent and Akashi doesn’t like it so he asks Kuroko a question (something like “what do you think about the current political system in America?” Or something that would require lots of talking and opinion)

At first Kuroko is surprised at the sudden question but answers anyway and Akashi replies with his own opinion and they start asking each other random questions (since they both think the other is quite  smart and has interesting views) but then one of them has to leave so they tell each other their names and decide to keep doing the same thing every time the two are in the coffee shop (they always end up having a debate, which Kuroko is very good at and Akashi is impressed)

Once they start getting to know each other more they arrange times to meet up and end up asking each other smaller questions (like “what’s your favourite colour?” and cute little things like that). They exchange numbers and meet up in other places too (✿◠‿◠)

Bonus (thought of by sei-akashi): They get so into a debate that Kuroko just slips in the question “do you want to go on a date with me?” and Akashi replies “yes” without thinking and then he says “wait, you mean these aren’t already dates?” which causes Kuroko to become flustered ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

ok thank you for the doodle suggestions! Now prepare yourselves, art like this doesn’t come round that often… BEHOLD

hahah apologies for the incredibly high standard, i just needed a doodle break, this is what I’m actually working on

its still really rough and anatomy is all over the place, but I’m getting there

mysmallerselves asked:

I love the raw crystal and druzy jewelry pieces you always feature... Could you please do a big curation post of affordable (like $20 range) pieces? Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, all good. They don't need to be big or flashy, but it is just hard to find affordable etsy pieces that don't use cheesy wire wrapping or cheap looking brass chains. I would love to give raw crystal jewelry as favors for a fantasy-themed bachelorette party I am throwing. Thanks, your blog is my all time fave!

you are so nice :) and creative – i would love to get something like that as a party favor! i’ll set up a full curation of shops and some finds tomorrow morning. stay tuned!

in the meantime, check out this past similar curation and a boho jewelry curation, as well as the following tags: agate | crystal | druzy | gemstone

thank you so much for writing in,


         so these are my two frontrunners for a book-based barristan fc. liam neeson is actually just a year old than barristan’s canon age, while donald sutherland is eighteen years older ( he has the white hair / beard and i think he still has the look of a warrior tho just barely? egh maybe too old but i like him ). the problem that i‘m having is that i want him to still look FORMIDABLE, as he is described in the novels, and to have the bearing of a capable warrior and very, very few actors in the appropriate age range have that quality and also have roles in period-appropriate films.

WE DID IT YAAAAY >7<)/~~♫       *jumpsupanddownlikeanidiot*

Collab with the amazing blackthunder-chan and kah-hoa-raverkeinst x3
I’m soooo glad we did this!! ≧3≦
i’m in love with everything in the outcome, hehe x3
i had so much fun collaborating with you two!! :D

thetravelersvoice asked:

Wanted to make a reference; the book The Sagas Of The Icelanders (published by Penguin Classics) is a huge thing (900 pages) but contains almost all of norse mythology in a series of stories and eddic poems

Thank you for the suggestion, the Penguin Classics collected edition of Icelandic sagas is really a great resource for people interested in the sagas. It has up-to-date, lucid translations, and is relatively widely available and inexpensive. It contains 17 different sagas and tales, including some of the most popular and important like Egils saga and Eyrbyggja saga, as well as both sagas about the voyages to North America.

That said, it is not even close to all of Norse literature. You could compare, for example, The Complete Sagas of the Icelanders published by Leifur Eiriksson Publishing, from which the translations found in the Penguin Classics collection come, which has 49 sagas and tales in over 2,000 pages.

And that’s just the Íslendinga sögur (‘Sagas of the Icelanders’), dealing with early Icelandic settlers. There are many different types of sagas, including fornaldar sögur (‘Legendary sagas’, like Völsunga saga and Hrólfs saga kraka), konunga sögur (‘Kings’ sagas’, like those contained in Heimskringla), samtíðar sögur (‘Contemporary sagas’, like Sturlunga saga – sagas written shortly after the events they describe), Riddara sögur (‘Knights’ sagas’, sometimes translations or reworkings of foreign material like Alexanders saga), and more.

Though the sagas do contain huge amounts of poetry, this is different from the Eddic poems, which are usually almost entirely poetry with only little bits of prose text. Most of the poetry in the sagas is also in skáldic metres, used for court poetry, rather than the looser eddic styles more suitable for long narratives. There are not many mentions of Thor and Odin in the Sagas of the Icelanders (though there are more in the Legendary Sagas).

But even though it is not as exhaustive as you might think considering how big it is (as it’s still tiny in comparison to the outrageously huge body of Icelandic literature), I definitely highly recommend this book to anyone.

- þorraborinn

thecrownjulesaresafe asked:

KLAYLEY (obvio you're going to get 20 ppl saying klayley but I don't care)

yayy my ultimate OTP! thanks to allthiswastedlove for also suggesting these two! 

