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Hey guys! I just reached 8k followers and as a thank you for following me I wanted to give you guys something. Here is a psd I made for all of you! I really hope you enjoy it! (✿ ♥‿♥)

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Imagine Jun getting bashful and shy when you call him your Silent Prince of China.

07.23.16 || Nearly forgot to post this spread. It’s Esmeralda & Djali as mermaids (lol why not). A lot of paperwork and number crunching this week. Increased the amount of time I spend at the dojo. A pretty good week ;)

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So honestly first thing I really wanna say is thank you all??? Honestly I never really thought that I would get this many followers when I first made this blog, and I never imagined that so many people would actually like my characters. Especially when just two (and a half i think) years ago there was only Zach, Nao, and Morgan (along with Alik) on this blog. So thank you all from the absolute bottom of my heart, and I hope that I can continue to develop these characters and entertain you all in the process!!

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“Well would you look at that.”


It was actually this month two years ago I made this blog and now two years later, 1,400 people are here. Like that’s amazing? Honestly, I just each day I’ve tried hard and there were really rough times, but I still showed up because I love Riven and I love being here. Reading your threads and making some of my own, in the league verse has been one hell of a ride! You guys made these last two years some of my happiest and I couldn’t thank you enough.

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You guys are great for talking with me, being some great friends, doing some great work with this jumbled up universe dude like, you guys are awesome. It’s safe to say ya’ll are my family and I love and appreciate you all.

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There are just so many more people I want to give a shout out to, but I mean hey there are at least 1,400 I can’t get to you all, lol! 

Listen you guys I love each and one of you guys, I would not be where I am today with my art, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard if it hadn’t been for you guys giving me the inspiration and drive that I needed. Not just for art but for other things as well and it’s just, man I really do love this community. Ups and downs and all.

You’re all great and I appreciate you all just taking the time and giving me a chance around here. Hope we can have a lot more fun in the future with our muses! For ya’ll others, check out the dudes I mentioned, they are super great and  got some damn talent yo, they worth a look. That’s it for now, thank you guys for being just so cool! Love ya <3!

Worst Superhero Ever

Word Count: 1631  

Warnings: Swearing?? None??

alright, this is the first thing i’ve written in FOREVER, so please be kind. and also, @glyndwrr asked me to tag them, you’re an angel, i hope you enjoy! 

(if it’s really bad please just pretend like it didnt even happen)

“You are the worst fucking superhero in the entire world, Snow.” Basilton Pitch shouted as Simon Snow was punted through three walls, a window and landed flat on his back five stories below. There was a little girl sitting on the cracked pavement. She had been crying and she wiped her fist and arm up to the inside of her elbow under her nose as he thumped down next to her. The name Serena was tattooed across her forehead in big, purple block letters. He thought it was a nice name.

“Oh, hello darling. Don’t cry.” Tears were still tracked down her cheeks, but she nodded quickly. He felt like he had shattered into a million pieces and after a fall like that, Simon wonders how long it would take to heal this time. “Where are your parents, love?” She stuck a short, chubby toddler arm out and towards the burning building a block away. It had once been an expensive apartment building.

Wow, what a dick.

“Wow.” Simon was just glad he got everyone out before Pitch decided to torch it. “Alright, well, I have to get you somewhere.” He stood, feeling a pain shoot up his left leg. It was broken right at the knee; he knew he felt it bend the wrong way when he smashed through the window.

Maybe it would take 5 minutes to heal.

He stood, wincing at every ache and pull and held the little girl tightly to his chest. She starts crying again almost immediately. “Fu–no, you don’t have to cry,” He was never good with children.

“You’re not good with children.” Pitch was standing on the edge of the shattered window 5 stories up that Simon had just been pushed out of.

“You’re a pain in my ass.” His muscles were starting to loosen enough for him to focus all his power on rising a few feet. Pitch had a string of fire weaving through his fingers and dancing in his palm. “Now, do you have any idea where I put her parents?”

“No?” He was sneering, Simon was sure of it. “I’m sure they’re exactly where you left them when you pulled them from a burning building.” Now he was sarcastic and Simon didn’t appreciate it. “Just go drop her off at a police station? I don’t have time for this.”

“What Pitch? Do you have another superhero to fight after this? A doctors appointment? Give me 10 minutes.” Pitch rolls his eyes. Simon’s knee had finally knit itself back together and he pulls a few more feet in the air and heads towards the burning building.

It was getting ready to crumble. Pitch had been so angry, the pillar of fire he shot at Simon quickly turned into an inferno, ruining the buildings supports and melting any window that wasn’t already broken by them beating the shit out of each other. Pitch followed him, looking at the building like he was partially impressed.

“They probably went over to the evac base.” He nods in the general direction of the closest military base. The government decided to plant one right along the edge of the city because Simon and Pitch went at it so often. The western section of the city had been reduced to rubble last Spring.

Simon still felt bad about that.

“How could you just leave your kid all alone while a superhero and a supervillain decide to destroy the city?” The little girl clings to Simon, burying her little fists in his jumpsuit and cape, giggling and looking up at the stars.

“I wouldn’t say you’re a supervillain, Snow.” Simon turns and throws a sharp look at Pitch.