  • Who was the one to propose: Klaus, he proposes spontaneously one night after they finish having sex, there’s no ring, so fluffy words, he just pulls her close to him and says marry me and Hayley instantly says yes. 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Hayley, but only because she actually wants to have a hand in planning this one unlike her first one and Klaus is a hardass throughout the entire process since he doesn’t get to control it all. 
  • Who decorated the house: Klaus, literally every room was designed by him. 
  • Who does the cooking: Klaus or a compelled Chef
  • Who is more organized: Klaus
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Hayley
  • Who’s more dominant: Klaus, bae loves control
  • Who’s the cuddler: Klaus, he loves to cuddle
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:. Klaus is the big spoon and Hayley is the little spoon
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: murder
  • Who cooks: Klaus or a compelled Chef
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: lol Klaus duh, he comes home drunk at noon, at 4 pm, at 9am,  like seriously anytime he comes home there’s a 75% chance he’s drunk and if he isn’t he will be in about 30 minutes after he gets his hands on his personal alcohol collection. 
  • Who kills the spiders: Klaus, Hayley actually freaks when she sees them it’s so adorable
  • Who falls asleep first: Klaus, he’s so weary sometimes sleep is the only peace he gets so most of the time he’ll be asleep before Hayley, plus Hayley is usually on baby duty late into the night. 
  • A head canon: These two idiots tell each other I love you for the first time after a massive fight with each other. Klaus just looses his shit because he’s tired of Hayley playing him so he goes on a rant about how she’s the worst baby mama ever and he doesn’t even know why he tolerates her shit and about how sometimes he wishes he could just ship her far away from him and Hayley barks back at him because he’s being an asshole and yells that she doesn’t even know why he’s so pressed and if he really feels like that why doesn’t he just get rid of her and he’s like “because I love you dammit don’t you fucking see Hayley, I tolerate all your shit because I love your crazy ass fuck are you really that blind do I have to scream in out in the quarter for you to get it? write the shit on the walls? like seriously what is it gonna take for you to notice” and Hayley is just like “well if you had any sense you would know that I only act like this because I love your stupid ass, why you think I give you such a hard time, you think I wanna love yo crazy ass? you think this shit is fun? you are the most difficult MFer ever, something is seriously wrong with you but I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do nothing because I love you fucked up ass and it’s so frustrating because *sighhhh* just cut that crap with your little tantrum and come over here and kiss me before I change my damn mind”…then they have sex. The end lmao
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:
  • Do they have any “rituals”?: Does starting a fight them having a makeup sex count as a ritual if it happens every day? 
  • Who is louder?: Klaus, that MFer just LOVES to yell, but Hayley is louder in bed the hybrid D will do that to you. 
  • Who is more experimental? Klaus in general, Hayley in bed, she’s s super freak no one can tell me otherwise. 
  • Who takes more risks? They are probably equally reckless tbh
  • Do they fuck or make love? they do both and they do them really often, anywhere and loudly 
  • Lights on or off? Klaus likes it with the light since he loves to admire her beauty and the way her body contorts when he’s driving her crazy. Hayley likes it off because Klaus tends to let her control things more when the lights are off. 
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Klaus, he has so much pent up frustration I know he must masturbate a lot to release his stress, Hayley stays walking in on him in his art studio with this dick out
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Klaus, def Klaus
  • Who comes first? Hayley and it’s usually multiple times Klaus likes to make sure she gets at least 3 good orgasms in before he goes just for ego stroke it gives him. 
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Hayley actually has a mean head game, Klaus might have a lot of experience and he’s good, like REALLY REALLY good, but Hayley knows how to do her thing when she is giving, Klaus be ready to nut after 5 minutes tbh  Klaus prefers to give tho, his little wolf just tastes so good on his lips. 
  • Who is more submissive? Neither, they are in a constant fight for control and it’s both exhausting and exhilarating. 
  • Who usually initiates things? Klaus, he’s so horny like ALL THE TIME
  • Who is more sensitive? Klaus
  • Who has the most patience? Hayley, though it’s not much. 

glubyoutodarn asked:

I've always used final seal for body paints, and find that it works very well! Its a little on the expensive side, but you only need to use a couple spritz each time (and it smells minty which is a plus). You can find it on amazon. Baby powder also works very well, especially for water-based paints, and is a cheaper alternative.

Thanks for the suggestion! 

Here’s what an anon wanted to add:
Ben Nye offers a setting powder that’s like $7-9 that goes a long way! I used that to seal my paints over the summer :)

anonymous asked:

I started putting coconut oil in my hair overnight like you said and oh my gosh my hair is already so much softer so thank you for the suggestion!!

Oh you’re welcome I didn’t invent it but I am glad :D I love it so much too my hair feels sooo soft the day after !

theambiguousmanatee asked:

do u make these on ur own?

I do indeed. It doesn’t take me very long any more, which is largely thanks to everybody’s suggestions! It used to be really difficult to think of subjects to make jokes about, even more than writing the joke itself.

mikaelsonatheart asked:

"Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding is totally a Hadifer song. Especially the lyrics "You can see the world you've brought to life" and "Only you can set my heart on fire." I was listening to it today and all I could think of was Hadifer ♥

I love that song.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll post it when we can.

- Jazz

the new nsfw blog is gag-me-and-spank-me , gonna post something there soon, suggestive not really nsfw, and reblog it here as well to promote it some more, aight

the name may or may not be permanent, but i like it so it’s good, thanks for all the suggestions though, I read / seen all of them and they were gg


 Thanks to brownsugahnspice for the suggestion! :D