“I wasn’t claiming to be a villain. You’re the one who torched this poor girl’s apartment building.” The little girl peeks her face over Simon’s shoulder and Pitch is finally able to see the name tattooed across her forehead. The name over his heart itches and he rubs at it absentmindedly.

He stopped wondering about the name–Simon–a long time ago. Being an ‘evil mastermind’ (as Snow liked to call him) didn’t leave much space for a soulmate. Besides, he doesn’t think he could feel anything quite as strong for anyone else as whatever he felt for Snow.

Baz was 50% sure it was hatred.

“You lit my house on fire?” The name wrinkles as the little girl frowns at him. He feels himself starting to blush. “That was not very nice!” She frowns ever harder and the tears start to well up in her eyes again. He wonders where 'Serena’ is and hopes that she wasn’t in the city. Even if he doesn’t care about his own, he would hate to take someone else’s soulmate away.

“And you say I’m bad with kids.” Smartass…

The evac base was overflowing with people, some crying, some huddled into little groups as the military shuffle around them, all armed. Simon lands roughly on the grass outside, squinting towards the fence. “Ok, now do you see your parents?” Men with rifles aimed at Simon and Pitch start shouting commands that they both ignore. A woman emerges from the crowd, sprinting towards the fence and nearly climbing it before a man pulls her down.

“VERONICA! BABY, VERONICA!” She cries, clawing at the fence, the name 'David’ wrapped around her wrist, Veronica tattooed across the other. The little girl started wiggling in Simon’s arms, reaching towards her mother and when he sets her down on the grass, she runs as fast as her little legs can carry her towards the fence.

The gate slid open to let the little girl in, but Simon misses it when Pitch knots his hand in his cape and yanks him back towards the city. “Alright, now that that’s taken care of…”

“Could you be any more heartless?” Simon asks, shaking his hand off his head and flying next to him. “I didn’t even get to see the reunion.” Snow snarls and Baz rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t peg you as the emotional type, Snow.” Simon sneers and Baz backs up a few feet, glaring back. Snow rolls out his shoulder and Baz can hear it snap back into place from where he is.

“You don’t know anything about me.” He lunges across the open space, pummeling his shoulder into Baz’s stomach and letting them drop to the ground. Simon lands on top of Pitch but the cement doesn’t crumble under them, even though Simon had hoped it might; if he was going to get the shit beaten out of him, he at least hoped it would look cool.

“I know plenty about you.” Baz hisses through his teeth, kicking up and sending Simon through the air again, watching as he knocks a telephone pole sideways and skids to a stop in the middle of the street. He stands, balling his hands together, feeling the familiar twinge pain in his shoulder and aiming towards Simon. A column of fire shoots out between his fingers, spilling into the street and wrapping around Snow, twisting and circling before diving onto him and exploding, shattering all the windows on the street. A charred car screeches as it slides away, smoking and black, knocking another pole over.

In the middle of the blackened concrete, a globe of water swirls around Simon, looking like a whirl pool. With a snap of his fingers, it evaporates back into the air, returning to the clouds he stole it from. His hair is singed and smoking, face smudged with charcol, holes burnt into his shirt, looking very, very angry. “You actually tried to kill me.”

“Yes?” Baz says more as a question, almost like he can’t quite believe it either. “No. Perhaps.”

“You asshole.”

“Is that not what we’ve been doing for the past hour? Actively trying to kill each other?”

“Well, yeah, but not really.”

“'Not really,’ what the hell does that mean?” Baz shoves him, hard, sending him staggering a few feet. “We’re mortal enemies, Snow. You do know what that means, right?”

“Yes I know what it means, you git.” Simon shoves him back and Baz lunges forward this time, bringing them both to the ground. “But you actually tried to kill me!” They both punch, missing each time and rolling around, shouting obscene things.

“I don’t know!” Baz grunts, rolling over and sitting on Simon’s hips, keeping him under him. “I don’t know, alright!” Simon looks up, just as confused. His suit has a hole burnt right through over his heart and the end of a name peaks out around the crisp, blackened edges. Baz’s heart nearly stops, grabbing for it and ripping the shirt right down the middle, from hem to hem.

This time, his heart really does stop and he wonders how he couldn’t have seen this sooner. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

'Tyrannus Basilton’


“What the fuck are you looking at?” Simon actually punches him this time, right on the chin, so hard that it snaps his jaw shut, hurting his teeth. Baz barely feels it, watching in stunned silence as Simon scrambles away, pulling the scraps of his shirt closed over his chest, the name–his name–still sticking out in curly writing. His writing.


“I…” Baz needs to find the words to leave, retreat back home to his room and never speak about this. “I…” He stands, finding his feet wobbly and backs up, inching across the smoldering concrete. “What the fuck?” Nothing is ever easy, is it?

“Where are you going?” Simon runs his thumb over the tattoo of his name and Baz feels his heart break. Stupid, stupid, stupid. “What?” Snow–Simon–demands and moves towards him, looking concerned despite himself. Baz can’t even say he’s surprised, so he turns and runs back into the city, toward towards home.


Heyy look at this thing I’m working on

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